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Apr 11 2015 11:26AM
i got a boner from that nurse
Apr 1 2014 9:33PM
when u get at least 2 of the combo numbrs, u can just go ahead to open the lock. theres no need to find the last one!
Dec 6 2009 6:27PM
THERE WILL be a combow on the laundrey shoot i is 128
Aug 28 2009 2:11PM
1.Take note 1 2.Turn right twice, take yellow key from under pillow 3.Exit room, enter room 2 4.Take wrench from bed frame 5.Exit room, turn right 6.Click on table, take purple bulb from drawer 7.Open door with blue windows, go down 8.Take ID card from under chair Don’t go past nurse room, or she will see you! 9.Go back upstairs, pass two rooms 10.Take blue acid from cart, advance down hallway 11.Take piece of paper 1 and battery from left closet 12.Click table, take note 2 from drawer 13.Return to room 1, turn right twice, enter bathroom 14.Use wrench on pipe 15.Flush toilet, take red box 16.Click on red box, open with yellow key 17.Take piece of paper 2 18.Exit bathroom, use purple bulb in lamp 19.Plug in lamp, click purple light 20.Use blue acid on X, take piece of paper 3 21.Exit room, turn right, go down hallway 22.Click laundry shoot, click lock 23.Enter code from 3 papers (always different!) 24.Go down shoot 25.Take lighter, sodium from mixing table 26.Turn right, take blue water 27.Click on cabinet, open right side 28.Take purple dissolver 29.Return to mixing table, put water on table 30.Add sodium to water 31.Add dissolver to water 32.Take silver key 33.Turn right, use lighter on string 34.Go back upstairs, go around the corner to the right 35.Use silver key on locked brown door 36.Go downstairs 37.Take drill from left closet 38.Click on left hallway, take green key 39.Go back and click on right side for elevator 40.Use ID card in elevator 41.Go up elevator to dirt room 42.Turn on light, take sledge hammer 43.Use green key in hole 44.Click battery, combine with drill 45.Drill spots that the lights are pointing to 46.Use sledgehammer on wall a few times YOU WIN!!!!!