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Jun 15 2010 11:52PM
well its a glitch not a cheat (but still it is cool)
Jun 15 2010 11:51PM
while the zombies are coming towards you right click and watch its cool :-)
Apr 3 2010 3:23PM
give the shotgun to a partner. it'll be put to better use
Oct 26 2009 8:45PM
use the uzi
Sep 7 2009 7:13PM
use the ump 47 then while firing switch to your other gun,and you'll shoot fast by holding the mouse (takes regular ammo of weapon)
Jul 25 2009 5:28PM
alt+f4 is not a cheat it shuts down the computer
Jul 19 2009 2:09PM
get to night 10 then press alt and f4 you will get all the wepons or get to 5 its what i did
Jul 6 2009 11:53AM
No matter what gun U have (but not the chainsaw) Always shoot in head Saves ammo :)
Jun 11 2009 8:22AM
it takes a long time to reload the shotgun so you push reload and pause the game and he will still be reloading is gun.dude
Jun 11 2009 8:20AM
this cheat is called the machien shotgun. you need the shotgun &the machiengun.you hold the fire button with the machengun and swicth to the shotgun.