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Oct 16 2011 2:25PM
ok here's the beat cheat ╔══╗ ║██║ ║(o) [Ipod ♪ ╚══╝
May 30 2010 10:08PM
press t 2 times before shooting the guys
Apr 21 2010 6:19PM
All you have to do to get past the peeps wit da big gun is go up shoot then come back down in one fast motion
Apr 21 2010 6:18PM
Hi Hi
Dec 27 2009 11:37AM
you right click on mouse then click forward. and when you keep on doing it you go to the fourth level then cut the fat guy and see what happens
Aug 13 2009 7:10PM
gun level lose no health:1st guy, go up and shoot once or twice then go down and come back up, press space bar as fast as you can and he dies. 2nd, guy do the same thing. shotgun guy, go up and down really fast and while he's reloding shoot as fast as you can and he dies. m-16 guy go up and shoot about twice, then repeat and repeat and he dies.
Aug 3 2009 10:35PM
plz peeple come mi frnd
Aug 3 2009 10:35PM
when u get 2 da fat boss walk 2 him den press space den walk back 2 da elavda and keep pressin left den space as fast as u can and da skull kid dude thingy majig will start dancin its funnaaaaaaaaaaa
Aug 3 2009 10:32PM
if/{}|-ulikeda}{|++_ gamecopyandpaste;'[
Aug 3 2009 7:18PM
right click and click forward and then do it again and then just kill the boss SO EASY A 3-YEAR OLD COULD DO ITT HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
Jul 28 2009 7:50PM
press alt and f4 u go to fat guy!!!!
Jul 19 2009 12:36AM
to kill the shot gun guy shoot him while hes reloding
Jul 18 2009 7:31PM
press qwerty and hes invincible!!!
Jul 12 2009 8:59PM
right click and click forward
Jul 11 2009 11:55AM
shoot the dam ass and dunk
Jul 7 2009 8:13PM
agent p
Jun 21 2009 10:03PM
when u by da table go left and right and ull be humping it!!!!
Jun 5 2009 7:01PM
just sit up shoot sit down it should get you laid
Jun 3 2009 10:19PM
i cant believe how many people need the cheats to win this game on level 2 stand up shoot once and sit back down, do that until the employee dies
May 30 2009 3:15PM
to get past james bond and his ak-47 you get up shoot then go back down.(this should take 2 seconds)
May 28 2009 8:28PM
when u first start go 2 the tabel then when ur against it hold the right button that makes u move then tap the space bar ALOT OF TIMES!!! p.s. and see watt happens he dances LOL
May 25 2009 1:25PM
): (:
May 25 2009 1:24PM
:( ):
May 24 2009 11:23PM
When ur at the last level cut the boss and when he is laying on the table back up to the elevator and wait there for a couple seconds then you can run pass the fat ass and go through the wall! P.S. if u cut the boss again and you can't do it again.....sorry.
May 23 2009 8:00PM
i got laid
May 22 2009 11:00AM
your mom
May 22 2009 10:59AM
your momma
May 22 2009 10:58AM
yo momma
May 16 2009 3:31PM
you lot are a brunch ov f-kin cheetaaas
May 16 2009 12:20PM
first when u start you need to right click and press forward u will be at the second level if u right click again and press forward u will be at the last level then just kill the fat guy and WIN!!!
May 14 2009 8:07PM
In the first level, when you get to the last guy, stand close to him, use the chainsaw for a couple of seconds, and then press the right arrow key, then he will be humping you.
May 10 2009 1:41PM
here's a good cheat. don't die
Apr 30 2009 6:27PM
Apr 17 2009 8:23PM
im going on toontown see ya.
Apr 17 2009 8:20PM
i dont care about cheats i just like killing the boss i like it when his guts come flying out!!!
Apr 14 2009 8:11AM
The trick to the guy with the rifle is go up and shoot 1 time then quickly duck before he shoots. :-)
Apr 12 2009 4:05PM
smacman lied that didnt even work when i did the right click this is wat i did i went through the 1st level then the 2sd level click the space button fast boom boom boom then u on level 3 peace love win <3 <3
Apr 8 2009 10:38AM
first when u start you need to right click and press forward u will be at the second level if u right click again and press forward u will be at the last level!!!!!!!!!! And now everyone is happy!!!!!!!
Mar 10 2009 3:14PM
ok when you get to the boss attack him once to lean of the table, then attack him again once, then go down and make a little cut, then make the cut bigger by stabbin him then let go and he'll have a big cut in him and he wont be dead
Mar 10 2009 12:08AM
at the end i found this glitch. first, hit the boss and don't kill him.second,when he is lying on his desk go across him and go on the wall.lastly,when you try to kill him he will go away but you won't win.
Mar 9 2009 4:08PM
the trick to skull kid is shout get down get up and shout than get down and you get my point
Mar 7 2009 3:06PM
the guy wit da soda machine is hard
Mar 5 2009 9:33PM
LVL 1: Just cut through the Stuff! LVL 2: Just shoot people! LVL 3: Keep on cutting the fat guy!!!!!
Mar 2 2009 4:37AM
Mar 1 2009 5:12PM
on the second level you need to be quik!
Feb 18 2009 6:09PM
on the first lvl when u are cutting stuff besides people hold down the down arow and u will keep going untill something stops u
Feb 6 2009 9:43PM
The way to beat the Machine gun guy is shot him before he can load
Jan 13 2009 7:54PM
alright guys first guy shoot him like four times then get down wait for him to shoot again then u get up and shoot with the second guy u do the same thing like the first one on the shot gun one u wait till he shoots then u get up and shoot two times then get down then up then u go up and make him shoot but u get down first so then u r going to wait till he is done shooting then u get up and with the machine gun he shoot the first time then u get up and shoot as many ass u can then u go down and do it all over againt!!!!!!!!!!
Jan 10 2009 7:41AM
on gun place the frist guy press space bar so many times then get down
Jan 7 2009 6:21PM
here is a cheat to get pass those ass holes right click and click forward
Jan 4 2009 12:14PM
ive won da game but 4got how to beat the machine gun dude tell me how
Dec 31 2008 4:22PM
wen you get 2 the guy with with the pistols keep pressing up then get down quickly before you get down shoot or wait 4 the guy to shoot get up and then you shoot him
Dec 24 2008 5:49PM
Level 1 For the objects just hold down space bar until he stops. For people just tap space bar. Level 2 Stay down. When you are ready quickly press up, space, down You must do this fast. If you do it to slow the opponent will shoot you. The guy with the AK-47 is not hard only if u follow my steps. Level 3 It's pretty simple!! =^) *My cheats always work so don't doubt me!!
Dec 24 2008 4:41PM
to get past james bond and his ak-47 you get up shoot then go back down.(this should take 2 seconds)