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Jul 18 2012 12:36PM
awesome campin spot on 1 map do know the name tho but its the 1 with the spiky ball things in the bakground ok only works 4 zombies but here it is.. go to the side of the map nd there should be a spot that looks like a bomb or acid hit it at the very bak wall.so theres a truss that u can stand right next 2 and its perfect cause u can kill the zombies or let them fall down where they cant get u and boom ur untuchable
Nov 15 2010 1:51PM
You should probably goto -- bit.ly/gamercheatz
Sep 25 2010 2:15PM
best cheat eva DONT get shot
Mar 27 2010 12:27PM
the instructions r not a cheat retard
Feb 13 2010 11:42PM
Feb 13 2010 11:41PM
f uck off ace introstrutions arnt a cheat you stupid moher f uckin b itch a ss wh ore
Dec 22 2009 11:28PM
yo momma
Jun 10 2009 9:24AM
if you get up really close to the cashier, he cant shoot you because his gun is too long, then you just take out a pistol and shoot him until he dies but he has alot of health. when hes dead you can get 999 bullets from his gun
Jun 6 2009 11:09PM
Jun 6 2009 11:09PM
* you ace. The instructions aren't a ****ing cheat, asswipe
Apr 10 2009 10:23AM
Arrow Keys Left/Right Walk Left/Right Shift Key Run Arrow Key Up Jump Arrow Key Up Double Jump - Press in mid-air Arrow Key Up Backflip - Press while moving backwards 'E' Key or Numpad '0' Change weapons Mouse Use your mouse to aim. Click to shoot. 'P' Key Pause