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Jul 23 2016 12:57AM
Go get the AutoClicker by Shocker. Then you will get the best scores ever.
Oct 17 2011 6:40PM
if u have a laptop put ur mouse on and click ur mouse and mouse pad at the same time u will get 2x the better score it really works!
Jun 11 2011 11:08AM
heres a good one, CLICK!!!
Nov 23 2010 5:09PM
f*** u marcus1480. dont do it. it closes ur tabs. i just did it. again, f*** u marcus.
Nov 15 2010 1:50PM
Woot This Worked! --
Jun 24 2010 2:52PM
ctrl w closes your tab and so does alt f4
Mar 31 2010 12:09AM
press cntrl+w and it goes down by ten
Aug 12 2009 1:25PM
**** the guy under me
Jul 18 2009 2:42PM
press alt and f4 at the ame time and the number will hit 0 and youll win every time
Feb 26 2009 5:50PM
press tab intill it gets around the click bar then press enter.