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FWG Desert Rally

By FreeWorldGroup - Race through the desert before you crash and burn.


FWG Desert Rally Description

Race through the desert and try to get as far as possible before you crash and burn! Try to knock other cars out of your way to get bonus points and look out for power ups - you're going to need them if you want to survive.

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Jul 28 2011 4:56 PM

man i luv dis game


Aug 6 2011 3:49 AM

MzBrea.. this was a terrible game! How could u like it!? U have a bad taste in games! GET ON WITH YOUR LIFE! LOL! JK! ABOUT ALL THAT. It was a g**game tho. negative zero... lol. Y do u like this game? Also don't say dis,dat u know? Jk. U can talk how ever u want to... LOL! weird game... :( And I thought it was going to be great... IT"S SO EASY ALSO! DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS GAME, Second comment woot!. Umm.... well that's all I have 2 say.. if ur a Joker fan plz be friend!


Nov 1 2011 6:46 PM



Feb 16 2012 5:41 PM



Mar 24 2012 8:17 PM

uhh its okay needs some tweeks!!!! lol i need fiends


Apr 21 2012 5:32 PM



Apr 22 2012 6:10 PM

ya boring


May 18 2012 9:58 AM

g**homo and f***ed up dis game is for pussi fukers


Sep 7 2019 7:14 PM

this game s***s my balls highest score:1044 rating:1/5