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Frozen Bubble

By Guillaume Cottenceau - NULL.

Frozen Bubble Description

Ready to play the bubble game an exciting game in which you have to create a set of 3 coloured bubbles When each group gets created the set is removed from the screen giving you a point As you keep moving through levels and removing bigger groups gives you more points Below is the points breakdown Getting rid of a group of 3 bubbles gets you 1 point When you get rid of 4th bubble in a bigger set you get 2 points Getting rid of 5th bubble in a bigger set get you 3 points and the story moves on Any bubble that breaks away from the group or remains single get you one point each The killer bubble is black if you hit it will explode and kill every bubble in its range This carnage will not get you any points but if some bubble becomes orphaned during this process then you get a point for each remaining bubble If for any chance you cannot form groups of 3 bubbles then the end of game is near If the bubbles fall down and cross the end of board it is the end