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Evo-F2 Driving

By Poco Games - A new driving game on hot new cars.


Evo-F2 Driving Description

Evo-F2 another driving game with some expensive and awesome cars. This fun driving game takes you to another level of thrill. Stunts that you may not have performed in real life live a thrilling virtual life without the dangers of the real world. A whole new way to experience and explore a city. If your broken your car down walah, you have service stations to help to get it repaired. Work with your right mind and be creative, build your own obstacles. The only word for this car game is fantastic!!

Controls for Evo-F2 car game
wasd = drive
mouse = view
c = change camera
r = repair
enter = reset car
t = slow time
u = arm up
j = arm down
i = fork up
k = fork down