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Dynamite Blast 2

By Biba Games - Blast away your TNT to take them out.


Dynamite Blast 2 Description

New weapons, new levels, more fun. Blast barges, towers and vehicles with dynamite. Load your TNT on the beams of buildings or bridges and try to take them out so the rubble falls below the yellow line.

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Sep 20 2018 5:51 PM



Sep 20 2018 5:52 PM

sorry never got to get first comment before


Sep 20 2018 11:47 PM

@dude below you know i dont give a care if you get first commet because i aint one of those guys who get all mad because you called first commet. some of the commets they leave are: 1) calling first commet is for f@gs 2) first commet is g@y so just


Sep 22 2018 11:48 AM

the lvl with the biker is too fuking hard i almost had it but my fuking mouse ddnt click when i clicked -_- ..... also eric 1) im not the guy who gets mad over sme stupide first comment i dnt really give a fuk who calls first comment XL 2) THE NXT PERSON WHO COMMENTS WILL PROBALLY CALL 2ND COMMENT SO BE AWARE OF THAT ULL NEVER SEE ME SAY FIRST COMMENT