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Dice Wars

By GameDesign - Conquer territories and eliminate your opponent.


Dice Wars Description

Dice Wars is a turn based strategy game similar to the board game Risk. Using dice and a randomly generated map made of hexagons, the objective is to conquer all the territories and eliminate all your opponents by attacking them with your dice. You can play up against 7 computer opponents. All dice on the attacking territory are thrown and the total number of pips are added and compared against the total of all throwing dice from the defending territory. If the attacker's total is greater than the defender's, all attacking dice (minus one), move onto the defender's territory, capturing it and the defender dice for that territory are all removed. If the defender's total is great than or equal to the attacker's total, the attacker loses all but one die for that territory. No movement of dice is allowed between territories other than by the attacking territory. At the end of each turn, the greatest number of adjoining territories you have is calculated and you are awarded a bonus of the number of dice. They are then automatically and randomly placed throughout all of your territories, up to a maximum of eight dice on a single territory.