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Demonic Defence 4

By AntitudeGames - Protect your castle from the invading hordes.


Demonic Defence 4 Description

Like the previous versions of Demonic Defence, the goal is to protect your castle from the invading hordes. Demonic Defence 4 offers better graphics/sound and animation plus more options and settings. You castle has 5 new stats to start off, which improve your offence and defence: Strength (the amount of power you have when you are clicking), Defence (the amount of damage your castle takes, the more defence, the less damage is taken), Vitality (amount of health your castle has), Speed (how fast your runes will regenerate) and Spells (how fast a spell will regenerate). After each successful defence of your castle, you earn gold which you can use to purchase spells and upgrades to help better defend your castle. Face a total of 3 bosses after every 10 levels. Mini bosses every 5 levels. Bosses are not affected by spells so you have to take them out the old fashioned way.