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Defend Your Castle

By XGen Studios - Defend your castle against the invading enemies.

Defend Your Castle Description

Your kingdom is under the onslaught of an invading enemy. To defend and protect your castle you will need both speed and agility to survive. To kill the enemy, pick them up with the mouse and fling them through the air. The higher they are from the ground the more damage is done. Let gravity turn them into bloody red puddles. However, this game is not all about defeating your enemy with brute force alone. By using a little a bit of strategy you can have the enemy convert over to your side. At the end of each successful stage, you are awarded points which you can by used towards: building temples, workships, mana pools archery ranges and demolition labs. Once you've made a purchase, pick up the enemy and drop them inside the castle to train and convert them to become archers, workshoppers and wizards. By converting the enemy, they then become availble to help you defend your castle and maintain its upkeep. With an army of archers and wizards you'll be able to defend against bigger and more powerful enemies.