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Dead Frontier Night Two

By Jagged Blade - Survive the second deadly night of zombies.

Dead Frontier Night Two Description

A sigh of relief escapes your lips as the giant zombie behemoth falls to its knees A moment later the first rays of sunshine begin to pierce the sky from over the horizon It appears you are alive for now Tired and hunger you make your way through the deserted wasteland intent on finding other survivors Debris burnt out cars and mutilated corpse line the once busy city streets The stench of death floods your senses Clambering over a pile of bodies you notice a crackle in the distance Its coming from a wrecked police car down the road Heart pounding and sweat pouring from your forehead you frantically try to make contact with anyone who might still be listening Two hours later you finally give in nothing but static is coming across that radio You soon realize that the night is once again upon you and judging by the howls in the distance the infected are coming to feed