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rage machine
Oct 16 2019 4:56AM
10 years later.  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Few days months from 2020, 2:54 in the morning and I just found this **** again logged in first try. God this was cringy haha. I'm a full blown adult now. Not like anyone will see this and or remember me. But still. Where has the time gone lmao
Oct 12 2019 8:28PM
Hi  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

How's it going
Meteor Plays
Oct 5 2019 2:21AM
plz subscribe  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

https : // www . youtube . com / channel / UCVLD Xxi3H OmYcU eAGZF bOYw? view_ as=su bscri ber

this is the link to my youtube channel just make sure that there are no spaces in the link like this one above
Sep 29 2019 1:39AM
Hello All  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Shoutout to all the OGs on this site, if any of you see this hit me up.. I still log in like once a year
bernard jr.
Sep 6 2019 5:47PM
hello all  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

whomst still use this site let me know
Aug 14 2019 2:44AM
Wow  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

I remember making this account when I was 8 years old right around the time I made my YouTube account Scream77541. I miss when this site was active. Now I'm nearly 19 going off to go play college football. I wish I was a kid again. Message me if you want.
Aug 8 2019 5:07PM
Jesus  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

Aug 8 2019 12:19AM
////  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

yo if there's soyboys still out here sadding it out don't be sad lil homie we are in the era of NEW TOOL
i've been waiting for new tool for THIRTEEN YEARS
my dad put tool on for me when i was very young and by god i am going to do the same with my kids with or without your permission Rachel
Aug 8 2019 12:16AM
.  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

mfg is such a ****in' grey spot in my life, man. and i HATE that the previous statement's gotta be so dramatic yet unfortunately true in my eyes.

when i think my pre-teen self wasn't as edgy and cringy as i think i then look in my sent messages and the level of horror is higher than ****ing snoop dogg, and i'm only the one millionth person sharing this thought, but i am trying to not hate the website as much as i used to; seeing all the people i used to talk to brings back somewhat fond memories but it also enforces how easy it is to just drop out of contact with people. but i think that, nowadays, it's starting to make me actually cherish the MEMORIES instead of looking back in regret on what could have been with the people i'd talk to especially. i wish i wasn't as ****in obsessive over stupid things that have happened on here but i am also trying to tell myself to not regret that but rather CELEBRATE IT, because it makes me WHO I AM TODAY, and tbh i prefer my adulthood over my childhood because i feel like this is like a rebirth where i actually have my own patterns of thought that are more structured, articulated, and not as easy to contort/change. grateful for rachel and kiran yo, i can't ****in believe a friend of 10 years, maybe almost 11 now, is a man i still talk to and goof around with, and that ur my gf of 3 years and counting rachel!!! ull be the only one seeing this anyway
Meteor Plays
Aug 1 2019 1:25AM
is anybody here  Message Back  |  Add A Comment

i grew up with this website and now it seems like theres nobody here to talk to because when i made my account i didnt realize that you could make a blog and it would go on a special board. i need to socialize and connect with long time fans of this website, like me