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Mar 27 2014 1:12PM
Ollie's twin crapped in the roller skate LMAO
May 24 2012 11:33AM
i love this fame is is well fun :)
but rude though.....
Mar 14 2012 8:06PM
Its reall fast as u gone on, add me
Nov 26 2011 3:30PM
like gutar hero but supidert
May 20 2011 1:09PM
lol, did everyone see when he was chasing the blue guy, the horse stompted on the blue guiys crotch killing him. the dude who wanted the skates smiled and said i commeted murder.
Jan 18 2011 6:26PM
YAY 100th COMMENT!!!!...... awesome game
Oct 24 2010 11:56AM
the game is fun i just wish they would use better songs
Oct 22 2010 10:21PM
Lol Im new here check out my profile. BTW, Call me Flame.
Sep 24 2010 7:36PM
i <3 this game!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 6 2010 12:03PM
Whoever made this game has WAY too much time on their hands
Jun 24 2010 4:20PM
I <3 This gamee.
Mar 13 2010 3:10PM
this game is dumb
Feb 13 2010 9:06PM
fun game:D
Feb 12 2010 11:20AM
Feb 12 2010 11:20AM
lolz luv it <''>
Feb 5 2010 1:55PM
how do u play
Jan 22 2010 10:05PM
Jan 21 2010 2:17PM
this games is sooooo fun beat it on the first try.
<3 kenz :)
Jan 1 2010 3:01AM game i gess...... wasnt that impresst =I
Dec 9 2009 7:37PM
obviously DJRJ3
Dec 5 2009 12:56PM
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!
Dec 2 2009 7:33PM
wow that was the best dancing game i ever played
Nov 21 2009 9:32PM
i got a 100 combo on hard perfect
Nov 5 2009 2:49PM
this game was cute
Nov 5 2009 9:34AM this game best ever kinda short thou but i give it a 100/90 they should come out whith another one
Sep 30 2009 6:35PM
that is the best game ever!
Sep 26 2009 7:24PM
this game is the best i beat the whole game
Sep 6 2009 12:12AM
jk it was just pointless but rather entertainin
Sep 6 2009 12:11AM
this game is retarded
Aug 31 2009 3:40PM
i like the game but the boss level is so hard
Aug 22 2009 9:03PM
got a combo of 562 what now bph123 :p :D XD :D:)
Aug 21 2009 1:04PM
combo 456 take that biznitches
Aug 9 2009 6:56PM
i've gotten better was pointless but fun and my highest combo was 219
Aug 9 2009 3:25PM
this game is crazy
Jul 27 2009 12:45PM
i love this game
Jul 27 2009 10:40AM
Jul 23 2009 6:20PM
Jul 21 2009 11:01AM
this is αn αwesome gαme ,
Jul 12 2009 10:20PM
Jul 12 2009 11:33AM
5/5! It is so funny when your dancing on the dead blue man. To BBQ and Monkokia, awsome job. Would love to play a sequel!
Jul 10 2009 4:11PM
Jun 19 2009 5:48PM
fun game i beat it it was easy i dont really like the danceing games but i liked this one
Jun 10 2009 8:34PM
OMG he pooped haha omg and the blue man rofl
Jun 9 2009 11:41PM
they should make an apple shooter game with him in it he will die ha ha ha p.s i am not crazy i am not!
Jun 9 2009 5:39PM
Cool! Kinda Like DDR!
Jun 9 2009 2:31PM
on hard
Jun 9 2009 2:30PM
got a 3975 combo =)
Jun 6 2009 3:34PM
this game is unworthy of being called a game. So f*ckin gay. 0/10000000
Jun 1 2009 6:10PM
Apr 5 2009 3:31PM
u dont have to press any buttons to beat a lvl
Mar 20 2009 9:49PM
i bet ollie smokes weed
Mar 20 2009 9:48PM
coudn't he have just gone to k mart in the first place eh. (meanwhille while ollies is in prison for double murder) (ollie) im not crazy thy are he will smight them all all i say all of them then i will have pie and with that pie i will rule the worldmuhahaha i think i have goneinsane.*.# (ollie) yup ive gone insane *.#...
Mar 18 2009 3:32PM
the blue guy song is canned heat by Jamiroquai.
Mar 18 2009 7:51AM
This Game SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 15 2009 7:35PM
i love this game
Feb 25 2009 4:47PM
kind of......Stupid. To me.
Jan 24 2009 12:34PM
I made combo 123,000,000.
Jan 16 2009 7:39PM
My highest combo on hard is 11
Jan 16 2009 5:53PM
highest combo: 749 game is way to easy
Jan 13 2009 6:26PM
reminds me of the arcade in tokyo
Jan 1 2009 8:31PM
i easily won anyways this game sucks
Dec 31 2008 10:11PM
it is verry goodgame.i love the funnes. allsojoy.
Dec 19 2008 8:45PM
317 screming snappers!
Dec 3 2008 5:00PM
highest combo: 304 eat that an
Nov 14 2008 7:25PM
my highest combo was 101.I GOT MAD FINGAS b****
Oct 17 2008 9:43PM
i got a 2000 combo yeah!!!
Oct 7 2008 4:45PM
its an easy game but very cool and fun im addicted to it i beat it so many time!!!!
Oct 4 2008 5:47PM
this game is awsome add me emos
Sep 24 2008 4:37PM
this game is the best. add me
Sep 15 2008 11:21PM
lol i fell of my chair on lvl 10 GOOMBAS WHAT THE HECK?
Sep 14 2008 5:14PM
it was cool i beat it
Sep 12 2008 8:13PM
this game is soooooooo easy!!! i finally beat it-whoo!!! i told my best friend about it earlier, and she fell in love with it. i think she even beat one can beat me!!!
Sep 8 2008 4:11PM
got 313 combo
Sep 7 2008 9:06PM
got perfect on threee straight songs
Aug 27 2008 9:36PM
awesome game i got 243 combo
Aug 21 2008 8:03AM
stupid and bad graficks I give it a 1/5
Aug 14 2008 9:03AM
Lol, awesome game
Aug 4 2008 9:54AM
i think i got like between 160 and 200 on a combo XP
Aug 2 2008 11:42AM
awesome i beat 1,000000000000 time 127 combo yhea
Jul 29 2008 4:28PM
Jul 14 2008 8:53PM
hah i didnt push any buttons and at the end o got 0% and it said poop
Jun 27 2008 12:10PM
that game is like dance dance revoulation!!
and its weird and funny!
Jun 27 2008 8:58AM
dude,did you just slop a muffin in skate?p.s. i pooped in your toilet and didnt flush.LOL!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 26 2008 11:14PM
who makes a game that at the end they put the word penes
Jun 24 2008 11:33PM
i beat it and the muffin part is werd and the end
Jun 24 2008 11:09PM
Jun 24 2008 11:08PM
Jun 24 2008 11:06PM
Jun 24 2008 4:44PM
dis game is awesome an i beat it 2000000000020020020 times but de muffin part went 22222far
Jun 9 2008 12:43PM
If you like games like this then go to flashflafhrevolution dot com
Jun 3 2008 6:19PM
collest game ever
May 29 2008 9:44PM
I am Trevor of the Funk!
May 18 2008 6:16PM
May 6 2008 9:52PM
this game is flippen awesome
Apr 18 2008 9:24AM
This game is very fun !!
Mar 19 2008 11:22PM
uhh... interesting // violent.
Jan 14 2008 8:58AM
this is hard on hard i should try easy
Dec 28 2007 1:45PM
got a 205 combo im so awesome
Dec 26 2007 7:26PM
beat the game on easy
Dec 18 2007 7:12PM
nvm i got better :-)
Dec 17 2007 7:29PM
its hard on easy
Nov 11 2007 9:28PM
its easy go on easy beat it then go to hard and everything is unlocked
Sep 30 2007 1:47PM
I finished this whole game on a differaunt website, its really easy once you get used to it!
Aug 25 2007 1:38PM
this is hard
Jul 26 2007 7:55PM
That is ummm interesting?