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Mar 25 2013 1:30PM
addicting it is
Oct 5 2012 3:18PM
this game is so addicting
Aug 29 2012 10:00PM
quite addicting if i say so myself
Jul 28 2012 5:27PM
i win
Jul 19 2012 1:27AM
Jun 16 2012 10:14PM
i losed my left leg and arm but dont worrie im all right seriosly i lost my leg and arm in the game
Mar 7 2012 7:36PM
this is cool... I LIKE DOGING THIM! XD
Jan 2 2012 12:42AM
now i got 333
Dec 30 2011 10:31PM
i got 204 in my first try
Dec 23 2011 7:14PM
it took me 19 games to get to 139
Dec 5 2011 9:12PM
i dodged 324
Nov 25 2011 1:17PM
Oct 10 2011 1:31AM
Try and balance on your head in this game
Aug 3 2011 6:01AM
I got up to 172 8)
Aug 2 2011 8:54PM
I wish there was a game like this, just you don't have to dedge the spikes and you just play around. :P
Jul 20 2011 2:21PM
Don't waste your time cutting off ur arms and legs. u will end up cutting off something else...
Jul 16 2011 12:21PM
When you start the game, right click, click Foward, then you could play with that girl with the sumbraro in the beggining. ITS EPIC!!!
Jul 16 2011 12:18PM
Jul 16 2011 12:17PM
This game has no cheats, but thier are many strategies to this game. My first strategie is to cut off your legs, and arms SHORTLY so you dont die. It makes you smaller so its harder for the spikes to get you. My second strategie is to stay standing up on the ground. You are thinner so it is also harder for the spikes to hit you. My third strategie is to just DODGE THE ****IN SPIKES, ITS NOT THAT ****IN HARD, I GOT ****IN 8709, THEN IT SAID I SHOULDNT BE PLAYING THIS BECAUSE IT IS TOO EASY!!!
Jun 19 2011 11:30AM
Jun 15 2011 1:49PM
today is Jun 15 2011 1:50PM
Jun 9 2011 9:17AM
Jun 4 2011 10:22AM
man this game sucks!
May 29 2011 8:03PM
It is pretty fun. Not the best though.
Apr 25 2011 9:35PM
Apr 23 2011 6:22PM
**** this screwed up game whoever likes this can suck a ****
Apr 23 2011 12:46AM
want to help me send a message or somthing to me please
Apr 23 2011 12:45AM
man it didnt work but i wish it would or i could grow them to ask her but the one problem
Apr 9 2011 11:18AM
no it aint impossiable to doge 0 i got 109!
Apr 7 2011 12:28PM
it is impossible to dodge 0 spikes >.>
Apr 6 2011 8:34PM
is suck at this game
Feb 15 2011 8:56PM
The cheat box is full so my cheat is over here. Cut off the shins and stay close to the wall as much as possible it doubles you chances of getting a big score. I got 219 because of this. Good game.
Feb 10 2011 9:19AM
Jan 25 2011 7:01PM
I GOT OVER 9000!!!!! lol jk
Jan 7 2011 9:27PM
i honestly dont get the point of this game
Dec 29 2010 7:38PM
I got 01010101010
Dec 27 2010 8:03PM
me too!
Dec 19 2010 9:33AM
I hope that was justin bieber!!!
Dec 16 2010 5:56PM
I only got to 45 :(
Who can dodge 1000??
Nov 23 2010 3:08AM
Nov 17 2010 6:30PM
thats mean i am over 115 jk
Nov 16 2010 4:50PM
If you single, and 20, female, Hit Meh Up!
Nov 16 2010 4:47PM
Ma record ish 423 PWNED.
Nov 16 2010 4:47PM
I just love this game....xD
Nov 11 2010 1:09PM
Oct 25 2010 10:17PM
jeffhardy021 shut the **** up
Oct 21 2010 7:32PM
you know it says ur dodging when u die it counts up till it says i died on the first one and it said 17
Oct 20 2010 7:03PM
Sep 29 2010 1:11PM
Awesome but frustrating
Sep 13 2010 1:02AM
my record is 288. almost 300 which ive been trying to get for a while. And VERY ADDICTING ive played this like 20-30 minutes straight before!!!!!
Sep 8 2010 10:06PM

Sep 7 2010 6:53PM
dodged 255 needle, like things.. not the best but im gettin betterrr!
Sep 1 2010 12:39AM
if u want to play with no blood (lol) press right click then play then DONT START THE GAME (DO NOT press play) just move and u see no blood lol
Aug 23 2010 7:20PM
i only dogged 56 well to bad its fun
Aug 6 2010 9:10AM
that guy is right. mine was only 588
Aug 6 2010 9:08AM
i am really good at that game
Aug 6 2010 9:07AM
thers no way that there can be cheats for it!
Jul 27 2010 10:28AM
cheat: to turn in to a kid cut off your some of your arms and your legs
Jul 19 2010 12:06PM
To every one one who is braging about there score well here is mine....2
Jul 18 2010 5:12PM
Yes I got 4096
Jul 15 2010 2:59PM
P.P.S I got 2031. Can anyone top that?
Jul 15 2010 2:58PM
There are quite a few cheats knocking about or this game. None of them work, I'm sorry to admit. But thats the thing - why cheat on a game? Thats what makes it fun - the challenge.
Anyway, I've found a few methods of lengthening the ragdoll's life. Try chopping off a small portion off each leg, and, if possible, the arms. Also, moing really fast and pushing down on one key for a lenght of time can prove fatal too. Tap a key a couple of times instead of holding it down - that way you can easily pause if there is an unexpected spike.
This game is all about reactions, and the easiest way to bag yourself a little extra time is to look at the very top of the game. You can see where the spikes are coming, and then TAP - don't HOLD - the correct key to get out the way.
If you find you are in a sticky situation, e.g trapped in a corner with a few spikes coming towards you, press up a few times till you are standing up straight. It makes you narrower, and the spikes can pass. I find playing in full screen helps.
Last tip - PRACTICE. You aren't going to become a master of something in your first attempt? A few goes to get you warmed up helps a lot.

Please tell me if this helped. RandomSock.
P.S Don't fly around everywhere. You'll die.
Jul 15 2010 2:52PM
Well, it won't let me write on the Cheats page, so I'll just write it here o.o
Jul 15 2010 2:49PM
I've always loved this game, and I think I've found a way of perfecting it. Read it on the Cheats page :')
Jul 15 2010 11:53AM
i got 546 on this game
Jul 1 2010 8:27PM
fun nerve reckin lol got 213
Jul 1 2010 7:32PM
DO u have anger problems or something SpongeACR,why did u randomly insult Slash5024 and weird Oatmeal,and your a little young to be posting those harsh insults don't u think?Everything u said about everybody isn't true,also does your comments posted about everybody playing Ragdoll Avalanche 2 applie to yourself?I personally think it would fit nicely.Does anyone agree with me cause I sure do.
Jun 22 2010 9:04PM
I just beat all of you by using the cheat I posted on the cheats catagory
Jun 20 2010 6:07PM
563 beat that
Jun 19 2010 6:53PM
i got 314 woot!!!!!
Jun 14 2010 6:23PM
not even kidding i got............11 i promise
Jun 13 2010 2:09PM
the comments are random because i dodged 27= GOT NINJA? and 30=ARE YOU BLIND?
Jun 13 2010 1:35PM
yes!! even higher. now it's 257
Jun 12 2010 10:57PM
whew... took me a while but i finally got in the two hundred's. 229's my new high score now
Jun 12 2010 3:39PM
I SWEAR!!!!!!!!
Jun 12 2010 3:37PM
Jun 11 2010 8:33PM
Got 183!!!
Jun 8 2010 1:24PM
Ever time I dodge the spikes it looks like the ragdoll is having a seizure on the floor, ha ha ha.
Jun 8 2010 1:24PM
Ever time I dogde the spikes it looks like the ragdoll is having a seizure on the floor, ha ha ha.
May 31 2010 12:51PM
I GOT 108
May 27 2010 12:53PM
i agree with SpongeACR
May 27 2010 12:52PM
just ot 517!!!
May 25 2010 8:45PM
good and fun game!!!
May 19 2010 8:13PM
Pretty fun
May 2 2010 5:19PM
Apr 19 2010 6:01PM
Apr 18 2010 8:43PM
160's my highest. fun game
Apr 18 2010 7:00PM
this is some dangerous break dancing lol
Apr 8 2010 9:04AM
awsome game
Apr 3 2010 11:47AM
go 2 and search, POOP ROCKET:the original!!!than CLICK!!! SUPER funny!!!!!! :D
Apr 3 2010 11:46AM
Apr 3 2010 11:45AM

add me
Apr 3 2010 11:45AM
add me
Apr 1 2010 12:19AM
khyle19 yeah he is, my brother was possesed by his ghost
had to call an exorsist
Mar 29 2010 10:20AM
great game add me
Mar 20 2010 10:14PM
I made the ragdoll go ninja lol.
Mar 15 2010 8:07PM
OMFG so damn addicting its so awsome.
Mar 14 2010 12:04AM
I GOT 81 !!!
Mar 13 2010 1:27AM
cool game i was playin around then a spike split me in half lol
Mar 10 2010 1:48PM
Mar 1 2010 10:33PM
Michael Jackson not dead:)
Feb 27 2010 11:04AM
this game is AWesome i got 797 so close to *))(a.k.a that means 800).
Feb 25 2010 4:49PM
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Feb 24 2010 5:38PM
Feb 24 2010 5:36PM
just got 920 even took a picture so nobodey thinks i didn't
Feb 23 2010 7:33PM
this game is awsome
Feb 18 2010 7:08PM
HA I GOT 623 b****ES
Feb 18 2010 11:00AM
COOL add me plz
Feb 15 2010 11:51PM
Feb 15 2010 11:51PM
Feb 14 2010 10:07PM
Feb 10 2010 6:26PM
i know u all hate it when ppl do this, but... CAN'T RESIST!! 450TH COMMENT game is addicting
Feb 10 2010 1:28PM
**** it
Feb 10 2010 1:28PM
i hate this game
Feb 10 2010 11:18AM
my penis loves me
Feb 7 2010 4:10PM
i can't believe that over 300 ppl commented after me.. my highest is 709
Feb 6 2010 5:52PM
all of u who say 10000 and hire are lying to yourselves so tell the truth
Feb 6 2010 5:49PM
me and my friend set the record 2 beat we played 2 days and got 1200 beat that
Feb 2 2010 8:21PM
it says some mean things when you die
Jan 30 2010 11:16PM
epic 471!!!
Jan 29 2010 7:34PM
Jan 28 2010 3:00PM
this game is so much fun but my best is only 113
Jan 24 2010 9:17AM
the song changes after 130 and my bro got 215 beat that and got milk
Jan 21 2010 4:26PM
i got 200
Jan 17 2010 3:20PM
the games fun!
Jan 9 2010 9:25PM
omfg 177 wen i got there i had no legs or armz
Jan 8 2010 4:33PM
366 a the end it cut his balls
Dec 31 2009 4:28PM
Dec 30 2009 12:45AM
I love to chop all of his limbs off, then he's just a little dude!
Dec 29 2009 5:49PM
how do you play this
Dec 24 2009 5:58PM
He did the worm.then a spike fell on him!just siting there(doing the worm)and a spike fell on him!how rude!

Dec 23 2009 11:39PM
1000 beat that B I CH
Dec 20 2009 9:19PM
interesting game. fun to play during class lol
Dec 14 2009 9:13PM
every1 who claims comments are douches and toold soVVVV
Dec 13 2009 8:40PM
all yall suck my **** B***HS first coment
Dec 4 2009 10:57PM
frist commet

beat that b****s!!
Dec 4 2009 10:54PM
**** this ****ing game

Dec 3 2009 12:31PM
my highest is like 127 lolz!
Nov 27 2009 1:45AM
i just scoered 899,999,999
Nov 26 2009 11:05AM
like to see him get killed
Nov 25 2009 4:02PM
woooo my new record is 318!!!
Nov 23 2009 4:11PM
try to beat 523,456,332
Nov 19 2009 8:35PM
my highest is.........159 sucky ant it?:(
Nov 16 2009 9:54PM
Nov 14 2009 9:16AM
dam i just scoered 45550
Nov 14 2009 9:14AM
ha dats nutin 698 good game
Nov 13 2009 9:01PM
try to beat my score 382
Nov 11 2009 2:54PM
Nov 9 2009 10:53PM
good enough for me
Nov 8 2009 11:09AM
wooh just beat my high score i got 284
Nov 8 2009 11:00AM
116 good game
Nov 5 2009 3:00PM
its a very good game!
Nov 1 2009 4:01PM
this game is aight add me girls and some boys
Nov 1 2009 7:44AM
great game
Oct 30 2009 8:35PM
freakin awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! hi :D
Oct 18 2009 1:59PM
tip:dont play of giving or getting a blow job that what he said
Oct 18 2009 10:27AM
Oct 15 2009 12:22PM
i got 60,000
Oct 14 2009 8:35PM
i made him do spilts and spike cut him in half
Oct 14 2009 2:57PM
lol i just love seeing this ragdoll die!
Oct 7 2009 7:21PM
Oct 3 2009 9:23PM
bav333 u a fag i got 45000
Oct 1 2009 6:19PM
1,000 beat that fags
Oct 1 2009 6:16PM
this game is gansterish
Sep 28 2009 9:12PM
Sep 25 2009 6:40PM
Sep 24 2009 7:38PM
321 :D
Sep 21 2009 12:14PM
Sep 19 2009 8:05PM
there is something very interesting about watching a ragdoll die...
Sep 10 2009 9:00PM
300 awsome
Sep 8 2009 11:15PM
262 dogded :)
Sep 7 2009 12:13AM
its hard to move him
Sep 6 2009 12:55AM
<33 Emo! <33 im sorry i didnt mean to kall u a stoner
Sep 4 2009 6:38PM
i just got 1011 beat that i took a picture to
Sep 4 2009 6:32PM
894!beat that im the best
Sep 1 2009 11:59PM
I hit 483!!!

beat that
Aug 25 2009 12:16PM
Somthing weird happened to me when i was playing. one spike hit me in the head a the spike just went through my guys head and he wasnt injured! It also happened with the feet and arms. But after i got to hunderd i got hit in the stomech and died.
Aug 20 2009 10:25PM
193! i havent played this game in 4ever and that was the first score i got lol

add meh :]
Aug 18 2009 8:14PM
if u can get his hnds and feet of it easier to move him
Aug 17 2009 1:52PM
it is fun watching him die
Aug 16 2009 10:21PM
Aug 16 2009 12:54PM
I've been practicing and my high score is 989.Beat that losers.
Aug 13 2009 3:50PM
if you play this game try not to die
Aug 10 2009 7:52PM
haha i suck at 198 :P

add me :D
Aug 8 2009 8:23PM
high score 248
Aug 7 2009 9:47PM
113 not bad kinda not good
Aug 7 2009 5:00PM
i Think its fun to try to dodge them and hard
Aug 6 2009 2:08PM
awsume game
Aug 5 2009 8:43PM
my hiscore is 89
Aug 1 2009 2:56PM
80 was my best score so far and that sucks lol try 4 more later
Jul 31 2009 2:51PM
159 is a good start lol
Jul 30 2009 12:52PM
yahooo999soooooo close.....someone add me please
Jul 29 2009 9:27PM
260 sucks!
Jul 29 2009 5:50PM
my high score iz 4
Jul 29 2009 2:41PM
im sucking at this game today lol my high score today so far is like 134
Jul 29 2009 9:50AM
what is a huge score
Jul 29 2009 5:07AM
my best is 986 no joke i even took a picture cuz no one will believe me!!
Jul 28 2009 10:15PM
338! yeah im not joking lol
this game is so adicting
Jul 28 2009 3:35PM
286 beat that
Jul 28 2009 1:17PM
250 woow beat it
Jul 27 2009 7:43PM
i got 1000
Jul 27 2009 1:05PM
i must really suck at this game cuz the most i ever dodged was 19
Jul 23 2009 5:24PM
Jul 23 2009 12:03PM
its easier if u get ur legs cut off and stubby. u can fit in tight spots
Jul 23 2009 11:55AM
just got 140!!
Jul 23 2009 10:25AM
oh yeah 138 now what?!!
Jul 23 2009 4:07AM
you don't believe me? I got 216! I swear
Jul 22 2009 10:38PM
i will try
Jul 22 2009 9:46PM
i got 128 beat that I AM THE BOMB!!!!!!
Jul 22 2009 8:47PM
119 my highest beat that!!! YOSH I AM DA BOMB!!!!!!
Jul 22 2009 4:21PM
104 beat THAT
Jul 22 2009 4:16PM
he is easyer to manover if u get his legs cut off at his knees
Jul 22 2009 4:12PM
i can make him do flips i can make him work out i can even make him stand on his head while dodging the spikes
Jul 22 2009 4:08PM
85 dodged
Jul 21 2009 6:27AM
100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 lets see if u can beat that
Jul 19 2009 12:04PM
love dis game
Jul 19 2009 9:12AM
if u press UP really fast he dances!!!
Jul 18 2009 8:51PM
this game is off the hook!
Jul 18 2009 7:40PM
1,113 beat that fools!!!!
Jul 18 2009 9:11AM
739 beat that
Jul 17 2009 7:06PM
this game is sweet add me :)
Jul 17 2009 5:30PM
it is aweome i like the blood and the design
Jul 16 2009 5:10AM
i like it 5/5 add me
Jul 13 2009 7:16PM
funny and i make my guy a break dancer
Jul 13 2009 5:29PM
i got the highest score
Jul 13 2009 2:57PM
i love this game
Jul 8 2009 9:15PM
this game is cool
Jul 8 2009 7:46PM
my highscore 432
Jul 3 2009 6:35PM
goood for ur anger
Jul 1 2009 6:35PM
game is awsome!!!!
Jun 23 2009 10:58AM
this game is fun
Jun 22 2009 10:45AM
Hey jboy0001 it says got ninja at random times cuz it said it when my bro got 24
Jun 22 2009 1:47AM
omg he can fly kinda fun
Jun 14 2009 12:13PM
i just read the comments they give u
Jun 12 2009 2:22AM
be my friend
Jun 6 2009 10:54PM
This is hard :(
Jun 6 2009 9:31PM
reminder: no im not crazy! no cheats 686 spikes dodged.
Jun 6 2009 9:29PM
amazing 686 spikes dodged then it said "Got Ninja?" =O
Jun 6 2009 5:59PM
Jun 6 2009 1:52PM
i keep on getting cut on purpose. tell me that that's not evil right? I dont care what u say just say it
Jun 5 2009 12:21PM
I love tis game!
May 31 2009 2:58PM
ya right!
May 27 2009 11:22AM
4 hours and i got 1735293 beat that ha ha
May 24 2009 10:40AM
I like to kill the guy
May 21 2009 3:28PM
i got 236 and this game rules
May 14 2009 9:26PM
i like the sound it makes wen it gets sliced.
May 9 2009 2:23PM
pressing the f6 button does really nothing but make u lose
May 6 2009 5:48PM
i like chopping is head off lol
May 3 2009 1:11PM
It's so easy to win, but it's so FUN losing!
May 3 2009 2:29AM
i like wen they cut off ur head
Apr 22 2009 4:38PM
make ur self short and ur a kid
Apr 22 2009 4:33PM
thats a awsome game i like it wen u die
Apr 14 2009 6:21PM
I was up all night i got 901928
Apr 11 2009 2:03PM
bull !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! suck your crap!!!
Apr 11 2009 1:01PM
now i got a 194! now suck on that, suckers!!!!!
Apr 10 2009 8:34PM
i got 145! suck on that!
Apr 10 2009 7:16AM
fun i got 397

Apr 8 2009 12:48AM
i got deheaded ofter 53 spiks
Apr 7 2009 9:41AM
1 got 265, with all my limbs, beat that
Apr 4 2009 6:51PM
luv dis game
Mar 31 2009 8:56PM
best game ever played in my life!!!!!!!!
Mar 28 2009 11:27AM
omg thz is emo fun
Mar 22 2009 10:10PM
Mar 22 2009 10:03PM
GOT N!NJ4!!!!!
Mar 22 2009 9:16PM
i just luv the person who dies
Mar 21 2009 11:40AM
Mar 19 2009 7:20PM
when you ;lose they give you some mean comments
Mar 18 2009 9:31PM
Mar 18 2009 9:30PM
wow that game is so cool i dodged 900,000,000,000,000,000,
Mar 16 2009 4:27PM
w00t i got 114 w00t
Mar 14 2009 8:21PM
Cool 5/5 :)
Mar 12 2009 4:52PM
i dodged 307
Mar 12 2009 4:43PM
i dodged 230
Mar 12 2009 4:43PM
funnest game ever 5/5
Mar 10 2009 7:33PM
i dodged 203!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 9 2009 6:57PM
325.........realy hard
Mar 7 2009 10:39PM
i love this game!!!!! biut i want to know who the hell are throwin theses spikes
Feb 23 2009 8:25AM
this game sucks like my sshhiitt its fukin crap
Feb 22 2009 2:17PM
Feb 18 2009 3:58AM
im the master of ur aunt jamima XemoX
Feb 15 2009 8:07PM
i got 173 5/5 289th comment
Feb 13 2009 5:26PM
I`m the master at this game.
Feb 13 2009 1:11PM
hard game
Feb 11 2009 9:46PM
i love this game
Feb 8 2009 6:57PM
i only got 212
Feb 8 2009 10:32AM
I DODGE 100000
Feb 7 2009 10:18PM
i doged 101
Feb 3 2009 6:19PM
pimp 27 ur mom sucks big hariy D.I.C.K.S
Jan 29 2009 6:35PM
I <3 All Ragdoll Games xD
Jan 26 2009 6:44PM
just because you suck doesnt mean everyone else does. ive gotten over 700 once.
Jan 25 2009 9:59PM
yea right u didnt dodge 567
Jan 24 2009 6:56PM
i dodged 567
Jan 24 2009 6:07PM
Jan 24 2009 6:07PM
i dodged 338
Jan 24 2009 8:41AM
i dodged 333........
Jan 22 2009 9:37PM
wo i just dodged 225
Jan 22 2009 9:30PM
this game,u cant amagine how fun it is
Jan 19 2009 7:28PM
this game is awesome 2 lol
Jan 19 2009 11:49AM
Jan 19 2009 10:03AM
the highest i got wuz 217 4 real
Jan 19 2009 7:59AM
this game sucks D.I.C.K
Jan 19 2009 7:58AM
this game suck ****
Jan 15 2009 4:14PM
cool game
Jan 11 2009 8:52PM
this is sooooo fun and if you read this youll lose every thing
Jan 11 2009 7:02PM
good game and

people stop saying add no one
adds you if you say that crap
Jan 11 2009 11:59AM
Just avoid the spikes!! it's easy!!!
Jan 6 2009 6:44PM
how long is this game?!
Jan 4 2009 10:59AM
this game rocks
Jan 4 2009 2:44AM
ThIs Is SuPeR FuUuUuUuUnNy!!
Jan 1 2009 8:22PM
this game is cool and pinyfil stop writing stuff about your balls because it makes you sound gay
Dec 30 2008 10:15PM
Possibly the best rgdollgam ever XD
Dec 29 2008 9:33PM
i got 8009
Dec 22 2008 8:43PM
i got 123,423,546,8798,987,652,321,124,123
Dec 22 2008 5:00PM
you can chop off you legs and arms and still live alos 4555 i rule
Dec 22 2008 1:55AM
Tips: try to stay close to the floor, steadily slide across it as the spikes come in. try not to use the up or down keys unless you absolutely need them, you'll have more reaction time and more control if you stay on the ground.try not to get caught against the wall, its hard to maneuver out of that and if you're missing some limbs, you're as good as dead if that happens. Hope these tips help!
Dec 22 2008 1:42AM
anyone who says they got over 8000 can suck my balls.....
Dec 22 2008 1:41AM
You got a power dragon scale mail! lol, this game is funny. lemme tell you a little story: I was flying randomly through the air as a spike slowly but swiftly sliced off my right arm. I went ricocheing to the left, flipped over as i fell, and a spike went through my balls. No joke, this really did happen.
Dec 20 2008 3:25PM
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Dec 18 2008 10:13PM
this game is so awsome! my highest was 412,554,899,675,112! beat that!
Dec 15 2008 2:54PM
I got 109
Dec 13 2008 2:39PM
i got 9,995,366,593,845
Dec 9 2008 4:28PM
it's crazy man! crazy!
Dec 6 2008 12:50AM
It's Easy
Dec 5 2008 7:31PM
i got 34396
Dec 4 2008 8:31PM
this game is awesome
Nov 30 2008 4:41PM
my score waz 70000000000 it lo
Nov 30 2008 4:16PM
i got 1009
Nov 30 2008 4:03PM
i got 450
Nov 30 2008 4:02PM
10/10 coooooooooool gamme
Nov 28 2008 4:07PM
I don't know why everyone does
Nov 28 2008 4:07PM
I don't know why everybody doe
Nov 28 2008 4:06PM
I don't know why everyone like
Nov 28 2008 2:21PM
i am not so good because i got
Nov 26 2008 6:15PM
pretty fun and amusing
Nov 25 2008 11:02AM
Pretty good!
Nov 24 2008 10:00PM
i ilke game it is cool
Nov 22 2008 7:35PM
beat that
Nov 22 2008 7:35PM
Nov 13 2008 11:10AM
to all of those people who get like a score of 10000 or higher yall play this game way 2 much
Nov 13 2008 11:06AM
526 lowest score i got in along time
Nov 13 2008 11:02AM
4086 beat that b****s
Nov 13 2008 8:24AM
4000 beat thAT MOTHER F***ERS
Nov 11 2008 3:52PM
Still the underdog...
Nov 11 2008 3:47PM
any secrets?
Nov 8 2008 8:07PM
dis game iz fun as ever, the highest i got to was 997
Nov 8 2008 10:43AM
Nov 5 2008 9:08PM
choke on 994 all of u got burned
Nov 4 2008 7:37PM
71 heh ^_^ not so good lmao
Nov 4 2008 5:03PM
choke on 984! oooooooooooooo!c ouch! choke on that!!!!!!!
Nov 3 2008 7:31PM
892 b****
Nov 2 2008 9:02AM
i like cutting the dudes legs and arms off so he looks like a migit
Oct 30 2008 3:59AM
133? lol noob score my top is 703
Oct 24 2008 5:15PM
try and beat 133. so choke on that
Oct 24 2008 3:56PM
Oct 23 2008 10:06PM
this game rox 5/5
so far, my high score is 635 =)
Oct 18 2008 6:41PM
ow my head
Oct 15 2008 9:26PM
cool game add me if your not a poser
Oct 13 2008 4:03PM
This game is pretty cool.
Oct 12 2008 1:55PM
go sonic
Oct 11 2008 6:19PM
cool i like the blood
Oct 5 2008 10:04PM
this game is hella fun
Oct 5 2008 4:20PM
Oct 5 2008 10:31AM
go to my brothers sight
Oct 4 2008 5:14PM
ha bloodyXD (plz sub me:))
Oct 4 2008 5:41AM
i dont know what to say i love this is rocks like...... uh...... rocks in the roads i love it!!!
Oct 3 2008 11:04AM
i doged 12345 it was so hard sub me plz!!!!!!
Oct 3 2008 2:11AM
god damnit!
Oct 1 2008 10:06PM
OMG!!! i love this game
Oct 1 2008 5:46PM
this game is really fun
Sep 30 2008 8:06PM
Sep 30 2008 1:46PM
493 this game rocks
Sep 30 2008 1:32AM
Sep 27 2008 11:09PM
i got to 299..... but then my head fell off! you made an awsome and violant game!
Sep 26 2008 10:45PM
haha i like to chop off parts of his arms and legs so hes small. funny!!!!
Sep 25 2008 5:03PM
this game is BEAST!!!! i love it!!!! my record is in the 500s.
Sep 22 2008 9:50PM
****ING AWESOME!!!!!! my curent score is 210
Sep 19 2008 3:13PM
this game ****in rocks
Sep 17 2008 8:40PM
this is a ****ing ass good ass game i fell like licking my ass with
Sep 17 2008 6:08PM
i doged 10009876 it was HARD!!!!!!
Sep 16 2008 5:29PM
this game is awesome.. im adding this to my faves
*faves it*
Sep 16 2008 4:51PM
i can only get 156
Sep 14 2008 9:31AM
OMG!!! OMG!!! NEW RECORD THREE POINTS!!! i rock at this game
Sep 13 2008 3:33PM
WooHooo!!! I finally beat my score of 160 by 9 points!!!!!! yea! I know I suck so don't bother telling me i do im just happy i finally beat my score.I was on a role until i spiraled right into a spike and nearly my entire body was cut up by just one spike. Haha, ppl y u gotta be so mean? Queenqs tips aren't bad i used them to beat my score.
Sep 11 2008 11:41PM
yay i dodged like 400000000 jk. somebody is gonna get mad cuz they didnt read it.
Sep 11 2008 6:55PM
oooo looks like im the hot topic of the message board. jk.
Sep 8 2008 2:38PM
That game ROCKS!
Sep 7 2008 12:34PM
queenq those tips are JANK!!!


Sep 7 2008 12:32PM
kylesalver no u didnt cuz u can only dodge up to10 mills
Sep 4 2008 9:24AM
Aug 31 2008 5:44PM
yea kelly shes right it does work
Aug 30 2008 2:38PM
sigh, kelly, just becuase they don't work for you doesnt mean they suck. thats like saying "i dont like the color red so they should make it illegal for people to like it."
Aug 29 2008 11:16AM
Here's a few tips
1} Don't listen to queenq's tips, they suck.
2} Don't cut off your arms/legs, you can die trying.
3} Don't stay too close to the top of the screen.
4} Don't listen to queenq's tips, again XD
Good luck
Aug 28 2008 7:44PM
i got 96,653
Aug 25 2008 3:14PM
i got 78,299
Aug 24 2008 12:38AM
i got 1 is that good jkjkjkjkjk
Aug 21 2008 6:37PM
i got 1273 is tht good
Aug 21 2008 12:51PM
Shut up, Wammy. We don't care about your amazing scores.
Aug 19 2008 12:20AM
96652 thats how much i got i own this game she who can beat that b and beat yo record
Aug 17 2008 6:50PM
i dogd 1534 5 mins
Aug 15 2008 11:23PM
i doged 648!
Aug 15 2008 6:10PM
o ya and by the way queenq those tips suck @ss
Aug 15 2008 6:09PM
486 b1tches
Aug 15 2008 12:13PM
my latest score is 139
Aug 11 2008 5:54PM

1. Cut off your legs, not your arms. You'll be smaller and more manueverable, but you'll still have good balance.

2. Don't go flailing around the screen out of control.

3. Stay on the ground.

4. Wiggle around, but dont move too much. Small maneuvers around the spikes with out moving too much will make you stay alive a lot longer.

5. Try flipping over the spikes. This is hard, but once you can do it, you'll be doing it all the time.
Aug 11 2008 3:31PM
By thePinyfil, you are right. This game ends at 1000 or 10000, and you have to get through a tiny hole at the end or something. I've never gotten that far, but i've heard.
Aug 10 2008 6:10AM
Whoah I just scrolled down and saw sportygurls comment and that is just ridiculous. I bet your lieing and if your not then get a life man
Aug 10 2008 6:09AM
Awesome game my best was only 63. I agree with PinyFil because most people do actually lie about there scores but I also agree with queenq as well because there might be cheats for it.
Aug 8 2008 1:53PM
Ok, queenq i do believe i went a little overboard when i said that but people who say they got over 2000, i still dont believe. i know its possible to get a little over 1000 but i just hate that people hav to lie about things so stupid. i apologize for saying that but im sticking with the fact that barely anyone would be able to get as far as 2000.
Aug 8 2008 1:15PM
PinyFil, I agree with you that some people dont tell the truth about theire scores, but a lot of people do tell the truth. I'm not saying exactly, but I've gotten a score over 650, and I'm only a kid! So if it's possible for me, I bet a lot of people who are saying they go 800 or something might be telling the truth. When I was not good at this game and my top was only 90 or something, I thought everyone who said that they got 300 was lying. But now I know that it is possible and some people just want everyone to know that you can do it, you just have to keep trying.

P.S. Hav any of you noticed that most people either say something between 100-200 or something ridiculous? Like, nothing in between?
Aug 8 2008 12:42PM
gosh i luv this game. so much better than the 1st one. i always play it
Aug 7 2008 4:06PM
aww, man i luv this game.
Top three comments:
#3 Yes, its fun to play with one's feet
#2 Tip: Watch the screen while playing
#1 We reccomend users to breath while plaing the game
Aug 7 2008 10:46AM
Aug 7 2008 7:19AM
i agree with PinyFil and this game rulesmy highest score so far is 163 5/5
Aug 6 2008 8:49PM
Nice game on my favorites. I'll add anyone who adds me and my highes score was 160 in the last game i played before writing this comment/ Dont beliebe sportygurl or any of the loser wannabes who say the got anything over 500, thats just stupid that u need to lie for a score and itachi1995 did u think anyone would believe u? all u low life losers who say that just want to be good at stuff so dont believe those stupid liars.
Aug 6 2008 8:31PM
hey sometimes if the spikes just touch the end of you foot or your arm you do not die you keep on playing with you arm or legs uneven
Aug 6 2008 8:24PM
the spikes hit me
Aug 6 2008 5:59PM
274 8D
Aug 5 2008 10:07PM
I doged 32.check out my profile than add me i will add you back
Aug 5 2008 1:39PM
my highest score is 3945
Aug 4 2008 7:06PM
my cousin got 252 and she a GIRL
Aug 3 2008 8:50PM
157272 y
Aug 3 2008 8:47PM
142 and 1 and 2 and 1 and 2 this is cooll breeaak dancing
Aug 3 2008 1:11PM
169 WOOOO and Naruto suxxx
Aug 2 2008 11:43AM
My highest is 123.
Aug 1 2008 10:42PM
Aug 1 2008 4:06PM
this is hella hard!!
Jul 31 2008 9:49PM
how do you get those naruto icons
Jul 31 2008 2:27PM
itachi1995 i dont beleave u ur full of ****
Jul 31 2008 2:26PM
this is the first time i played
Jul 31 2008 2:25PM
i doged 158
Jul 31 2008 11:51AM
And I just realised someone that commented just before me is full of ****. Can you guess who it is?
Jul 30 2008 4:10PM
i just dodged 2,000,000,000
Jul 30 2008 2:04PM
i dodged 1,297,465
Jul 28 2008 10:35PM
i dodged 4966
Jul 27 2008 12:49PM
rated it 4/5
Jul 27 2008 12:48PM
Dodged 1231
Jul 26 2008 8:26PM
Jul 23 2008 10:29AM
this is FUN!
Jul 19 2008 6:21AM
the spike split my nuts
Jul 19 2008 5:16AM
Bailey you need a hobby lol
Jul 18 2008 1:31PM
6,289 haha
Jul 18 2008 2:49AM
wkd game!
Jul 17 2008 12:01AM
XD funny ish going to my favorites list.?????XD
Jul 16 2008 6:32PM
i do have lots of free time :D and ace111 u cat et in themillions its to much for ur dumb brain :P
Jul 16 2008 1:33PM
Awsome Game
Jul 16 2008 6:03AM
309 D=
Jul 16 2008 5:54AM
Bailey, you have wayyyy to much free time
Jul 15 2008 3:20AM
Jul 15 2008 2:33AM
i got 2089
Jul 14 2008 10:20AM
it is gay
Jul 11 2008 4:13PM
its a jokes game!
Jul 10 2008 9:17AM
i dodged 123 million
Jul 8 2008 6:03PM
Jul 8 2008 6:03PM
did i comment this b4?well i still hate it!
Jul 7 2008 9:32PM
anyone can beat this 968 lol 3rd time the charm-_-: )
Jul 7 2008 1:30PM
i dodged 1002 hahahahaha
Jul 6 2008 4:05PM
Jul 2 2008 10:13PM
I Got 400.
Jul 2 2008 12:54AM
tip: it makes it WAY easier to cut off part of your legs and arms! :)
Jul 2 2008 12:53AM
Uh-huh. Well... I dodged 356
Jun 30 2008 2:08PM
Jun 24 2008 12:16AM
tip, always do that. Oh sorry, the peson that was reading it has took that word up there.
Jun 24 2008 12:07AM
yea,wacth the screen,like nobody does that.
Jun 23 2008 8:00PM
tip: watch the screen while playing.
Jun 22 2008 1:32AM
i got 5680
Jun 21 2008 10:09AM
tip cut your arms or legs short if you have to
Jun 21 2008 12:16AM
I GOT 34756!
Jun 20 2008 8:58PM
frst of all colonel there r no levels and second this game rocks
Jun 19 2008 8:30PM
Jun 19 2008 7:04PM
Jun 19 2008 5:40PM
Man, they are right, I need glasses
Jun 19 2008 5:38PM
this game rocks!
Jun 10 2008 2:33AM
in your face DarkDemon000 i just completed it
Jun 10 2008 2:32AM
right right at the end you have to get out of a little hole
Jun 8 2008 5:09AM
186 :O :O :O
Jun 8 2008 5:03AM
Man, this game is awesome. Pooor bastard got his balls cur off
Jun 6 2008 2:52PM

Final score 9999999999999999999!
Jun 6 2008 2:49PM
In yo face HuskyJumper i got 103
Jun 6 2008 1:12PM
i dodged 101 wooohoooo
Jun 6 2008 1:09PM
this is a mint game it sed 2 me YOU DODGED 85
Jun 6 2008 3:29AM
this is a awesome game, proper funny.
Jun 5 2008 12:57PM
it cut his balls off :O
Jun 2 2008 7:03PM
secon try 8475964135874357 to god
Jun 2 2008 7:00PM
yeah 25896 dodged
May 28 2008 6:53PM
i dodged 63 and i luv the comments they give
May 24 2008 11:18PM
My highst is 235
May 24 2008 7:26AM
the vilonce is grusome
May 20 2008 6:28PM
i cut off part of his limbs and make him tiny
May 13 2008 6:36PM
this is so gay.i realy suck ass i only got 13
May 11 2008 3:15AM
My head is still alive but i lost my arms then my legs then the rest of my body apart from my head.
May 6 2008 8:39PM
WARNING:Bouncing body parts may be found in ceno california , handle this with caution and do the chicken dance!
May 5 2008 8:49PM
im just kidding i got 592 it was freakin hard
May 3 2008 4:27PM
i love it wen u get the halves of ur arms and legs cut off!!!i love this game!!!!!!!they made a third game of this!!!
May 3 2008 2:15PM
my head!!!!!wheres my head!?!?!?!?! :O
Apr 28 2008 4:33PM
I got 301...
Apr 26 2008 9:28PM
i got 153877546
Apr 12 2008 11:46AM
this game rocks
Apr 10 2008 10:06AM
game hacker is lieing :( hes a loser i got 122
Mar 31 2008 7:23PM
i dodged 391 of them
Mar 31 2008 7:08PM
ok i pretty much beat MOST of you here ( not counting the dumbass liars) with 265!
Mar 29 2008 10:12PM
this is extremely hard! i can only get in the 200s lol
Mar 20 2008 12:14PM
i got 108, but then my head fell off....
Mar 20 2008 11:52AM
i got 173 :D
Mar 15 2008 7:29PM
game hacker99 is a crap load of sh*t i hate you gamehacker99 if you are reading this
Mar 11 2008 10:52AM
Gamehacker99 is FULL OF ****
Mar 9 2008 7:28PM
its brutality
Mar 9 2008 3:46AM
Feb 24 2008 3:20PM
Feb 22 2008 8:30PM
this game is cool
Feb 22 2008 6:06PM
this game is f****ing marvolous!!! :D or :( or :) or :O
Feb 16 2008 3:30AM
this game is the best i f**king love it
Feb 16 2008 3:29AM
i got 10367
Feb 9 2008 1:13PM
awesome i got 137
Feb 2 2008 12:09PM
i got 1215147428452451 on this game
I Cross My Heart And Hope to die i really got that much

i never slept for two days!!!!
Jan 25 2008 7:39PM
i got 9045
Jan 12 2008 7:19PM
god 555555 stop lian
Jan 10 2008 5:13AM
pretty goood.
Jan 4 2008 8:21PM
Dec 29 2007 6:06PM
Dec 28 2007 5:00PM
i got 2432,342,324,153
Dec 23 2007 6:45PM
the most I got was 100 :(
Dec 23 2007 2:28PM
i dodged 5,000,000,000,000 spikes
Dec 19 2007 3:09PM
i got 35625656 beat that
Dec 16 2007 5:41PM
Dec 14 2007 8:08PM
i got 273
Dec 12 2007 3:54PM
i got 92 without breaathing
Dec 10 2007 10:57PM
Dec 10 2007 10:56PM
this game is awsome:)
Dec 10 2007 7:46PM
108 and this game is FLIPPING COOL!!!!!!!!
Dec 9 2007 6:26PM
i got 33 wit my foot
Dec 9 2007 1:29PM
i rule!!!!!!!
Dec 9 2007 1:29PM
i got 152
Dec 4 2007 5:36PM
sweet game only if you had to get killed in it insted of dojing the spikes
Dec 2 2007 10:26PM
sweet game
Dec 2 2007 8:00PM
now my high score was 254
Nov 27 2007 9:14PM
i got 133
Nov 25 2007 10:13AM
i got 555555555555552 ...... just kidding!!!!! lol
Nov 24 2007 9:36AM
i only got 134
Nov 23 2007 11:56AM
wow this game is cool !
Nov 21 2007 11:25AM
Nov 17 2007 8:14PM
this game is really fun. i dodged 226 spikes one day...but i had been playing for hours so i was in the zone! the only thing i dont like is that there are no nice comments. i would have a tiny bit nicer complement every 100 spikes dodged like, my cousin plays better than you and he has an astigmatism, at least!
Nov 9 2007 8:50AM
god55555555 you lia!
Nov 9 2007 8:49AM
Me as jacobmon dodged 195!!!!!!!
Nov 5 2007 4:39PM
winners dont use drugs???? jajaja i dogje 32
Nov 5 2007 7:15AM
22 ;( they kill me quick
Oct 29 2007 6:24PM
I Love This game
Oct 19 2007 1:58PM
455 is mine.
Sep 22 2007 12:35PM
Sep 8 2007 11:44AM
i dodge 247
Aug 26 2007 11:49AM
i got 26 wit my foot
Aug 25 2007 4:28PM
god55555555 is a big fat liar
Aug 25 2007 4:20PM
i got 236
Aug 24 2007 11:45PM
this game is the best!!! : ]
Aug 17 2007 2:18PM
i got 95738
Aug 17 2007 8:16AM
i got 66
Aug 3 2007 1:35PM
Jul 25 2007 2:12PM
this game is awesome!