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Jan 21 2015 3:23PM
i know exactly how many degrees to shoot @ #cpu!
Jan 21 2015 3:22PM
lol me too!
Jul 10 2012 7:35PM
Mar 17 2012 1:15PM
Oh my god,I got the computer three times in the head!Did he die?No!My sixth shot was a chest shot!That killed him
Feb 16 2012 9:21AM
can you see the real me
Feb 16 2012 9:20AM
rise my big one
Jan 18 2012 1:20AM
i got a head shot
Nov 26 2011 7:19PM
Aug 4 2011 4:09PM
this game is still awsome
Aug 4 2011 10:40AM
this rules
Apr 13 2011 10:28PM
This game can piss you off some times if u keep messing up and cant get a shot in lol
Feb 18 2011 4:41PM
this game is so friken easy!!!
Dec 21 2010 8:30PM
Sep 21 2010 10:31PM
if u want a hat go on settings check only "show index" and "critical hit" and vitality "1" then go to bird hunting and shoot at 90 and power 100 and then it will hit a bird and land on ur head and do it again to look like a monster hunter............
Aug 26 2010 2:21AM
this is cool and suckes
Aug 17 2010 11:37AM
Aug 13 2010 11:08AM
@Spiderwick9110, It's an okay game, But all you do is throw bows at other stick people. throw bows at birds for no aparent reason. But hey, It's a GOOD game
Aug 7 2010 11:33PM
cool game, i shoot the enemy head like headshot
Aug 2 2010 2:05PM
this is sso cool
Jun 17 2010 10:16PM
i shoot birds with wind it flies back with the arow stuk throw it it hits me!
May 24 2010 10:58PM
1st commet no one called it. in all 133 people before mes faces.
May 20 2010 12:13AM
May 5 2010 9:05PM
so cool!!
Mar 13 2010 10:13PM
sick game
add me
Mar 13 2010 2:20PM
I can't believe I got shot in the balls!
Mar 8 2010 9:20PM
man thiz iz the bomb
Mar 5 2010 7:24PM
Feb 26 2010 12:48PM
lol same
Feb 26 2010 12:06PM
ya i like killing birds
Feb 26 2010 10:28AM
this game is ok kinda fun it can get boring sometimes to
Feb 8 2010 5:34PM
Feb 8 2010 5:33PM
Feb 8 2010 5:32PM
:P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P :P
Feb 8 2010 5:31PM
Feb 8 2010 5:29PM
:v -_- ;)
Feb 7 2010 10:00PM
same here thats tight
Feb 4 2010 9:15PM
I shot and killed him and before he died he shot an arrow at me and killed me!!
Jan 21 2010 10:48AM
werry fun game :)
Jan 18 2010 1:37PM
i killed them with one hit becuse a get head shot!! ha ha
Jan 14 2010 9:48AM
ha ha killed him in 3 shots :)
Jan 7 2010 7:22PM
This game deserves 5/5 and to be spread everywhere+check out my profile plz
Jan 1 2010 11:30AM
stupid bird fell on my head!!!!! DATTEBAYO!!! lolaemo
Jan 1 2010 11:16AM
This game is so darn fun
Dec 29 2009 4:40PM
shot him in the legs 27 times but would not DIE!!!
Dec 23 2009 2:08PM
there is a bow man 3 all the way to 10 on
Nov 29 2009 6:46PM
How do I Change my pic
Nov 29 2009 6:45PM
AH THERE'S A BIRD IN MY HEAD lol good game there should be a bow man 3
Nov 24 2009 7:18AM
i love this game:)
Nov 22 2009 1:15PM
best game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!! if only the gyt couldmove and ilke sk8ter13580 said i shuld hve an online version
Nov 22 2009 12:58PM
this game is awesome it would be better if u could play online together like territory war go to that website it is awesome no spaces
Nov 12 2009 7:22PM
This game rocks!
Nov 1 2009 4:28AM
i agree with most people. this is a great game.
Oct 22 2009 4:59PM
super tight! i shot 1 up his butthole!
Oct 19 2009 9:46AM
good game
Oct 13 2009 9:45PM
mabye i should delete bowman 2
Oct 13 2009 9:44PM
this game is the best ever!!!
Oct 13 2009 5:46PM
i could play the bird hunt for hours...
Oct 8 2009 10:19PM
Love the game! Check out my profile its beast! lmao
Oct 5 2009 6:44PM
me to
Oct 3 2009 9:38PM
i love this game it rocks
Sep 30 2009 8:04PM
dude i hit 2 birds wit same arow
Sep 29 2009 5:28PM
i hit like 7 birds
Sep 23 2009 9:48PM
i never got hit once
Sep 8 2009 8:09PM
this game is so easy in two player mode
Aug 15 2009 11:16PM
LOL shot the dude in the ankles the heart and the head
Aug 13 2009 5:53PM
hahahahaha i know a cheat that u can get shot as many times and u dont die and then i shot the guy like 50 times in the body and once in the head and he didnt die i love this game
Aug 11 2009 5:33PM
fun game
Aug 8 2009 5:47PM
it fun but a little boring
Aug 6 2009 4:44AM
Aug 1 2009 12:08AM
i swear i shot him in da balls 3 times non stop and he died
Jul 28 2009 9:02AM
i shot this dude in the neck and he wouldnt die so i shot his ass again then he bled to death
Jul 25 2009 2:09PM
this game is cool but i dont get it
Jul 19 2009 12:34AM
game is addicting >.>
Jul 14 2009 9:37AM
LOL!!! i got 1 goose and 2 birds at once lol
Jul 7 2009 3:39PM
yay i got two geese at once and they landed on his head
Jul 4 2009 3:46PM
i got him in the head 2 times and right thugh hist legs :))
Jul 1 2009 1:36PM
omg i just hit the guy in the heart that was sick
Jul 1 2009 1:34PM
ive been playin this game eversince and it never gets boring!
Jun 21 2009 10:53PM
play ren & stempy hoek under shooting games you can shoot a flaming chicken or a flaming watermelon
Jun 21 2009 8:48PM
emienem rocks
Jun 19 2009 5:39PM
this game is very ****in alsome **** head
Jun 13 2009 7:06PM
OMG i hit one bird then when the aroow was coming down it hit 2 other birds it looked so funny
Jun 12 2009 4:11PM
wait a minute never mind i was just so used to playing the arrow of time and i was only clicking around the little guy
Jun 12 2009 4:08PM
i've played it on other sites and loved it, but thebird hunting doesnt work here the game window is too small to shoot up with enough force to actually hit a bird, i only got up to 20%
May 31 2009 6:35PM
lol to this game.
May 2 2009 8:35PM
Apr 29 2009 5:11PM
awsome game but i was in bird hunter big bird came and pooped on me
Apr 25 2009 4:54PM
its awsome i don't no what you are talking about chriswill
Apr 13 2009 5:32PM
it sucks ****
Mar 20 2009 9:00PM
i shot it up and up and it took 2 birds down! also i shot 1 bird and another one got hit!
Mar 18 2009 12:26AM
I Shot a ****ing bird and it got stuck on my head
Mar 14 2009 3:21PM
in bird hunting i shot 2 birds together
Mar 8 2009 6:59PM
Feb 22 2009 6:13PM
sorry meant to put "and it"
Feb 22 2009 6:12PM
lol i was in bird hunting and i shot an arrow up in the air and a couple seconds later and came down and took a bird with it lol! good game 4/5
Jan 28 2009 5:51PM
Jan 20 2009 7:51AM
this game is fun but gets boring after awhile
Jan 19 2009 2:59PM
Jan 13 2009 6:01PM
this game is kool but wierd =P
Jan 7 2009 6:13PM
Jan 7 2009 6:13PM
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Dec 22 2008 7:22PM
nevermind that first comment by me, this game is pretty kool
Dec 21 2008 7:29PM
i like this game but its kinda hard
Dec 13 2008 1:05PM
i'll be ur friend!! :P haha ju
Dec 5 2008 11:36PM
does any1 wanna be friends
Nov 16 2008 12:21PM
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Nov 16 2008 11:55AM
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Nov 11 2008 10:42AM
i love this!
Oct 31 2008 8:12AM
this game rocks its almost the only game i play
Oct 21 2008 5:22PM
this game is awesome i love the bird hunting
Sep 24 2008 3:08PM
cool game
Sep 21 2008 1:00PM
vary fun game i give it a 10 out of 10 bows in real life are easer
Sep 1 2008 5:39PM
one word dume
Aug 30 2008 3:01AM
Aug 24 2008 11:00PM
now i keep geting every type stuck in my head and im shooting geese in there but
Aug 23 2008 6:41PM
in bird hunting i got three gesse stuck to my head
Aug 6 2008 5:41PM
have you ever shot 4 birds
Aug 5 2008 11:14PM
I luv the headshots
Jul 26 2008 12:49AM
this game at it's best is when it's a human vs. a human, and the people are REALLY close. because then it's easier to nail people and make them bleed. A LOT. XD
Jul 24 2008 11:40AM
i shot the guy in the nuts the it looked like he was peeing out blood
Jul 15 2008 2:56PM
i shot myself in the head like 20 times in bird hunting
Jun 27 2008 8:27PM
Jun 26 2008 6:42PM
this game is so awesome
Jun 25 2008 11:24AM
Jun 13 2008 3:20PM
This game is awesome!
Jun 6 2008 9:16PM
Jun 3 2008 4:42PM
I agree wiht Fizzy, this game needs crossbows. That would make t even better. But even without crossbows it's still a neat game.
Jun 2 2008 10:06PM
Jun 1 2008 7:28PM
Crossbows!!! It needs crossbows!!
May 29 2008 6:29PM
this is awsome
May 19 2008 7:41PM
This game is pretty fun...but,... i agree with motor mouth
May 18 2008 5:57AM
shud b a 3rd-with animal hunting! and storms 4 the settings also and war.
Mar 31 2008 6:05PM
its cool....and just needs more blood......
Feb 12 2008 9:29PM
This game is awsome
Feb 12 2008 4:33PM
i love birdhunt
Feb 3 2008 7:16PM
this is ok game
Dec 15 2007 1:51PM
**** this **** man
Dec 10 2007 10:28PM
thats bull **** u cant kill 15 birds with one arow u liying sack of ****
Dec 9 2007 1:58PM
i killed 15 birds with 1 arrow
Nov 7 2007 7:08PM
this game is wack but i cant beat it!!!!
Nov 4 2007 2:16PM
I killed 3 with a arrow, while it was comin down
Oct 21 2007 2:08PM
that was sooo COOOOL!!!
Oct 11 2007 9:50PM
i killed 400 birds
Aug 21 2007 8:35PM
i like this game to much lol
Aug 16 2007 3:01PM
The birdhunt was hilariously fun! but theres one thing I dont get. I shot the computer right inthe forehead but he didn't die! I mean c'mon, a headshot IS A ONE SHOT KILL!
Aug 16 2007 11:17AM
I shot 8 birds with 1 arrow! :o
Aug 10 2007 9:58AM
ill destroy any 1 at dis game
Aug 2 2007 4:12PM
Jul 12 2007 8:51PM
that rock man
Jun 25 2007 12:24AM
this game rocks
Jun 22 2007 4:51PM
This is a cool game.
Jun 22 2007 4:51PM
this is cool. i beated my sister every time except for 1 time.
Jun 9 2007 10:53AM
shoot those birds!