by Enkord

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Mar 16 2011 1:30PM
this games sucks it was fun at 1st 4 like a min
Jan 15 2011 10:24PM
frikin civillians keeps wandering around
Dec 9 2009 6:12PM
Dec 9 2009 6:12PM
u two dudes that like this game u guys are duchebags
Nov 10 2009 7:44PM
you all are douchebags this game is good.
Sep 22 2009 1:08AM
WTF were they thinking it's a terrible game OMG it sucks 0/10 :(
Aug 19 2009 11:14AM
i like it but its well the graphics isnt good and why wuld they put civalans out side dont u think they would stay indoors 1/10
Jun 26 2009 7:56PM
this game sucks
May 9 2009 10:01PM
sucks monkey ****
Jan 1 2009 10:42PM
this games sucks ass
Sep 3 2008 1:04PM
terrible and a waste of time
Aug 27 2008 2:56PM
so boring
Aug 7 2008 11:17AM
1 of the worst games ive played
Oct 27 2007 6:52PM
wat kind of fag game is this i played for 10 seonds and i thought it was gay do better i can make this game in like 10 min
Jun 21 2007 1:44AM
this suckz dont bother playing