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Jan 14 2012 3:36PM
friday the 13th is what it is because in Greek mythology 13 was an unlucky number because there were 12 gods and goddesses and 13 was deviant from that so to correct you it wasn't people in the middle ages who were bored.
Jan 13 2012 5:48PM
1st comment :)

Friday the 13th post

All superstitions for friday the 13th are fake....they dont mean what if a cat croses ur path... if u tip over the saltshaker
it doesnt matter. ppl in the middle ages were bored as hel back then so they come up with stupid stuff and preety soon its believeable
main point ALL superstitions are fake past present and future ones
Their fake as much as 2012,alieans.ufos. bigfoot, loch ness monster etc
:) :) :) :)
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