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Oct 14 2018 2:01PM
I broke my monitor :)
Jan 4 2018 7:54PM
di ck
Jan 4 2018 7:54PM
i love ****
Dec 20 2016 5:57PM
This was just a straight up BLAST to play, reminds me of windows ME. (hehe)
Oct 25 2016 8:47PM
This is me after using Windows Vista.. XD :P
Oct 4 2016 9:16PM
400 hits
Oct 4 2016 9:13PM
very fun game
May 3 2015 2:43PM
REALLY great game for finals week! lol
Apr 10 2015 6:25PM
my dog humped the lava wait jumped the lava lol gayyyyy
Dec 16 2014 7:49AM
Hey do you play Earn to Die 3 ? The best zombie game for me //furg. net/earn-to-die-3/ .. Im addicting :D
Nov 23 2014 10:20AM
I love this game !
Play more awesome games on !
Sep 16 2014 6:51PM
Aug 3 2014 1:49PM
I'm on Ubuntu, on an iMac...
Jul 8 2014 5:52PM
I did it till I got to 2486. :d
Feb 20 2014 8:05AM
make sure to see my profile
Feb 20 2014 3:15AM
i luv dis game XD
Jan 13 2014 8:38PM
I had way more fun than I should have.
Oct 25 2013 9:01AM
@elijah101 Go die, You stupid b****.
Oct 4 2013 6:48PM
it says love has rainbows
Oct 3 2013 5:58PM
the score i got was 46,679 in total. i just held tab to select the part i wanted to
bash, and then i took a tiny thing like a stamp, and put that on the enter key.
then i balanced a ten pound weight on that and put the keyboard on a chair.
then i waited a couple of hours and my score was 46,679.
Jun 17 2013 5:33PM
this gets my anger out.... even though i want to do this to my computer!!!
Mar 28 2013 12:23PM
BORING as s***
Mar 23 2013 6:15PM
why play this dumb game when you can do it for real?!?! (JOKE!!!)
Mar 19 2013 6:51PM
now i like this game because when i get older when my computer move slow thats what i am going to do
Mar 2 2013 12:50PM
so fun
nbox me your number so we can text.

Leave number here :
Feb 24 2013 2:14PM
funny as
Feb 16 2013 9:06PM
Should of had an iMac.
Feb 16 2013 1:12AM
I wish I could do this to my school's computers, they are SOO Slow!
Feb 9 2013 5:30PM
this game is cool as hell
Dec 26 2012 2:43PM
love this game it helps me get all my anger out when im pissed off lol
Nov 16 2012 11:45PM
i love this game HALLELUJEERRR lol
Nov 7 2012 3:28PM
Aug 25 2012 7:06PM
this ish justt epic :D
Aug 5 2012 5:45AM
Jul 12 2012 1:19AM
i love this game ever time i fell like punching my laptopn i come to this game and how ever made this game thank you
Jul 6 2012 8:47PM
why is this stupid game sooo fun ??
Jun 14 2012 9:25AM
Where The Speakers At??(=
May 31 2012 11:11PM
its 11:11!!!
May 31 2012 11:11PM
May 25 2012 9:55PM
what? YOU DONT LOVE ME!? :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( (: :( :( :( :( :( :(
:( :( :(
May 25 2012 9:53PM
May 25 2012 9:52PM
I have :* for u JJ ! :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :* :*
May 25 2012 9:50PM
May 25 2012 9:50PM
? why does it do that? I
May 25 2012 9:49PM
May 20 2012 2:38PM
May 9 2012 2:57PM
Mwahaha this is what you get computer!!
Apr 29 2012 3:22PM
Apr 28 2012 11:31AM
When you smash the keyboard a few times, the desktop disappears
and the windows 95/98 old blue screen of death appears
If done again, it makes the bsod disappear then desktop appears with an error!

Remember: bsod = blue screen of death
Apr 24 2012 7:53PM
This is a good game to keep me busy lol
Apr 23 2012 7:55AM
really super fun game!!!!!anywaz hey guz pls add me!!!!! :D
Apr 15 2012 9:33PM
awsome super fun GAME
Apr 14 2012 9:57PM
if you hunt demons messssage me
Apr 12 2012 9:52PM
took me 186 hits to break it. if you smash the tower first it goes to the blue screen or the no input screen
Apr 8 2012 11:34AM
old computer. i used to have one like that
Apr 8 2012 11:33AM
just kidding it has a point but its unknown
Apr 8 2012 9:29AM
i accidently broke my computer
Mar 17 2012 11:26PM
dictionary pg. 123: beat up ur pc means: FCKIN POINTLESS
Mar 3 2012 8:39PM
beat the computer hahahahaha
Feb 16 2012 2:54PM
2nd Comment EVER! :D
Feb 5 2012 4:44PM
A+ perfect mix of wierd and awsome!!
Jan 22 2012 11:33AM
I love this game i always play this when my computer laggs
Jan 10 2012 8:37PM
Vagata what does the pc say about the number of hits you made
"IT'S OVER 9000 !!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jan 8 2012 12:18PM
The third time you plat it, it gets old...... :I
Dec 23 2011 2:45PM
dont hit f5 it just restarts the game
Dec 21 2011 10:35PM
Add Me!! Cuz Im A Man Lol LOok at my username
Dec 21 2011 5:39AM
Dec 3 2011 3:25PM
Dec 1 2011 1:00PM
i got up to 202 and it was s**t
Nov 24 2011 3:49PM
this game rocks id play it f***en 24 -7
Nov 4 2011 10:45PM
that computer is OOOLLLDDD
Oct 29 2011 11:07PM
awesome stress reliver
Oct 15 2011 4:49PM
If you think about it, this game is pointless LOL
Oct 9 2011 10:17PM
i went all the way up to 1047 that was so much fun bt at the same time u r gettin out all the feelins of wantin yo punch somebody
Sep 24 2011 6:11PM
Aug 6 2011 4:14PM
I've never had so much fun beating up a computer
Aug 6 2011 2:46PM
#863 comment i dont why or when this commet started cause i was on this for 4 years and al of a sudden this happen'd wtf?
Aug 6 2011 2:44PM
this game is related to my computer i slamed it on the ground and went on my roof with it and slamed it on the road XD XO XD XO XD
Aug 4 2011 3:01PM
funny 5/5 stars
Aug 2 2011 9:31PM
Jul 21 2011 6:54PM
whoooo! comment #859!
Jul 18 2011 3:19PM
I REALLY want to do this to my cell phone!
Jul 14 2011 12:16PM
I sometimes want to do this to my real computer!!
Jul 9 2011 5:00PM
i really did that to my pc it was so painfull
Jul 8 2011 2:12PM
sometimes i feel like beating the crap out of my computer... lol :)
Jul 4 2011 5:36PM
Wow, this guy bought a like 1111$ computer and he wants to break it because of the printer
Jul 2 2011 3:15PM
wierd but fun game :) I liked it.
Jun 28 2011 7:05PM
this game is ausome
Jun 26 2011 3:09PM
sooo fun get mad at ur pc and beat it up! rock on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 24 2011 5:04AM
1036 HITS!!!!
Jun 24 2011 4:58AM
Lol this game is pretty cool! :D
Jun 22 2011 10:38PM
Jun 22 2011 8:15PM
i like this game it's funny.
Jun 11 2011 1:05PM
Jun 11 2011 12:08PM
i done 1001!
i cant belive i was bothered to press ''repair'' 3 times!
lov this game! its good to express ur anger!
i was about to hit my computer!
add it to favorites every1!
Jun 8 2011 3:27PM
227 hits suckas!!!
Jun 8 2011 12:50PM
THis Game is Funny..Good For Letting Out ANGER!:)
May 24 2011 1:26AM
i beat the **** outta my pc aha it gets kinda borin tho! MESSAGE ME!
May 23 2011 7:03PM
:/ Can We All AGREE That There Is No Cheats So You Should Not Be Swearing When There Could Be A Little Kid Reading This But You Wouldnt Know Bc All You Care Is Putting A ****ing Cap In Their Ass So THINK About WHta You Say Next Time Please For Me ???? Thanks Oh And I Know I Cussed In This Comment I Just Wanted To Get Yall Etention Bc I Know Yall Wouldn't Look If There Were No Stars
May 22 2011 3:37PM
maby how would you know?
May 18 2011 4:49PM

PS, i think the guy destroying the computer is chuck norris! :D
May 17 2011 5:20PM
( '.' )
May 17 2011 5:19PM
I did it in 160
May 1 2011 6:00PM
Add me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Apr 20 2011 2:38PM
It is fun but then it gets kinda boring
Apr 10 2011 8:02PM
i like beating up a virtal computer its fun :) :P :D
Apr 9 2011 9:14PM
MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH die i love invader zimm and gir lol
Apr 3 2011 12:14PM
i love this game
Apr 3 2011 12:22AM
h3y w0rld this game make me want to smack somone for real jk
Apr 2 2011 9:23PM
i know vheats to this game if u want them friend me and i will tell u :P
Apr 2 2011 9:01AM
woah kate teen how do u make tose little guys
Mar 30 2011 1:03PM
face: :) :( :o :D ;)
Mar 30 2011 1:02PM
i think i got 2000 somthing!! wow :) :)
Mar 14 2011 10:01PM
it took me 183 hits yay llove this game i use it on my fustrasion
Mar 10 2011 9:46PM
This guy must have real anger mangement issues lol love this game add me:)
Mar 9 2011 10:54PM
this was kinda fun
Feb 17 2011 12:16PM
Feb 17 2011 12:15PM
Feb 17 2011 12:15PM


Feb 17 2011 12:14PM
this is BORING!!!!
Feb 13 2011 8:23PM
Feb 12 2011 8:29PM
Awesome! The screen changes if you destroy the tower, or the keyboard first.
Feb 6 2011 1:16PM
dude it's flippin awesome! bam bam bam! yeah!!!
Feb 3 2011 6:59PM
to bad i cant do this to my computer but its close enough
Feb 2 2011 5:08PM
Feb 2 2011 5:00PM
i luv this game
Jan 30 2011 7:09PM
I love this game!!!!!!!!! I DESTROYED it and repaired it and DESTROYED it again like 8 million times! Great game!:D 10/10
Jan 28 2011 7:04PM
hi ppl add me im awesome the game its ok 812th comment
Jan 18 2011 5:10PM
Jan 16 2011 6:23PM
the game is an all right game if you are bored and hate your computer this is a good way to blow of some steam but still after you destory the computer in the game it gets bored after you restart it so i would have to rate this 4/10 cause it is something that is fun the first time through
Jan 13 2011 3:08PM
poor computer
Jan 9 2011 3:50PM
Jan 8 2011 10:50PM
idve done the same thing if my computer pissed me off like that poor computer....
Jan 1 2011 2:15PM
Dec 30 2010 3:52AM
This game is awesome I was picturing my brothers face on the computer
Dec 29 2010 3:28PM
me like boom boom and smash shash
Dec 22 2010 1:34AM
love it rofil roflmao loll loll lol
Dec 12 2010 9:28AM
This game is lol funny!
Dec 11 2010 4:53PM
I got; 1101! i I rock !
Dec 11 2010 11:56AM
this is so damn ****in fun add me!
Dec 10 2010 4:25PM
awsome helps me get over my stupid slow computer!!!
Dec 3 2010 11:37AM
: D <: P <; < <(0-0)> $ O : P : L () | | D
Dec 3 2010 11:35AM
it takes 166 hits 4 it 2 be beat up the full way
Dec 3 2010 11:31AM
Dec 3 2010 11:30AM
Nov 27 2010 4:55PM
wha the fck r u talkin about u like seein kids getin hurt! r u a petifile rapist or somethin?sheesh
Nov 27 2010 3:11PM
dis game is awesome i like beting the fu ck out of it is so fun wen u like seeing kids get hurt. taoto lly awesome
Nov 17 2010 7:56PM
I Heart This Game!

Nov 13 2010 5:44PM
Beat the ****in **** out of that god damn Computer
Nov 12 2010 9:21AM
poor c :(
Nov 6 2010 10:33AM
booya 789th comment woot
Nov 2 2010 2:16PM
Nick is a folking b****
Oct 30 2010 11:46AM
10000000/10000000 i love this game and first comment no one called it !!!!!!!!!! oh this game is awsome
Oct 27 2010 10:29PM
dam dude chill
Oct 27 2010 5:18PM
at first i got 666 hits the 2nd time i feel sorry for it so i didt hurt it! lol
Oct 24 2010 8:50PM
lottts of funnn
Oct 21 2010 7:25PM
if u love this go to a carnival in canada you can pay 10 bucks they put a computer down and give u a sledge hammer HELL YA!
Oct 11 2010 7:22AM
i love this game
Oct 10 2010 9:58AM
Whenever my @#%!'n PC doesn't cooporate i boot this up and smash the piece of %#@ to bits!! NO MERCY!!!! 5/5
Sep 29 2010 7:32AM
this game is f***ing awsome
Sep 23 2010 6:28PM
its kool
Sep 11 2010 5:31PM
i pre-tend its justin beiver (beiber) face
Sep 11 2010 5:29PM
i luv dis game lol
Sep 8 2010 8:07PM
Need to come out with Beat Up Your Mac
Sep 8 2010 4:14PM
same for me! ugh
Sep 6 2010 2:01PM
Dude when ever my PC doesnt work or Im mad at it for not workin or sumthin like that I would love to beat up my PC!!! BTW i like this game it expresses my anger to when im mad at my PC 5/5
Aug 21 2010 4:01PM
awsome game
Aug 19 2010 6:06PM
i let it have it!
Aug 18 2010 1:18PM
158 i merched it
Aug 9 2010 12:51PM
i pwned the pc :D
Aug 7 2010 11:48PM
mi computer need to be lke dat cuz its stupid as h311
Aug 4 2010 9:59PM
i fell like hitting my on pc (personal computer ) *SMASHES COMPUTER* uh ohhhh my dad:OMG NOW I WILL KILL WITH U MY NUKE GUN *HUGE EXPLSION*
Aug 4 2010 4:17PM
this game stinks like poop
Aug 4 2010 3:28PM
i will destroy you!!!!!!!!
Aug 2 2010 7:24PM
Aug 2 2010 2:55PM
Finnaly i got revenge

yerf yuns mega chin
Jul 30 2010 6:58PM
500 i hit it 500 times cool :)
Jul 28 2010 5:58PM
i hit it 1260
Jul 22 2010 6:11PM
i got 1163 hits!
Jul 21 2010 5:40PM
wrong, it takes 157
Jul 18 2010 8:21PM
it takes 268 hits exactly
Jul 17 2010 4:17PM
Jul 16 2010 12:11PM
hi every body come to my channel and you will appaer rondomly
Jul 8 2010 5:38PM
fo a stupid game y is it sooo fun
Jul 8 2010 1:22PM
this game is crappy
Jul 7 2010 9:41PM
dis game is fun,i feel like destroying stuff....but everybody know if we do dat to out pc we will get in a heck of trouble.
Jul 7 2010 3:21PM
yay i got 11987 hits lol
Jul 7 2010 2:58PM
this game is so retarted. it is like the first game i have played that sucked so bad!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 6 2010 2:07PM
1 second i have a fully functional computer 5 seconds late it was hit more than 500'000 times
Jul 5 2010 5:57PM
3,879 hits.I have no life... ;)
Jun 30 2010 7:01PM
ihit the computer 1,336 times
Jun 28 2010 2:22PM
and he shouldn't have bought a dell they rule
Jun 28 2010 2:21PM
Jun 28 2010 9:45AM
its boring 1\1000000000
Jun 24 2010 10:24PM
i lost a lot of stress plaing this game
Jun 24 2010 8:20PM
my record is 1012hits in 4 mins.(trust me i used a stopwatch) try to beat it
Jun 17 2010 7:24AM
my record on this is 899 hits! add me plz and i pay ya (i think i have about twenty dollas
Jun 15 2010 5:07AM
Awesome!! How SH*T this guy ! Destroy his coomputer!!! I never thinking it
Jun 8 2010 4:34AM
Mybe he should of bought a Mac
Jun 4 2010 4:21PM
thats so fun lol
May 31 2010 10:10PM
May 30 2010 4:13PM
All that work for nothing....but its still SWEET lol
May 23 2010 1:37PM
AWESOME play it all the time 5/5
May 21 2010 6:18PM

May 20 2010 12:25AM
I love this cause when u are mad u can hit the computer!HAHA LOLZ
May 15 2010 11:08AM
wow, i think i just made a sparta remix out of this. SWEET!!!
May 12 2010 9:00PM
took me 190 hits
May 9 2010 3:07PM
i did 1800 hits no joke.
May 7 2010 10:09PM
friend request me
May 7 2010 5:35PM
1100 Hits..............
May 1 2010 11:01PM
this is retardedly boring
May 1 2010 3:32PM
May 1 2010 3:32PM
Apr 27 2010 10:58PM
this game is so fun
Apr 25 2010 6:50PM
Apr 24 2010 7:01PM
i freaken love it
Apr 23 2010 8:20PM
this is awesome i love it so much dont u
Apr 21 2010 9:26AM
this game is awsome
Apr 13 2010 9:58PM
:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
Apr 13 2010 9:57PM
:) :) :) :) ) :) :) :)
Apr 11 2010 6:47PM
cool game add me im new
Apr 7 2010 11:03AM
wow i had 18995 hits
Apr 7 2010 11:00AM
wow babygirl27 you have issues
Mar 27 2010 9:59PM
i smashed my computer now im useing the laptop
Mar 27 2010 9:58PM
there are no cheats
Mar 27 2010 1:49PM
You're Pretty much saying **** YOU ASS HOLE
Mar 20 2010 6:09PM
i was on for 2 hours and i got to 15000
Mar 19 2010 12:18PM
amazing stress reliever
Mar 19 2010 10:13AM
i was pratending it was my ex
Mar 18 2010 9:58PM
thats what i feel to do to my computer
Mar 14 2010 7:33PM
This game is fun when im mad!
Mar 12 2010 9:08PM
It made me feel better.
add me
Mar 12 2010 5:33PM
awesome game
Mar 6 2010 11:47PM
Mmmm yeah... this is what I really need to do, but harder... I already have cracks on my screen from me getting mad and yelling the heck out of my vocal cords and hitting it... ._.
Mar 6 2010 7:14PM
it made me feel better
Mar 6 2010 5:49PM
I 1s tok it dwn so hrd!
it's awsome game but cpu iz BULL CRAP!!
Mar 6 2010 4:31PM
This helped a lot when I realized I had deleted my essay the other day. :|
Mar 6 2010 6:15AM
****est game in the world do net go on this game EVER
Mar 3 2010 1:36PM
itz borin aftar you've found were ta smash , and everyone knowz the simple places there only are, found any more??
Mar 2 2010 12:54AM
he must really love his computer xD
Feb 24 2010 11:03PM
try to beat the score 3000
Feb 23 2010 4:52PM
awww look he loves his pc!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 22 2010 5:42PM
Feb 22 2010 3:05AM
this game kick ass man! !!! i would play this game all day but sometimes i get really bored but my score is 333,345,234,234, beat that suckerrrrr
Feb 21 2010 12:11AM
awsome ass game
Feb 16 2010 3:43PM
this game is fun i scored a 1100 and i dont see how he bet his up cause i cant do mine i forgot it's a game
Feb 16 2010 11:50AM
tis game is fun but it is very lagy
Feb 14 2010 9:29PM
i stopped @ 97600213 i was SO mad!! heeh XD
Feb 14 2010 4:13PM
I love this game my computer always lags freezes
Feb 14 2010 2:04PM
lawlz i got like a total of 540 xD
Feb 14 2010 12:24PM
304 hits yay
Feb 13 2010 6:48PM
this game is so freaken really is a stress releiver.
Feb 13 2010 1:36PM
that will be fun in real life but u will have to by a new one for about 900$
Feb 13 2010 1:46AM
that man hates his pc like me. mine freezes i thank it is cold
Feb 8 2010 4:10PM
I Like This Game!!!!!!
Feb 8 2010 8:05AM
the game is fun
Feb 7 2010 11:58PM
♥♥♥♥♥ I ♥ THIS GAME!!!
Feb 7 2010 6:42PM
Feb 6 2010 9:21PM
l l
___ l l ___
___ l l l l l l ___
l l l l l l l l l l
l l l l l l l l l l
Feb 5 2010 10:37PM
Feb 2 2010 8:45PM
Feb 2 2010 4:38PM
Feb 1 2010 4:57PM
i hade 3,691 hits
Jan 31 2010 4:08PM
sometimes this is what i want to do
Jan 30 2010 6:50PM
but dont do it to ur real cunputer LOL
Jan 30 2010 6:49PM
this game is a realy good way to take out ur anger
Jan 30 2010 4:59PM
hulk will smash it.......HULK SMASH!!!! lol
Jan 30 2010 9:58AM
Jan 29 2010 7:22PM
\ ( '_' ) /
\ l l /
l _ l
/ \
/ \

bunny wants a hug add me
Jan 29 2010 7:17PM
Jan 27 2010 3:53PM
this game is the reason why I need a new laptop.
poor broken screene, keyboard bashed laptop/
Jan 24 2010 10:53PM
This game F**KEN SUCKS!!!!!!
Jan 16 2010 6:36PM
this GAME IS SO DOPE:):)
Jan 16 2010 11:28AM
Jan 8 2010 5:41AM
whats so nice about beating your computer
Jan 7 2010 4:19PM
This is what I wish i could do to my comp check out my profile
Jan 1 2010 8:07PM
i love this game
Dec 30 2009 11:04PM
this game is the best
Dec 29 2009 10:48AM
i repair it evry 1000 hits
Dec 28 2009 4:59PM
i got 1025898 hits
Dec 28 2009 1:59PM
i stayed up all night playing and i got a score of 31,892
Dec 28 2009 9:25AM
all of you that think its gay get a life go outside and stop playing your computer.
great game
Dec 27 2009 4:49PM
i never even put another pc and i played for 5 hours straight....
Dec 27 2009 4:11PM
that much time!!!!!!!!
Dec 27 2009 4:11PM
12,659 hits.messed up typing
Dec 27 2009 4:11PM
this game is so fun that i lost track of time and got 21,659 hits!lol.
Dec 27 2009 10:05AM
i like this game
Dec 27 2009 5:45AM
Dec 27 2009 2:59AM
this is ****ing gay!
Dec 27 2009 12:07AM
sometimes i fell like beating up my old computer when i play this game. add me im new
Dec 26 2009 9:27PM
suck alot :(
Dec 24 2009 12:41PM
this game is so gay
Dec 24 2009 8:56AM
REYMEXICANO u dont gotta show off itz just a game
Dec 24 2009 8:55AM
dumb and retarded at the same time itz JINKZ
Dec 23 2009 9:50PM
Dec 21 2009 5:05PM
this game is
for people with
anger promblems
this game is STUPID
Dec 21 2009 4:56PM
Dec 21 2009 4:55PM
Dec 21 2009 1:02PM
this game is crap!ut it is gewd 4 peps with anger mangament!]
Dec 21 2009 12:10AM
gets boring fast
Dec 19 2009 4:35PM
Dec 19 2009 9:12AM
People who play this game has no life
Dec 18 2009 11:41PM
.....O.o wats the point of this game......all you do is **** up the computer
Dec 16 2009 8:03AM
this game is fun lol
Dec 13 2009 2:49PM
Dec 11 2009 4:36AM
hit 5000 yeah
i give this game a 5000 out of 5000
Dec 10 2009 6:12PM
2503 times yah!!!
Dec 10 2009 6:08PM
i hit my pc 1000 times
Dec 6 2009 3:22PM
Dec 6 2009 1:52PM
Dec 5 2009 10:26PM
i love dis game!!!!!!! <<<<<<<33333333
Dec 5 2009 7:57PM
bdog44 i agree nother reason to bash it up
Dec 5 2009 7:56PM
i play it when im pissed off at my pc :P
Dec 3 2009 10:47PM
i like to smash things so i like this game
Nov 29 2009 1:06PM
cool game!!!
Nov 29 2009 1:06PM
broke in 170 hits
Nov 28 2009 9:21PM
Nov 28 2009 7:38PM
Nov 28 2009 3:31PM
pc sucks macs better
Nov 27 2009 11:40PM
cool game
Nov 27 2009 7:02PM
add me as ur fan bc i would except u!1
Nov 27 2009 12:32PM
Lol wouldn't that hurt your hand? 0_o
Nov 26 2009 11:07PM
Nov 26 2009 7:56PM
pcs suck!
Nov 25 2009 6:02PM
i would want to do this to my old pc
Nov 24 2009 11:21AM
whenever i play this game i can't stop laughing . LOL damn funny
Nov 23 2009 7:36PM
sweet game add me im new
Nov 22 2009 4:13AM
9000000000000000 beat tht and i didnt repair it add me im cute
Nov 16 2009 6:18PM
i beat it up in 174 hits
Nov 16 2009 4:13PM
beat it in 162
Nov 14 2009 1:23AM
this game is fun
Nov 13 2009 2:22PM
11100 hits
Nov 11 2009 10:03AM
i hit it 1100 times
Nov 10 2009 11:47PM
this game takes your angur away
Nov 9 2009 8:59PM
this comment is a waste of your time.
Nov 8 2009 8:49PM
this game is crazy
Nov 8 2009 6:58PM
Nov 8 2009 6:58PM
this game is sick(=).
Nov 8 2009 5:58PM
this game takes all your anger away and is a fun but stupid game. :)
Nov 7 2009 12:44PM
lol this is for stupid ppl like my friend so he thought you really had 2 beat up his com and he did it lol he was in so much trouble hehehhe
Nov 7 2009 12:13PM
900,915,002 hits
Nov 5 2009 10:11PM
this game is so boring
i have seen rocks more interesting than this game
Nov 4 2009 6:43AM
This game is stupid but still fun
Nov 1 2009 4:57PM
this game is stuipd if u agree add me
Nov 1 2009 3:33PM
it gets every thing out all the anger
Nov 1 2009 1:10PM
Nov 1 2009 1:46AM
reminds me what i want to do with my old pc. ha ha ha ha ha ha.
Oct 28 2009 9:09PM
ps.i am game rater send me games to rate in my inbox
Oct 25 2009 7:57PM
this game is stuid
Oct 24 2009 4:49PM
the last comment is a show off
Oct 21 2009 10:22PM
LOL i should have an automatic mouse pusher lol yah i got 12000 SOOOOO tired lol as fast as I could WOOOOHOOOO
Oct 20 2009 8:43PM
O yea 1257 hits [i wuz bored]
Oct 20 2009 8:42PM
yo pplz add me you dont hav to cuz if u asked me 2 i wud be 2 lazy to answer so u can add me or not
Oct 19 2009 8:49PM
my total hits was 1600 hits plz commet me, send me a mesage,and be my friend plz do those stuff for me if ure online bye
Oct 17 2009 10:53AM
beat 119904537893 hits
Oct 17 2009 12:02AM
This game is the best beat up game ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Oct 13 2009 9:26PM
this game suxs but i play it to get all my anger out on the computer:-)
Oct 11 2009 10:08PM
die computer but not in real life
Oct 5 2009 9:36AM
LUV IT...........

Oct 4 2009 7:15PM
this game sux coxs its so ****ing a gay
Sep 27 2009 3:55PM
This game is so f ing boring piss drunk is better (*) (*)
Sep 25 2009 7:26PM
Sep 20 2009 2:51PM
this is a borin game
Sep 19 2009 10:42PM
game is ok
Sep 19 2009 4:43PM
Pink floyd, the wall part 3 is a good song for this game.
Sep 19 2009 12:47AM
Sep 17 2009 8:08PM
i did 4000 xD sucker!!!!!!!!!!
Sep 15 2009 9:29PM
coooooooooooooooool i can smack my pc lol add me
Sep 11 2009 5:02PM
cool game
Sep 7 2009 11:23PM
Sep 6 2009 10:42PM
Sep 6 2009 12:29AM
Sep 5 2009 9:51PM
ahhhhhhhhhhh! this makes no sense at all! BEAT IT DOWN TO CHINA TOWN!
Sep 3 2009 6:10PM
crap that is so easy i got 1,300 alove but my fingers hurt really, really bad i am waching suite life on deck it is my fav show rocks it is awsome not that many peaple like it but i thank it is so,so,so,so,so good

freind me please
Aug 31 2009 11:51PM
games funny
plz add me ppl
Aug 30 2009 6:25PM
801 in 5 mins
Aug 30 2009 1:40PM
that guy is on crack
Aug 28 2009 4:47PM
7654 think you can handle it?
Aug 27 2009 12:02AM
1102 hits in i dont know how many minutes
Aug 25 2009 9:38PM
Aug 23 2009 1:40AM
796 hits in 5 minutes

dum computer!

Aug 22 2009 10:21PM
HA t-bone47 i beat both you guys! i sat here for 30 minutes and got 6234. man my finger hurts! BEAT THAT!
Aug 22 2009 9:49PM
lol, if i had the money to buy another computer, this is what i'd be doing =]
Aug 21 2009 6:18PM
hey davidtheboy111 i did beat you i got 1944! BEAT THAT. :)
Aug 20 2009 9:05AM
I almost **** my pants laughing
Aug 17 2009 3:46PM
dude uber collness
Aug 17 2009 3:01PM
this game is great
Aug 17 2009 5:07AM
cool game it's also really fun
Aug 14 2009 2:40PM
1674 hits beat that! lol :) :D
Aug 14 2009 12:18AM
this game is a great way to get rid of stress its also f***in fun :D
Aug 13 2009 11:35AM
this game is fun
Aug 13 2009 9:37AM
i agree with you
Aug 12 2009 8:03PM
i agree with danaquilla4! also this game is pointless but fun!!!!
Aug 11 2009 2:58PM
Aug 11 2009 1:42PM
awesome this game ROX

friend me plz
Aug 11 2009 11:20AM
this game is awsome when my computer is acting like a piece of crap, and I need 2 get my anger out on something.
Aug 10 2009 9:46PM
heres a cheat right click and hit play when tower is destroyed hit play and he will hit it in a different way
Aug 9 2009 9:50PM
boring game
Aug 7 2009 11:18PM
great way 2 get out anger
Aug 7 2009 1:44PM
SO BORING,its so easy and lame,you just need to click,click,click.:0
Aug 5 2009 5:36PM
Boring.Add me Plz
Aug 5 2009 6:20AM
nice try bobby next time use a believable number
Aug 4 2009 8:11PM
Aug 2 2009 4:05PM
MZKEARA1 i can beat ur ****in gay ass score try n beat 900,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
Aug 2 2009 11:45AM
Aug 1 2009 5:17PM
this is awesome
Aug 1 2009 2:06AM
500000000000 hits
Jul 30 2009 2:58PM
whoo hoo samshed the pc right out of the white part
Jul 30 2009 11:24AM
300000 hits
Jul 28 2009 8:52PM
lol so funny but i cant seem to smash the keybord till it blows up
Jul 27 2009 11:56PM
this game frekin awsome
Jul 26 2009 7:33PM
Look man thats just disturbing, awsome game tho
Jul 26 2009 12:50PM
lol XD
Jul 25 2009 1:29PM
i hit it 10000 times
Jul 25 2009 1:02PM
yo uh tododile 1:ur names retarted.
2: i didnt send it 2 a vid and im still alive so.... ur just a low-life loser who tries to make pplz send crap out there so they can get there comps hacked
Jul 24 2009 3:27PM
LoL DuDe
Jul 23 2009 8:01PM
my fav game cuz i havent played the rest
Jul 23 2009 1:04PM
Jul 20 2009 9:26PM
dis **** is dumb as hell it aint got no meanin how the hell some of yall 15 an 16 years old enjoyin dis ****?
ds game is dumb as hell....
i mean u can take ur stress out on it but damn!!!!!!!!
Jul 20 2009 3:45PM
i like it
Jul 18 2009 8:14PM
its so you can understand what there saying its not to offend you
Jul 18 2009 12:09PM
miking why the t u taking that f-u-c-k-ing little thing about mexens b-i-t-c-h f-u-c-k u b-i-t-c-h
Jul 18 2009 12:03PM
in other woer
Jul 18 2009 12:02PM
miking why the r you taking that ****ing little thing about mexens b****

**** u b****
Jul 16 2009 5:44AM
this game is cool and it's like breaking your own computer
Jul 15 2009 2:36PM
lets u take out all ur anger on a virtual object without actually hurting anyone or thing
Jul 15 2009 2:30PM
THIS is fun nd since i just got a new computer (flat screen) i cant hit it because my old one wasn't flat screen
this is soo cool
Jul 14 2009 4:29PM
he should.
Jul 14 2009 2:49PM
hahah.that guys should get a apple computer.
Jul 14 2009 10:11AM
Haha thts funny cuz i beated the pc up 1004 times lolz i beated Yuz Haha :))
Jul 14 2009 9:19AM
173 hits after breaking everything!! beat that!!!! :D
Jul 13 2009 3:17PM
they sould have differnt weapons like a axe or chainsaw
Jul 13 2009 10:27AM
best dam game i ever played hell ya
Jul 12 2009 9:51PM
Jul 12 2009 12:50AM
Jul 12 2009 12:46AM
CCCCCCCCCOol get's boring after a while :)
Jul 11 2009 10:57PM
506th COMMENT! 50000006 hits yeah!
Jul 11 2009 2:17PM
I got 56,000,000,000,000,000,369 times! Beat that!
Jul 11 2009 10:58AM
504th comment...and 504 hits!
Jul 11 2009 9:58AM
i like this game
Jul 10 2009 5:37PM
Lol that was AWESOME!
Jul 9 2009 2:37PM
501st comment yah!
Jul 9 2009 12:11PM
i got 1212
Jul 8 2009 4:29PM
hey MZKEARA1 if thats true then 1 you have too much time on your hands and2 you need to get a life
Jul 8 2009 11:40AM
i hit 44,000,000,000,000,000 beat that
Jul 7 2009 5:26PM
I hit 3,000,000,000,000,000 beat that.
Jul 7 2009 4:14PM
Jul 7 2009 3:11PM
DIE computer die.
Jul 7 2009 10:08AM
i love this game oh and i hit it 2,000,000,000,000 beat that ha ha
Jul 6 2009 7:46PM
i love this game sure its pointless but its fun
Jul 6 2009 8:33AM
this is dumb pooonnnnit less
Jul 5 2009 5:26PM
491st comment... Really fun if you are aggravated at your computer... Sometimes you want to do this to your real computer and PC... It could have some more explosive stuff to it... But besides that it was great.

Jul 5 2009 2:15PM
My couzion actually did dat ta hiz comeputer and it waz AWSOME, it made mi LOL and ROTFL.
Jul 5 2009 1:36PM
its so f***ing pointless u beat up the omeputer big wiptey do!!?
Jul 5 2009 1:02AM
good sometimes i want to do to my pc ;)
Jul 4 2009 11:41AM
that games is AWSOME
Jul 3 2009 3:57PM
i think beat up your pc is awesome
Jun 29 2009 9:57PM
i kno right like wtf!
Jun 28 2009 11:00PM
there should be a sequal
Jun 28 2009 10:56PM
so easy and hand work try to beat 1000000 lol!!!!!! u cant beat that
Jun 27 2009 4:44PM
i just love this game
Jun 27 2009 12:26PM
beat thAT RETARTS I GOT 4999 HAHAHAHAHAHA LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 25 2009 10:49PM
it wont die
Jun 25 2009 10:47PM
so easy and hand work try to beat 1000000 lol!!!!!! u cant beat that
Jun 25 2009 3:43PM
this game is so boring and so easy.
Jun 25 2009 11:13AM
this game is so boring
Jun 25 2009 10:30AM
Jun 24 2009 9:57AM
i dont think so mandy!
Jun 23 2009 11:46PM
this is so much BORING
Jun 22 2009 11:15AM
my dad needs to try this game then he wont beat our real pc up!
Jun 22 2009 10:51AM
oh and that was with no repair
Jun 22 2009 10:50AM
1,000,000 hits

i get really bored
Jun 21 2009 1:36AM
i love this game!! total stress reliever!!! : D
Jun 19 2009 11:59PM
oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh awesome i got 311 hits in one minet
Jun 19 2009 5:23PM
Jun 17 2009 8:55PM
funnest and easiest game ever
1000000 hits with out repair
Jun 17 2009 11:38AM
finally i can take revenge on the computer that cost me my highscore......
Jun 16 2009 9:20PM
hahahaha koolist game ever
Jun 16 2009 12:33PM
Jun 15 2009 7:54PM
ah that s a joke
Jun 15 2009 7:53PM
i like looking at pron
Jun 15 2009 7:53PM
iam ****ing love this game
Jun 15 2009 7:50PM
this game rcks
Jun 15 2009 7:27PM
fun game
Jun 15 2009 11:45AM
this game rocks
Jun 14 2009 9:33PM
i thnk arnold schwartzenneger is the one hitting the pc
Jun 10 2009 3:52PM
this game is....
Jun 9 2009 7:12PM
you can go higher than 999 but i bet u can only go up to 10,000 because wat fas wrote would definly not fit on the screen so its settled
Jun 9 2009 12:51PM
wanna make love just clikc on my avatar !
Jun 8 2009 12:51AM
the highest you can actually get is 999 soo all you guys are lieing
Jun 4 2009 7:35PM
dangamer beat this 999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,999,9999 thousand hits
Jun 1 2009 8:42PM
Iwis could elly do this to my computer but then i wouldnt have anything to do sooo
May 31 2009 4:48PM
Oh yeah, beat this
4,848 Hits
May 30 2009 10:24PM
yeah right jcumm

beat this suckers

May 30 2009 12:17AM
beat 456,456,456,123,3452543,235632,52634654,6646456436743,64747476346,4563646,54634654636,3563,634656,3634563,4563456,cghjgs btches.
May 30 2009 12:08AM
beat 6 thousand times suckers
May 29 2009 10:53PM
This computer is dumb as heck but it is fun though. Lol. It is also funny as heck. Who can just beat up a computer like that? That is crazy funny.
May 28 2009 11:08AM
my computer so sloy no i kicked the computers ass
May 25 2009 1:44PM
1211 hits
May 24 2009 11:58PM
What an awesome game!
May 24 2009 2:02AM
LOL!!!1000 hits!!
May 23 2009 5:25PM
it gets stress and madness out YAY!
May 22 2009 11:37AM
May 22 2009 3:12AM
May 16 2009 10:47PM
i think he took that quite well
May 16 2009 5:52PM
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
May 16 2009 5:49PM
can any 1 bet me hi score bet no 1 can
May 16 2009 5:41PM
in 2hrs bet that
May 16 2009 5:40PM
May 16 2009 5:39PM
hit it over 999,999,999,999,999,999
May 16 2009 3:25PM
a gd way to get rid of stress and anger .. but if your angry try not to beat up your accully computer! lol
May 15 2009 6:22PM
I once beat up my pc once!
May 14 2009 8:53PM
I can make music
May 14 2009 8:51PM
I got 1 hit beat that peoples
May 13 2009 9:33PM
This Comment Is For The Game Beat Up Your PC and The Reason Why i Like It Because There a Computer in It and A Arm and Hand in It Beating It Up and PC Gets Brokens and Even The Disk
May 12 2009 9:14PM
omg its very funny and also will release ur stress into calm rexasation
May 11 2009 12:10PM
this game was a waste of my time
May 9 2009 1:54PM
2000 hit
add me
May 9 2009 9:43AM
1000,000000,00000000,0000000,0000,0000 BEAT DAT
May 6 2009 9:45PM
May 6 2009 6:40PM
this game is so funy
May 3 2009 6:02PM
Apr 27 2009 7:39PM
i love this game
Apr 23 2009 6:45PM
this is a pretty B..A GAME
Apr 22 2009 11:14PM
this game really realives ur stress and it is awesome dude
Apr 22 2009 4:14PM
pretty cool
Apr 19 2009 2:28PM
that messag he's writing at the beginning says things like "Santi has an iron ass" and "if you are reading this, you have no life."
Apr 19 2009 9:43AM
the second word is hit i mess up
Apr 19 2009 9:42AM
i hti it 200000 i got really mad at someone to day so i killed the computer!!! Now fell great!!!! Add me people
Apr 18 2009 5:37PM
ahahhaa love it:}
Apr 17 2009 1:22AM
i always play this game when im stressed,mad and sumtimes i feel like smashin my pc
Apr 16 2009 12:06PM
Apr 15 2009 12:54PM
I know the pain of how computers do that
Apr 13 2009 11:07PM
sumtims i fel lik doing this
Apr 13 2009 12:58PM
i hit the pc 1298 x
Apr 12 2009 10:52PM
how do u make Bob Cwikers???????
Apr 12 2009 7:30PM
this what happens when i get a virus
Apr 11 2009 10:57PM
i plyed for a long good time and i got 300000000000 hits
Apr 11 2009 1:55PM
i played it for a couple of minets, then it got boring
Apr 10 2009 8:54PM
it relives stress!!!!!!!!! lol it a new type of anger management class
Apr 10 2009 2:12AM
press tab and then when u see a yellow box press enter or return and he will hi super fast
Apr 7 2009 10:16PM
ya it is a perfact anger management game it's also a good computer mashing
Apr 7 2009 8:56PM
Apr 7 2009 7:03PM
Apr 6 2009 8:42PM
perfect anger management game
Apr 6 2009 3:24PM
Apr 5 2009 12:11PM
beast game
Apr 4 2009 8:50PM
igot 20090
Apr 4 2009 12:32PM
this guy has very bad issues
Apr 3 2009 1:30PM
its fun i love it
Apr 2 2009 4:06PM
talk about anger
Mar 26 2009 6:27PM
i broke all of it :]
Mar 24 2009 8:02PM
this game is awesome!!!!
Mar 23 2009 3:03PM
Wooo!! My score was 53,765. My fingers are so tired.
Mar 22 2009 9:03PM
that game is funny!! Sometimes i feel like doing that to my computer
Mar 21 2009 10:06AM
OH helll yeah this game is awsome especally when your mad at someone it's really fun just to smach the whole thing!!!!!
Mar 18 2009 7:27AM
Mar 16 2009 7:03PM
Hehe I beat up the old pc (laptops are the new ****)

AH I hate chain mail.
Mar 13 2009 3:15PM
this is fun i got the computer like a million times

add me im awsome
Mar 11 2009 5:10PM
you should do this if you hate your computer. LoL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 9 2009 3:49PM
Mar 8 2009 3:52PM
this game is whack
Mar 8 2009 7:05AM
Hey insane8894 did you really get 955678765987?
Mar 8 2009 7:03AM
My score was 1102 beat that!
Mar 7 2009 8:19PM
beat it up do not stop
Mar 6 2009 7:15PM
wat the hell that game is so danm dum and retarted but it do take anger out
Mar 6 2009 7:08PM
It takes anger out.LOL!
Mar 3 2009 5:22PM
955678765987 ****as =D
Feb 25 2009 7:33PM
this game madddddd funn !!!
Feb 23 2009 10:07PM
fun i like it
Feb 22 2009 12:14PM
i want to beat my pc up right now
Feb 21 2009 10:10AM
so fun
Feb 16 2009 7:32PM
check out my site
Feb 16 2009 6:23PM
Feb 16 2009 4:11PM
thisgame is dumb
Feb 13 2009 5:49PM
Feb 12 2009 5:42AM
369th comment ha ha ha ha ha ha
Feb 12 2009 5:40AM
Feb 8 2009 5:52PM
this game has no point
Feb 8 2009 5:52PM
i just got 29,836,849 for plaining for 7 hours
Feb 8 2009 5:48PM
its still fun and this is what i want to do to my friends pc
Feb 8 2009 4:41PM
i love this game but.........i don't get it?????????????????
Feb 8 2009 11:44AM
pc i mean....
Feb 8 2009 11:44AM
i fell that way bout my cp
Feb 7 2009 11:47AM
Feb 3 2009 3:47PM
Feb 1 2009 3:14PM
lol lol lol this games is awesome
Feb 1 2009 8:41AM
Feb 1 2009 8:40AM
Feb 1 2009 5:05AM
Jan 31 2009 3:11PM
i cant tell u how many times i wanted to do this to my pc
Jan 29 2009 11:39PM
Loving this game totally one of my favorites!!!!! NO STRESS!Take it out on the computer!!
Jan 29 2009 3:35PM
hey this game is so funnnnnnnnn
Jan 25 2009 3:50PM
7687669865657440 beat that u ***** lickers and cock suckers
Jan 23 2009 4:13PM
900001 beat that u cock suckers
Jan 22 2009 7:49PM
900000 beat that sukas
Jan 22 2009 5:53PM
i feel like doing this to my pc sometimes
Jan 21 2009 6:23PM
Jan 19 2009 4:13PM
awesome game!!!
Jan 18 2009 1:31PM
10000 :) My bestest score
Jan 16 2009 11:50PM
wow this game is awsome
Jan 11 2009 5:38PM
i don't know about this game sometimes this game is gay and other times it's cool or it just sucks ass
Jan 11 2009 11:49AM
funny =) sometimes i want to do that to my computor!!! >=(
Jan 10 2009 12:00PM
Jan 6 2009 9:39AM
i love this game
Jan 3 2009 11:53PM
i want to do this to mah computer sometimes lol
Jan 3 2009 4:49PM
it shucks
Jan 1 2009 10:08PM
BORRING!! well, i guess it is sorda okay.
Jan 1 2009 7:04PM
dude i got 5000000000000 it took me a week to do all of this. man my eyes hurt.
Dec 30 2008 9:06PM
i dont get the point
Dec 30 2008 6:01PM
try to beat 14,600
because that is my high score.
Dec 29 2008 10:01PM
i feel like doin that to my computer
Dec 29 2008 12:44PM
not kiding i syayed up all night doing it
Dec 29 2008 12:43PM
try to beat 1200000
Dec 29 2008 7:15AM
Dec 28 2008 9:36PM
Dec 28 2008 7:12PM
i pity the fool
Dec 28 2008 7:11PM
beat 1003
Dec 28 2008 3:46PM
1567... u got pwnd
Dec 27 2008 10:27PM
678 beat that!
Dec 26 2008 11:15PM
Dec 26 2008 4:41PM
418 BEAT THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 26 2008 11:35AM
411 beat that
Dec 24 2008 7:26PM
163 hits
Dec 24 2008 4:14PM
I got 163, so beat that suckers! Weed it and Weep!
Dec 24 2008 4:12PM
I got 169, so beat that suckers! Weed it and weep!
Dec 24 2008 2:10PM

Dec 24 2008 2:08PM
Killed it with 179

Dec 24 2008 12:14PM
I beat it with 174
Dec 24 2008 9:14AM
no need to take it out on the key board just because your getting beat up computer
Dec 23 2008 2:38PM
i beat it wit 182 hit dats a RECORD
Dec 23 2008 2:05PM
24 hits ya rite, other than its in spanish itz ok
Dec 22 2008 11:25AM
i got it in 24 hits once and i got it in 206 as my max
Dec 20 2008 3:12PM
i love this game because this is want my laptop does
Dec 19 2008 10:14PM
i love this game cause when my compt. frezes down i just want 2 do the same thing i do in this game to it.
Dec 19 2008 9:03PM
this game is so gay i want to eat it and **** it out put it in a bag set in on fire and put it on someones doorstep and ring their bell
Dec 19 2008 4:09PM
i got it at 4 hits
Dec 19 2008 3:03AM
yes! just the game i needed lol
Dec 18 2008 7:29PM
It is a cool game and kinda GAY
Dec 16 2008 12:45AM
i cant belive that this game
Dec 14 2008 6:11PM
That game Own jOOZ! But how do
Dec 14 2008 1:46PM
this game is awsome
Dec 13 2008 12:45PM
i love this game!!!!
Dec 12 2008 11:38AM
i had 1009
Dec 9 2008 10:11PM
99999 hulk smash
Dec 9 2008 9:51PM
697 hits o yeah!!!!!!
Dec 8 2008 1:40AM
i can finallly get my anger ou
Dec 7 2008 8:14PM
9999999999 hit
Dec 7 2008 2:01PM
i think its suppergay but i go
Dec 6 2008 12:51AM
So Cool
Dec 4 2008 8:44PM
100000000000000hits this is so
Dec 1 2008 5:29PM
best game ever!!!(1114 hits)
Nov 30 2008 3:52PM
10000000 hits wooohooooo
Nov 30 2008 10:49AM
1014 hits
Nov 30 2008 10:49AM
101 hits
Nov 29 2008 10:59PM
Nov 29 2008 9:10PM
Nov 29 2008 9:07PM
i like 2 beat it because it is
Nov 23 2008 1:19AM
Nov 21 2008 2:14PM
cool game evry one come and comment on my profile
Nov 20 2008 9:14PM
FUN I like beating the $@#% out of my computer!
Nov 19 2008 9:55PM
this es very KOOL
Nov 16 2008 7:53PM
this es cooooooooooooool
Nov 16 2008 12:07PM
i love this game
Nov 16 2008 10:36AM
this game is cool add me
Nov 13 2008 8:00AM
first comment
Nov 12 2008 5:48PM
one of the best games ever
Nov 11 2008 6:02PM
Nov 11 2008 2:37PM
wow this game is really fun
Nov 10 2008 12:16PM
cool game
Nov 9 2008 6:48AM
Total hits 4502
Nov 8 2008 5:42PM
1317 hits this time i think geez i LOVE this game
Nov 8 2008 4:59PM
20000 hits
Nov 7 2008 10:47PM
1166 Hits this game is AMAZING i give it a 5
Nov 2 2008 2:22PM
takes the anger out of me
Nov 1 2008 8:44PM
this game rocks add me
Oct 31 2008 9:18PM
cool game
Oct 31 2008 6:10PM
people plz b my friend
Oct 30 2008 3:18PM
1551 hitz i am a n3rd at this lol
Oct 26 2008 10:30PM
easy fun game
Oct 25 2008 10:01PM
my favorite game
Oct 22 2008 3:31PM
i was the 14,500 person to vote!!
Oct 19 2008 5:11PM
awsome hey guys anyone that sees this please leave a commet on my profile i just joined
Oct 16 2008 5:01PM
lol it took him 2 hours to do his homework and easy i ? this game!
ps. u should put blood on his hand when the pc is broken.
Oct 14 2008 9:30AM
cool this is fun lol
Oct 12 2008 12:52AM
str8 gangsta
Oct 11 2008 1:30PM
Oct 10 2008 7:35PM
love this games
Oct 5 2008 5:44PM
this is so cool
Oct 5 2008 7:23AM
totaly cool!
Oct 4 2008 12:28AM
best game eva it kicks ass
Oct 3 2008 12:11PM
this game f ing rocks
Sep 30 2008 12:50PM
this games relives a lot of anger
Sep 29 2008 8:10PM
Oh My Goodness I love bashing the PC if this game wasn't invented i would of been sitting here infront of the computer all day looking for a Fun Game.(Other Than Jane's Hotel)
Sep 27 2008 12:58PM
THIS GAME'S AWESOME!!! i wish i could do that to my PC sometimes(actually, 75% of the time.)
Sep 25 2008 12:23PM
Some 1 Be My Mate
Sep 22 2008 9:44AM
this game rocks
Sep 21 2008 12:45PM
fun game i give it a 7 out of 10 iv done that stuff to my pc but i did not brake it
Sep 12 2008 10:01PM
its alrite i wuldnt remand it
Sep 8 2008 6:46PM
Sep 8 2008 4:27PM
i beat that compters ass
Sep 8 2008 2:41AM
i dont like
Sep 1 2008 7:26PM
ok i really luvv this game!
Aug 31 2008 9:12AM
cool game plzz ad me
Aug 30 2008 8:26AM
it really good game and it fuut up my but i wont do it to my pc because it really fast
Aug 30 2008 5:12AM
It is a fun game
Aug 30 2008 2:04AM
its fun 2 hit it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv this game!!!!! i kinda sorta have anger issues......... lol. 5/5
Aug 29 2008 10:52PM
i want 2 be that hand my pc i to slow
Aug 27 2008 11:17AM
i hate my pc to lol i wish some times i could do that to my comp
Aug 24 2008 4:52PM
but im not so strong T_T
Aug 24 2008 4:52PM
i do hate my comp i hate it so much i would do that too >8D
Aug 24 2008 2:06AM
this is a weird game but still fun!!!!
Aug 22 2008 9:32PM
that was fun
Aug 22 2008 10:21AM
this game rocks
Aug 20 2008 1:45PM
played for less than an hour;
got over 2250 hits altogether
Aug 19 2008 5:05PM
2134 total hits yay me
Aug 18 2008 5:49PM
This is stupid but fun at the same time. XD
Aug 18 2008 4:46AM
1000 moves
Aug 16 2008 5:53PM
is that all u can do. beat up ur computer. so lame but fun
Aug 16 2008 4:53AM
i love this game.......
it is so fun
Aug 15 2008 12:36AM
i am hote.....look at me if you thenk i am hote tell me
Aug 15 2008 12:34AM
oh and this mine i forgote to get it
Aug 15 2008 12:33AM
its okay
Aug 14 2008 10:35PM
Aug 14 2008 4:44PM
ok, whoever plays this game for 6 or more hours straight, wtf? You could doing others things on here or where ever then beating up a stupid pc on the computer.
Aug 11 2008 10:17AM
160 hits
Aug 9 2008 9:11PM
p:s i takes 170 hits to completly destroy it
Aug 9 2008 9:09PM
i wanna do this to my computer and bash it with a sledge hammer but i did that with my x-box on youtube type in smash my xbob and the one with bloolitz thats mine
Aug 7 2008 8:55PM
I hit the pc 1016 times and now my fingers hurt.add me and i will add you back
Aug 7 2008 4:01PM
what the ****!!!!!!!!!!!!
Aug 7 2008 6:10AM
k u guy weird, i got 1001 pointsb4 complete boredom.
Aug 6 2008 3:36AM

How did you get that picture there!? PLease tell me and be friends! JOKER IS AWESOME! Go Joker! lynlyn 6 hours!? GET OFF THE COMPUTER YOU LAZY BUMM! :). LOL! Laimmm r u a big fan of Joker! I"M OVERLY OBSESSED WITH HIM! THE WORST OBSESSER EVER! I MIGHT AS WELL BE JOKER EVERY DAY! I HAVE A I <3 Joker sticker, poster, I might as well get clothes! I"M GOING TO BE JOKER FOR HALLOWEEN! 0/0.. I only play this game when I'm amd... get's my anger out.... LOL PEASE OUT! R.I.P Heath Ledger! ( JOKER )
Aug 5 2008 3:49PM
3 mill 6 hours
Aug 5 2008 3:48PM
i got 1 hit to get it all down
Aug 3 2008 5:52AM
vette5432 GET A DAMN LIFE you must be a really boring person to sit clicking for four hours weirdo good game tho
Aug 3 2008 4:02AM
Aug 2 2008 3:57PM
lol! I luv this game! wish I do that to my computer when its loading 4 ever or a error message, but I would be in Big Huge Trouble by my parents.
Aug 1 2008 4:27PM
i luv this game i done it in 2 mill hits took 3 hours woot
Jul 31 2008 7:52PM
1 million hits BEAT THT only 4 hours of clicking
Jul 30 2008 12:53PM
play this game if you get pissd at the pc/computer it feels like you are beating it up.
Jul 29 2008 4:33PM
visit my site
Jul 29 2008 9:40AM
Jul 29 2008 3:14AM
this game is sooo cool
Jul 28 2008 8:19PM
if u want to break your computer but half 2 be very streested but the game is so good :P
Jul 28 2008 3:23PM
this game is the ultimate stress reliever
Jul 27 2008 9:28PM
this game is the resone i first came on here and now mostfungames is my favorite website.
Jul 27 2008 7:29AM
when i get mad at my computer i play this its fun and ez
Jul 26 2008 2:08AM
the frist day i play this game at school i started at lol so hard that i have i week of lunch detion
Jul 24 2008 2:01AM
i love this game because you would love to do this to your own computer but u dont
Jul 19 2008 7:34PM
i wish i could do that to R.I.P
Jul 18 2008 3:57PM
Its kinda like king of buttons but only computer vilonce.
Jul 18 2008 10:04AM
11634 im not kidding
Jul 17 2008 3:39PM
It's a nice game & all... but ur doing da same thing over again
Jul 17 2008 12:33PM
Hint when the screen falls out it smashes the keyboard for you.
Jul 16 2008 9:42PM
um..i kinda beat up my friends i was writing a song for a friend..on his computer.i was almost done..the whole thing shut down..without saving..i beat the **** out of the computer.i had to buy a new 1.......='(...a=but any ways.this game was fun.gets boring after a while though
Jul 16 2008 10:48AM
haha this is on my favs
Jul 15 2008 4:24PM
Jul 15 2008 4:24PM
it good but after 5 minutes it gets boring
Jul 14 2008 11:54PM
wow o.O
Jul 14 2008 11:52AM
Fun Game But I Agree With DJ Anthony.
Jul 13 2008 9:52AM
i got 53 and destroed the pc
Jul 12 2008 9:24PM
its fun maybe if u got an enemey u could pretenend that ur beatin thecrap out of them or u just have fun playin wat eve
Jul 12 2008 9:53AM
this games is cool and fun same thing
Jul 11 2008 4:47AM
cool but after a while this game is s**t!!!
Jul 10 2008 5:35PM
this is funny :D
Jul 10 2008 12:53PM
I spelled game wrong
Jul 10 2008 12:51PM
I like this gamr alot
Jul 8 2008 8:16PM
i love this game
Jul 6 2008 6:33PM
70 hits it broke
Jul 6 2008 5:38PM
its cool but not cool
Jul 5 2008 12:57PM
Jul 4 2008 9:10AM
Jul 3 2008 8:13PM
This game is retarted
Jul 3 2008 4:38PM
75 hits to destroy
Jul 3 2008 1:56PM
This game is crazy and awsome
Jul 2 2008 8:39PM
at first i got 96 now i got 93
Jul 2 2008 12:15PM
I got 158 to break everything
Jul 1 2008 6:05PM
160 hits to do it completely
the keybord means nothing, it breaks wen the monitor falls
Jul 1 2008 2:11PM
this game is awesome
Jun 30 2008 10:36PM
it took me 52 hits
Jun 30 2008 6:18PM
it toke me 164 hits
Jun 30 2008 12:55PM
167 to smash it.
Jun 29 2008 11:30AM
this shi* is fun
Jun 27 2008 9:42PM
It took Me 177 hits
Jun 27 2008 9:18PM
this game sucks its is not fun at all if they call the website they need to have fun games ok.......
Jun 27 2008 1:45PM
it toke me 302 to smash everything
Jun 25 2008 12:15AM
this game is SUPER COOL EVERYONE should play it
Jun 24 2008 6:36PM
it toke me 274 hit to break everything
Jun 24 2008 3:20AM
ur full of sh it ivel_48 it takes 175 hits to break fully
Jun 24 2008 3:19AM
ur full of **** ivel_48 it takes 175 hits to break fully
Jun 23 2008 7:20PM
i freaken love this game
Jun 23 2008 3:09PM
this game does not make sence beat up your own pc.
Jun 22 2008 10:52AM
well realy it only take 157 hits to brake everythin...
Jun 21 2008 2:00PM
my friend teelah done 150000
Jun 21 2008 3:12AM
it gets really boring after a while...
Jun 21 2008 12:31AM
this is the domest thing ever
Jun 20 2008 6:08PM
i got 200000
Jun 20 2008 6:06PM
THIS GAME IS !@*%#$% fun
(yes weapons)
Jun 18 2008 2:55PM
It's kind of fun but i wish they would include diferrent weopons to destroy it wiht
Jun 18 2008 1:00PM
i had 11000
Jun 16 2008 7:51PM
i got 10000
Jun 16 2008 2:52PM
this game made me not be angery at my computer
Jun 15 2008 4:55PM
This Game relly helps lett off steam if you are angry at your computer
Jun 14 2008 3:05PM
You must be bored to play this game & enjoy it. geez.
Jun 13 2008 9:08PM
this game makes my arm hurt gese
Jun 12 2008 6:37PM
BORING!!! I fell asleep BEFORE i clicked on it to play it!!
Jun 10 2008 11:25AM
this funny at start but get worst
Jun 9 2008 1:19AM
my hightest hit is 999 mill
Jun 9 2008 1:16AM
theres no point
Jun 7 2008 4:30PM
dis game wares me owt.
Jun 7 2008 4:29PM
now, i'm tired.
Jun 6 2008 3:47PM
I realy wish i could do this to my laptop sometimes cuz sumx'z it messes up and freeeeeezes up on me. and i hate it when it does that...... but lol..... the game friken roxs#%!
Jun 6 2008 2:17AM
this is ****ing awesome
Jun 5 2008 8:38PM
i ve seen too many people play this game just to hit things.
Jun 5 2008 1:06PM
pretty kool
Jun 4 2008 9:24AM
i hit 20000
Jun 4 2008 12:49AM
I freakin` just hit the computer once and it said i hit it 264,841 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! dang man this games sweet!!!!!!! im the king of Beat Up Your Pc!!!!!!!!
Jun 4 2008 12:43AM
Since someone enabled the javascript I can play games now yay!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 4 2008 12:41AM
Oh now someone enabled the javascript but im still mad.
>:-( :-)
Jun 4 2008 12:39AM
My computer sucks cuz someone disabled my javascript so now I cant play any game on the computer.
Jun 2 2008 7:08PM
i hit 1000 times
May 31 2008 9:46PM
May 31 2008 1:45PM
i play God of War every day
May 31 2008 1:42PM
I hate this game
May 31 2008 11:13AM
die computer diie!!! anyone else play god of war?
May 27 2008 9:44AM
This game is totally wierd because who would want to smash their computer? But the game is also very cool!
May 26 2008 12:54PM
wat kinda retart will really do that but lolz cool
May 25 2008 3:01PM
ye i got 2798 b4 the screen blew up lol just keep slapping the screen on top lol
May 25 2008 2:52PM
half the time i fell like smashing the **** out of my comp half the time lol cuz theres soo much lag were i am
o ye jako i reacon tht would be more fun smashing the comp up wid a baseballbat
May 25 2008 1:18AM
May 24 2008 7:16PM
use somthing quicker like a baseball bat
May 23 2008 6:51AM
May 23 2008 6:50AM
May 21 2008 11:57PM
perty darn fun
May 21 2008 11:56PM
it takes exacalaty 168 hits to brake everything
May 18 2008 6:24PM
May 18 2008 5:21PM
fun but wat is the point of this game?!?
May 18 2008 4:33PM
i play it over and over
May 18 2008 2:43PM
i gotta play it agin
May 14 2008 7:50PM
May 14 2008 6:23PM
this is a great way to beat the c*** out of stuff!!!!!!! hillarious. lmao!
May 13 2008 11:47PM
wow that was a safe way to beat the crap out of stuff
May 12 2008 4:27PM
If only my real computer could be torn apart so easily....
May 11 2008 1:04PM
i got 6000000000000000 hits
May 11 2008 1:01PM
lol lol lol lol
May 10 2008 3:51PM
so frickin fun gotta play it
May 8 2008 1:30PM
luv it
May 3 2008 5:48PM
this game take the anger out of you
May 3 2008 11:06AM
This is so damn fun...beating this whole computer up!
May 3 2008 10:26AM
it takes 161 hits to break every single thing!!!
Apr 30 2008 5:53PM
i got 20,ooooo hits
Apr 28 2008 11:39PM
i think im the best i got 10,001 hits!!!!!!!!
Apr 27 2008 11:26PM
Alright.Do you know how to blow up everything?No?Then try it.You can hit the left and right and the top of the items!
Apr 23 2008 7:07AM
solja girl should learn to spell things. who cant spell dumb,o wait solja girl cant spell dumb
Apr 20 2008 7:34PM
my favorite game ever!!!!!!! and solja gurl iz juss haten!!!!!! lolzzzzzzzz
Apr 20 2008 11:19AM
awesome!!!!!!!! dis hilarious! i play dis once a day now!!!!!!!!!! from tday on!!!!!!!!!!! lol
Apr 17 2008 10:42PM
Apr 12 2008 6:12PM
lol kool game but Solja girl ...If your gonna make fun of this game at least spell right.
Apr 11 2008 12:03PM
Burn Baby Burn! x
Apr 5 2008 6:47PM
i wouldnt do it cuz i aint buyin another 1
Mar 26 2008 5:55PM
omg i love this game im really stressed sometimes so i play this game instead of killing someone <:)
Mar 21 2008 4:41PM
to good to even be real
Mar 20 2008 9:54PM
ha ha ha
Mar 18 2008 5:30PM
omh i luv this game
Mar 16 2008 6:21PM
It's the most crappiest game ever!
Mar 14 2008 7:26PM
gayest game ever
Mar 2 2008 1:46PM
ITS GAY all u do it hit a comp even tho my comp is crappy and i hit it all the time
Mar 2 2008 12:43PM
pchhhh...this game is funny and cool!!!!!!
Mar 2 2008 8:30AM
It's a good way to let out anger
Mar 1 2008 8:49AM
Feb 22 2008 4:17PM
Feb 22 2008 1:38PM
Feb 19 2008 7:57PM
This is a domb *** game
Feb 9 2008 8:56PM
it took so long te load i beated up my own pc after and the gmae is good
Feb 3 2008 3:51PM
**** nigger is a faggish nigger who puts his daddy's **** in his **** hey ****nigger go find a big penis and have hell with it! this game rox!!!!!!!!
Feb 2 2008 1:46PM
Feb 2 2008 1:39PM
alright........ for the people who do not get teh point of teh game.... U BEAT UP A DANG PC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol, serousliy
Jan 31 2008 5:21PM
ha this is so dum he lost all the ****ing
Jan 26 2008 10:14PM
it is the most funnest game of the pc!
Jan 26 2008 3:36PM
wow its great
Jan 26 2008 10:21AM
Jan 20 2008 10:47AM
Jan 19 2008 3:38PM
I never thought beating up a computer could be so much fun.
Jan 1 2008 1:42AM
Dec 29 2007 9:41PM
i hate the stupid game
Dec 29 2007 5:37PM
my high score is 1987
Dec 24 2007 3:42PM
im guessing that there kids dad is out of controll that he destroys the computer.and the kids say y did u do that meanie dady now i hate u says the kids.
Dec 23 2007 8:27PM
wuz the point of this?
Dec 21 2007 9:22PM
yeah its fun i wish i coukd do this to my cp
Dec 21 2007 6:06PM
i wish i can do this when my pc is not working lol
Dec 19 2007 7:05PM
i really dont get it
Dec 16 2007 12:30PM
what an awesome way to get rid of some stress
Dec 9 2007 4:28PM
i got 477 and only 2 computers
Dec 5 2007 5:27PM
i got 4332 that is my score.
only if you could use a bat and a chaine saw and a gun 9mm
Dec 2 2007 7:51PM
my score is 1230
Nov 25 2007 7:11PM
gglz this game is funnyz!! gglz
Nov 24 2007 2:22PM
lol......I luv this game it will take ur anger away at me peeps.....
Nov 21 2007 1:24PM
Nov 20 2007 6:29PM
i can't undersand wut they say but it's fun
Nov 18 2007 9:13PM
sexycar4life........ wahet
Nov 18 2007 1:11PM
Hahhahaaha AMAZING!!
Nov 7 2007 5:10PM
why the **** is this ****ing gay game spanish.
Nov 6 2007 3:12PM
i dont get it u cant just beat up ur pc that stupid
Nov 1 2007 5:41PM
how many hits did you get
i got 19056
Oct 7 2007 3:04PM
awsome game
Oct 5 2007 5:25PM
lov the game it takes out my anger on all the peeps i hate
Oct 3 2007 10:58AM
it ok but i would'nt do it to computer
Oct 1 2007 8:46AM
its ok.
Sep 28 2007 12:23AM
how many hits did u get i got to lol jki got 18766 oh ya thats right ya wat awt ya thats wat i thought
Sep 27 2007 8:24PM
this is 4 good uesful
Sep 27 2007 12:10PM
game! fun!
Sep 22 2007 1:53PM
this game makes me hyper and angry!!
Sep 22 2007 10:02AM
atv die cp
Sep 18 2007 11:20PM
Sep 16 2007 2:52AM
this game is soo cool... i wish i could do that to my computer but then i wouldnt have
Aug 26 2007 2:06PM
yea i wana do it to my computer cuz its slow to
Aug 20 2007 8:03PM
i want to do this to my computer in my bedroom because its slow!
Aug 13 2007 11:15AM
This game is awesome! hahahahahahahaha lol : )
Aug 2 2007 12:58PM
Aug 2 2007 12:55PM
Jul 17 2007 2:10PM
U CALL DIS FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! O COME ON
Jul 17 2007 2:10PM
this do not make no sense a mean wats so fun about dis i dont know u tell me
Jul 11 2007 2:03PM
its kl
Jul 11 2007 11:56AM
this game is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jul 5 2007 10:58AM
mask 123 do u hav a life

n i lik it its ok
Jul 4 2007 12:55PM
great fun!!!
Jul 3 2007 6:30PM
it kinda SUCKs
Jun 30 2007 2:10AM
Jun 28 2007 12:39PM
i cant seem 2 beat up tha mouse
Jun 19 2007 11:01AM
in my top 20 games.
Jun 18 2007 5:32PM
when it bolw up it shkerd me
Jun 18 2007 1:54PM
it is gay
Jun 18 2007 12:15AM
LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!
Jun 16 2007 1:44PM
its a reeeeeeeeely good stress reliever!!! =]
Jun 15 2007 12:07AM
HA HA HA HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jun 14 2007 8:41PM
I play this almost every day!!