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Feb 19 2014 4:12PM
good game to take out anger on LOL >:(
Feb 19 2014 4:10PM
cuboard funny still
Feb 19 2014 4:09PM
ruler is most easyest way because all others take mutiple hits but not the ruler :D
Sep 28 2012 6:27PM
Hehe, I love the cabinet.
Sep 28 2012 6:25PM
Amusing, although I feel bad ;/
Aug 8 2012 10:30AM
yeah this game gangster
May 19 2012 11:13PM
ruler is the best like a ninja
Apr 5 2012 5:14PM
I like the cleaner
Apr 4 2012 8:37PM
cooooooooooooool i like the ruler and the one where the tries to rip or the cabnet door and his boss is laughing at him and he gets his face and slams it against it
Mar 30 2012 12:37AM
i dont like this game...
Mar 11 2012 4:07PM
cuboard door was the best he canni get it of and the boss laughs at him and he stares at his boss as if o no you didnt!!!!!:) good game
Feb 26 2012 5:54PM
FUNNY! My favorite one is the cup and computer :D
Jan 24 2012 12:14PM
This is so funny! I like the ruler one and cupboard door :)
Jan 1 2012 8:34PM
this is so pointless but funny haha
Dec 6 2011 12:07PM
freakin funny
Oct 22 2011 2:00PM
Oct 22 2011 1:58PM
Oct 22 2011 1:57PM
Oct 22 2011 1:57PM
Oct 22 2011 1:57PM
Aug 2 2011 5:41PM
me to
Jul 24 2011 10:36PM
I love this game
Jul 18 2011 9:48AM
ill rather play 17 ways to wack ur boss
Jul 7 2011 7:29AM
I also like whacking him before he can open up his stupid mouth. How satisfying!!!!
Jul 7 2011 7:25AM
This truly a public service. My last boss was such an ogre you don't know how many times I almost lost it. But it's great to lose it here without doing the jail time. So wonderful to whack him over and over. So wonderful, thankyou!!!!!!
Mar 14 2011 9:52AM
Mar 9 2011 11:30PM
thay should get a 2 game
Mar 7 2011 11:08PM
i like to hit him with the trash can! lol
Feb 26 2011 2:32PM
:O hehe. thiiiis is so fun <3 add me ;)
Feb 4 2011 7:42PM
people can let out their anger
Feb 4 2011 6:44PM
i like whacking my boss
Dec 28 2010 9:17PM
i find this amusing ;) add meh <3
Dec 15 2010 5:03PM
I need the cleaner I lets say he kicked the bucket and it is everywhere!
Dec 15 2010 4:57PM
omg i played this like a year ago and i could not find it since:)
Oct 24 2010 9:38AM
i love how at the end of each thing he just sits back and listens to music like nothing happened :)
Oct 8 2010 9:30PM
use the trash can and the cuboard those two are the best ones!
Oct 8 2010 9:26PM
i wasted my life and listened to the whole speech. It goes on for about two minutes...
Oct 8 2010 9:18PM
omg, i <3 pacman!
Sep 12 2010 11:48PM
lol he is playing pacman
Aug 4 2010 7:38PM
whack the man when he says "theres only one flaver of ice cream"
Jul 11 2010 4:55AM
the 17 ways to whack your boss on is better it has more was to kill the boss
Jul 7 2010 3:56PM
forgot :D
Jul 7 2010 3:55PM
love this game its so cool
Jul 4 2010 8:07PM
this game is awesome :D

but not better than the WII :)
Jul 1 2010 7:23PM
lol i saw this game in like a spanish judge called Caso cerrado lol
there was a boy playin this game infront of people and the judge
Jun 29 2010 7:43PM
it a good game
Jun 25 2010 11:26PM
Jun 18 2010 6:31PM
its fun to kill stuff
Jun 13 2010 10:37AM
not 4 little kids
Jun 8 2010 9:26PM
i would do that to my boss, if i had one
May 30 2010 6:26PM
luv the ruler whos measuring up
May 30 2010 10:18AM
This game is funny as hell
May 28 2010 1:32PM
haha the 1 wit the cabinet is funny hes all mad trying to rip it off n he cant n he gets all mad and gets the boss and hits him with the cabinet dooor
May 24 2010 6:26PM
dis gamee is tha shytt!!!! love it! add me if yur frm tha cityy, proud of it, nd kno how to have funn ;)
May 21 2010 11:15PM
so cool
Apr 26 2010 10:00PM
Funny but I need more ways!
Apr 9 2010 3:27PM
Apr 9 2010 1:00PM
this game is so cool
Mar 6 2010 12:25PM
:D :
:P :( ;)
Mar 6 2010 12:25PM
:D :C :P :( ;) :@ :#
Mar 6 2010 12:23PM
Mar 6 2010 12:22PM
i love this game and my cousin was pis-st!!!!!
Feb 25 2010 8:26PM
that boss is a wimp
Feb 25 2010 3:45AM
Feb 18 2010 9:19PM
or in the middle of the game when your hitting him guickly right click then press forward lol
Feb 18 2010 9:16PM
no i mean right click any where and press forward
Feb 18 2010 9:15PM
lol, right click on clock then click out of the box then the boss wont be talking.
Feb 18 2010 10:17AM
Lmao ! the one wid the cupboard is Funny :P !
Feb 15 2010 4:29PM
I love this game i play it when i am angry
Feb 9 2010 10:56PM
can you fined all 7
Feb 7 2010 10:40PM
he he i love this game
Feb 5 2010 9:13PM
now thats wat i called funny lol
Feb 2 2010 5:54PM
Feb 2 2010 2:14PM
i lov the cabnent
Jan 18 2010 7:18PM
Jan 17 2010 1:33AM
GREAT definately goin in my faves i love the cabinet when he says "freakin, freakin , don't downsize me!"
Jan 14 2010 7:44PM
xD wow
Jan 14 2010 5:33PM
dis **** take 2 ****ing long 2 down loud!!!
Jan 8 2010 11:04PM
love the game lol
Jan 8 2010 7:09AM
why do you all like it its violence! i mean violence
Jan 8 2010 7:05AM
ah! the violence ah!
Jan 5 2010 1:51PM
this is so fun lol
Jan 1 2010 8:14PM
lol i love it it made me crack up
Dec 30 2009 6:41PM
lol its funny 5/5 i like da trash can da best
Dec 26 2009 1:54AM
Lol it is so funny!!!!!:)
Dec 24 2009 7:29PM
this game is so funny!!!!!!
Dec 21 2009 7:07PM
Dec 16 2009 4:33PM
Lmfao 5/5 This game is funny
Dec 4 2009 2:42PM
Lol fun game. Try the ruler LOl.
Nov 26 2009 9:25PM
ya this game is fun i am to young to work in a real job but funny
Nov 25 2009 11:51AM
this is fun, even if i don't have a boss cause im just 12, it's really funny if youhit him before he says anything (try the trash can)
Nov 23 2009 2:11AM
lol 5/5
Nov 19 2009 9:31PM
haha peeps plz add me lolz
Nov 10 2009 9:05PM
this games rocks who with me
Nov 8 2009 12:58PM
i wanna do that hole stapler thing to my science teacher >=D
Nov 4 2009 7:32PM
add me lol
Nov 4 2009 7:31PM
this game is ok if u agree
Oct 21 2009 10:00PM
look at my new avatar! im so proud i found it
Oct 17 2009 11:35PM
what a twit
Oct 11 2009 4:59PM
Oct 11 2009 10:58AM
gross game
Oct 3 2009 10:39AM
fun game add me
Sep 30 2009 5:03PM
fun add me i
Sep 21 2009 8:56AM
The website is better
Sep 15 2009 9:31PM
Sep 12 2009 2:10PM
when u use the trashcan he fires u and he says he gonna have u arrested the u killl him and also if u try to let him finish wat he has to say dont bcuz it takes a long while to have him finish
Sep 10 2009 6:13PM
lol on #5, he plays Donkey Kong
Sep 7 2009 8:48PM
yay i killed him
Aug 22 2009 3:51PM
lol if u use da fist he plays pac man lol
Aug 19 2009 3:02PM
this is a awesome game but try clicking the trash can
Aug 4 2009 6:11PM
please so lost dont kill me plzzzzzzzzzzzz im only ten
Aug 4 2009 6:09PM
when u use the stapler llook on the computer screen theres a smiley face i love dis game
Aug 1 2009 11:10AM
go to
Jul 30 2009 5:40PM
awsome what if it was wack your dad or wack your b**ch.
Jul 30 2009 4:55PM
this is awsome
Jul 30 2009 7:11AM
brilliant! l0l
Jul 29 2009 2:39PM
I cant stand the animated boss dude
Jul 28 2009 9:02PM
lol lots of blood just how i like it!
Jul 28 2009 2:27PM
this game never ends......... it is fun though
Jul 21 2009 8:07AM
This game never gets old
Jul 19 2009 10:37PM
I dont get this game.
Jul 17 2009 11:29PM
cool game
Jul 16 2009 10:33PM
stupid game
Jul 15 2009 2:59AM
this is one of the best games
Jul 8 2009 12:51PM
this game rocks i luv it killing the boss
Jul 8 2009 12:40PM
this game is awsome
Jul 7 2009 9:51AM
This game is awsome but what i like the most is that its really funny when you kill that gay boss
Jun 27 2009 2:09AM
awesome stress reliever and really funny
Jun 24 2009 2:06PM
that is funny, this game makes me happy lol
Jun 17 2009 9:25PM
LOL. awesome.
Jun 17 2009 7:11PM
i'd like to do that if my boss was a jackass :D
Jun 17 2009 11:00AM
lol pac man
Jun 16 2009 8:31PM
How cruel!

Jun 16 2009 11:15AM
found all the ways 2 kill him
Jun 6 2009 8:18PM
the sadness.
May 26 2009 2:52PM
this is game awsome and i like when he whach's the computer in his head
May 17 2009 4:04PM
FUNNY AND JENNAH this website got the best gamez on hur and espeaically this one rofl ITS FUN
Apr 27 2009 6:58PM
this is really violent! :/
Apr 26 2009 7:20PM
this is wird
Apr 18 2009 5:21PM
this is soo funken fun
Apr 10 2009 8:26PM
the version on addicting has 15 ways you should try it.
Apr 6 2009 10:35PM
this is freakin awsome
Apr 6 2009 6:47PM
die boss die!!!!!
Apr 3 2009 7:40AM
i cant believe you all like it its so breakin gay
Apr 2 2009 4:14PM
A+ "I'm gonna have you arrested." yeah right
Mar 18 2009 7:06PM
Mar 15 2009 5:03PM
this game has been rated "Blood and Gore" 5/5 its report card is an A
Feb 21 2009 10:28PM
****in weird
Feb 3 2009 7:09PM
the boss has very sensitive skin whacked against cabinet and blood flies
Jan 28 2009 8:21PM
Oh my gosh this is so hilarius....
Jan 28 2009 5:25PM
A little creepy... but funny
Jan 25 2009 11:28AM
kill the boss!!!
Jan 19 2009 12:37PM
its fun
Jan 18 2009 11:06AM

Jan 3 2009 2:21PM
this game sucks
Jan 1 2009 1:35PM
1.ruler 2.right cabnet 3.stapler 4.trash can 6.hands 7.mug
8.let the boss finish talking his talk is long
Dec 28 2008 7:42PM
Dec 26 2008 6:01PM
He attacks him automatically after he finishes his speech. It's a long speech. I love the cabinet door. So Ironic how he ends up killing him.
Dec 24 2008 2:28PM
fun fun
Dec 22 2008 5:21PM
lol! its funy, suprising, and just plain random! good mix....
Dec 20 2008 11:32PM
hahaha fun!
Dec 13 2008 12:33PM
ahhhh! it has blood im scare t
Dec 13 2008 10:43AM
the ruler is quick,simple,easy
Dec 12 2008 8:43PM
haha COOL
Nov 30 2008 4:52PM
love this game!!!
Nov 29 2008 7:15PM
i like the ruler!
Nov 21 2008 10:27PM
OMG!!!!!!!!!! i almost barfed!!!! i h8 blood!!!!!!!!!
Oct 19 2008 12:23PM
boring and hillarious
Oct 16 2008 1:36PM
this game have to much mature stuff
Sep 27 2008 4:23PM
hay that wrong to beat on your boss even though there ****in mean sum times. but gett over it.... lol
Sep 21 2008 9:42PM
this is funny!!
Sep 2 2008 12:10PM
this game is bloody but at the same time its funny and fun I am really mean when it comes to hitting!hahahaha
Sep 2 2008 9:01AM
brian there is no wack your boss 2 oh yeah ITS FINE not enough blood add some more blood too it WILL YEA?
Aug 21 2008 10:17AM
too bloody.
Aug 19 2008 3:13PM
have you guys played wack your boss 2
Aug 19 2008 2:04PM
I love this game, its never gets old.
Aug 17 2008 6:21PM
this game is oof the chain
Aug 7 2008 9:39PM
4/5 but it could be a little more fun
Aug 7 2008 12:39PM
this game rox i play it when my boss is a dumb ass
Aug 6 2008 6:34AM
Jul 30 2008 4:26PM
they shold call it blode ass
Jul 23 2008 6:42PM
if you leave him talking you kill him with the stapeler!
Jul 13 2008 8:41PM
whack your boss is the best way to channel out your anger without killing sum1 even though i would rather do it my self 2 the person i hate because it would be funner and more exciting then to have som1 on a game do it to some characterthey should have it so you can down load a picture of that 1 certain person u hate and on the game up pops the picture so u could do it to them
Jun 24 2008 11:10AM
on they got this game but there is 17 ways to kill your boss on the game in their site ...
Jun 16 2008 11:24AM
Jun 16 2008 11:24AM
oh my ****en mother ****en god!!!!
Jun 11 2008 8:59AM
Jun 9 2008 7:17PM
bloody and cool at the same time
Jun 9 2008 2:49PM
Da stapler 1 is kinda gross... But I like da cabinet 1 2 =P
Jun 6 2008 2:38PM
Its hilarious!¬!! I like the cabnet one, the bin one and the fist one. But there all funny as. 5/5!!
Jun 2 2008 6:37PM
this game is cool
Jun 2 2008 6:18PM
i liked the can, the ruler and my fav. the cabenets!blooooooody
Jun 1 2008 1:39AM
this game is so f**king awesome
May 17 2008 12:09PM
This game is awesome..

A bit wierd but when the worker uses the stapler on his boss I just crack up and the cabinet one is pretty funny 2!
May 17 2008 8:18AM
very very gory like scissors
May 16 2008 3:49PM
1st off.. i want that cleaner.
2cd don't u think it's funny when the ruler goes through his head?
May 12 2008 5:02PM
I found all of them. **** those bosses who say things like, "No, wrong. You'll have to stay late to fix this." Luckily neither of my parents have a boss like that ;D
May 4 2008 10:24PM
Mar 22 2008 2:33PM
I'll have to remeber this game if i become a boss.
Mar 22 2008 11:03AM
gorey buts need more like addicting
Mar 12 2008 4:56PM
Mar 5 2008 6:59PM
I would love to do for real, not like i would really kill anybody
Feb 14 2008 6:53AM
Leave your boss talking for ages & some of the stuff he says realy pisses you off xD Great game, funding all 7 ways is fun too!
Dec 28 2007 10:22PM
wow! AWESOME!! :)
Dec 24 2007 3:31PM
lol. the cupboard thing is funny
Dec 15 2007 7:43PM
bloody and random
Dec 6 2007 2:56PM
awesome gamne
Oct 3 2007 11:11AM
its ok i surpuse
Sep 25 2007 9:39PM
Sep 23 2007 3:24AM
i feel much better
Aug 25 2007 11:15AM
scew spongebob this game is the best
Aug 21 2007 3:28PM
the one on is better cuz it has 16 ways
Aug 18 2007 8:09PM
found them!
Aug 16 2007 10:05AM
Ahh...I love this game! ITS UBER!!
Aug 12 2007 11:41PM
i love this game ya