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Jul 27 2011 4:44PM
wow u alls r lame cause this agme is ****hn bad ass it wont load dumb ****ers (^^^)
Jul 27 2011 2:39AM
its a really good game..
Jul 26 2011 6:15PM
thaa qame es allriqght buhht eht cudd' havee been bettaah iff thaa levelz werr moree compicat'dd
Jul 26 2011 11:52AM
this game sucks it wont load
Jul 25 2011 2:00PM
Cool game. I like it.
Jul 25 2011 1:40PM
kitkat2201 ur lucky u should play zombie launcher
Jul 25 2011 1:39PM
Second Comment i rate this game 9/10 :D
Jul 25 2011 11:01AM
FIRST COMMENT YEA and plz dont hate me because i said tht but it is really a good game