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Nov 16 2012 8:24AM
By me it sad Hall of Fame,That with cheating is at kizi.
Nov 15 2012 9:52AM
I really like this game.
Jul 5 2011 8:09PM
Great game, really fun and addicting to play. But does anyone no why when I try to subnit my socre is says cheating?
Jul 5 2011 2:10AM
you probably have to go to that site ad to enter your score. it like other games when they say if u want exclusives u need to go to this or that site. but for highscore? thats going overboard. 3/5
Jul 3 2011 1:53PM
lol it did the same to me
Jul 2 2011 1:07PM
What he hell! I tried to submit my score and it said "Cheating"!
Jul 1 2011 8:34PM
@im awesome NO ONE CARES THAT YOUR FIRST COMMENT dumbass faggot shut up and leave
BEACAUSE IM ALWAYS FIRST LOL JK i dont care just messing around with that
Jul 1 2011 10:58AM
not a bad game nd first comment