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Dec 7 2018 8:55PM
There are 75 achievements in Run 3 and you will receive them when finishing the mission. How many can you get? For me, I got 55 achievements when I play it on Freegames66
Jan 20 2013 11:25PM
got 2 luv dis game:)
Sep 15 2011 5:45PM
@ 6ay robot

If our comments are gay how come you named yur profile gay robot (just used six which is same as upside down g)!?!?!?!?!?!?! srsly my profile name has nothing to do with s
x prefferences...
Jun 13 2011 10:40AM
May 15 2011 12:55PM
Fhuuckinq quud qame ! Btw Inboooxihht
May 1 2011 1:49PM
Wow I can't beleive this game got a sequel, Awesome :] Better than the first.
Apr 30 2011 2:27PM
Robot your gay anyway awesome game
Apr 29 2011 11:23PM
Now thats how you do a sequel.
Apr 29 2011 5:32PM
this beats the first game by FARRRR!
Apr 29 2011 3:37PM
First 34/5 Cool Game. Other comments are gay.