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Apr 22 2011 7:48PM
it sucks my ****
Apr 7 2011 10:46PM
Good Game and already played bart simpson one at inkagames
Mar 30 2011 4:03PM
Next Victim Bart Simpson.
Mar 28 2011 4:10PM
@kerblooie thanks for helping me get past the tiger, i didnt kno what i needed to add to the arrow.
Mar 27 2011 11:56AM
room 1:
use mouth on rope
use hand on armor
use hand on sword
get magnifying glass, rope, jacket, sword
use magnifying glass on jacket, get password
input password

room 2:
get battery
get fan
get table

room 3:
put fan on land
connect battery to fan
put table on water
get on table
put jacket on table
use sword on fan

room 4:
get key

room 5:
get cross bow
get mud vase
get wall drill
get arrow
back to room 4 and use arrow in water
back to room 5
use arrow on crossbow
use drill on wall left side of exit
use loaded crossbow on hole

room 6:
get rug
get helmet
get air pump
get needle

room 7:
notice the numbers on stones like dice
stay on green path, walk to opposite side
get hammer
use numbers on panel on left side

room 8:
get hat

room 9:
quickly use mouth on yellow powder
use key on cage
get smurf
get yellow powder
back to room 8 and use smurf on hole
use yellow powder on cat
get balloon

room 10:
look at hat, take rabbit out
put rabbit on ground
use air pump on balloon
use needle on balloon

room 11:
get stone and look
put rug on ground
use mouth on rug
use hammer on mud vase and get soil
put soil on rug
combine hammer and helmet and get ritual kit
use ritual kit on rug
Mar 26 2011 5:06PM
Mar 26 2011 5:05PM
i beat the game it was tooooooo easy,.
Mar 26 2011 3:46PM
how do u get the rabbit t jummmmp????????
Mar 26 2011 12:05PM
o and can someone tell me how to change my little pic
Mar 26 2011 12:03PM
ok people have been wanting to know how to get past gargamel, and im gonna tell ya, you have to act fast and click the cheese powder stuff in his hand, then clikc the mouth button and it will blow it on him, then use the key and get the smurf in the cage, there ya go
Mar 25 2011 11:46PM
I need help. There was this game like two years ago, when your a detective and your in mansion killing zombie things and the family is dead. the camera is ariel view. Does anyone know what its called?
Mar 25 2011 10:18PM
how do u get past the gargamel part?
Mar 25 2011 10:16PM
this game is awesooooooooooome
Mar 25 2011 7:08PM
well ima help u guys out, but itl only help if u at the tiger.
take the crossbow and the arrow. dip the arrow in the pool. combine arrow with crossbow. drill hole into wall were tiger is with the drill thing. shoot the tiger thru the hole. enter the room take everything.
the code for the red room can be found on the blocks that try to crush u
somebody post one for how to beat gargamel
Mar 25 2011 4:15PM
i hate this i cant find the code to unlock the door by the red zone
Mar 25 2011 3:54PM
How Do you get past the Tiger? What do i add to the arrow?!
Mar 25 2011 3:50PM
cool game first cooment
Mar 25 2011 1:59PM
this is stupid