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Aug 2 2013 10:21AM
You have to look at the text messages guys, on your phone wheres it says


You click it and some person will send you a message what to do.
Read it and do it!

4th Mission is impossible btw I cant find the dad with the cowboy hat. Or the son
Dec 31 2012 11:06AM
Aug 24 2012 7:40PM
Its fun you people dont know how to play to beat level one kill the stick man with all of the **** on him (Beard and hat) Then you exit the mission then you get a new one O.o
May 2 2012 5:22PM
it is awesome
Sep 12 2011 4:16PM
It seems a sucking game! I'll try it anyway!
Jul 27 2011 9:47PM
couldnt kill the first guy terrible 0/10
Jul 27 2011 5:16PM
sux i want 2 mins of my life back
Jul 8 2011 6:12PM
this game sux man!!!!!
Jun 25 2011 12:34AM
everytime you enter some where you should have 99 bolts!
Apr 16 2011 5:56PM
i hate this freakin game! the 3rd level impossible! id rather drink from a toilet than play this game
Mar 13 2011 1:28AM
How do you know who to shoot for the second mission? I didn't really get it.
Mar 10 2011 10:59PM
point sniper at powdersniper and shoot and polce wont care cause his a no life noob
Mar 10 2011 9:50PM
a rip off from urban sniper.SUCKS
Mar 10 2011 7:46PM
2/5 it freezes
Mar 10 2011 1:49PM
first comment! Its a rlly good game