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Jun 20 2013 2:43PM
I did cashing in my options many times and eventually stopped giving me $$$
Aug 7 2012 1:08PM
actually cashing in my options give you 100,000
Feb 9 2012 8:50PM
sweet %$@$ GAME
Apr 2 2011 5:04PM
i completed the game and my office is on floor hundred twenty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mar 31 2011 12:11PM
if you want to get 1,000,000 $ a code is : cashing in my options
Jan 20 2011 3:43PM
sweet 5/5
Jan 19 2011 1:04AM
Cool game. Interesting too.
Jan 18 2011 8:47PM
Finally a new game.100th like
Jan 18 2011 6:03PM
fun game!!!
Jan 18 2011 2:31PM
PS:check out my profile plz
Jan 17 2011 4:54PM
this gsme sucks and it is gay
Jan 17 2011 4:32PM
i agree with ilikfred, like one time we were using a dictanary for a quiz, we asked the teacher what it ment and you know what it said? you have a dictanary, LOOK IT UP. so make a new tab and google what you dont know
Jan 16 2011 10:33PM
fun game but it gets boring after a while
Jan 16 2011 12:46AM
ok game i guess
Jan 15 2011 8:22PM
ok game
Jan 15 2011 4:43PM
how the f** do i play it ? its like objectivs something somthing N***
Jan 15 2011 2:43PM
why cant people just have a significant, intelligent conversation or review about the game? like, i got however much money in whatever amount of time. or i built 178 floors with 55 gyms and 109 vending machines. as for comment calling, i denounce it, dont know what it means? look it up. your on the computer anyways.
Jan 14 2011 7:06PM
guyster he said first comment and thats not gunna change you b****
Jan 14 2011 5:45PM
dum dude
Jan 14 2011 2:30PM
Jan 14 2011 12:50PM
ok game....1st 'comment' by the way
Jan 14 2011 12:50PM
ok game....1st 'comment' bu the way
Jan 14 2011 10:55AM
1st comment!!!
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