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Jun 21 2009 10:46AM
i love this game its tite if u hate it u suck
Jun 16 2009 8:56PM
game rules and stinks at the same time. add me and i will add u BACK
Dec 23 2008 9:01PM
=[ I'm the only one who likes this game. Poor game. I like it its hard but there wouldn't be any fun if it wasn't a challenge. Heads up: most of the people who would say they hate this game probably sank every ship on lvl 1. So stop being haters just because you're terrible!
Aug 24 2008 6:20PM
boooring add me and i will add u back
Jul 2 2008 4:12PM
srew this game
Jun 24 2008 11:16AM
this game is so ****ing boring!
Jun 4 2008 12:15AM
I hate this game
Jan 7 2008 9:36AM
that game sucks and *****s