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Jul 21 2013 4:48PM
cool game...someone inbox me please!!!
Apr 12 2012 11:26PM
abnormaly large boobs and sexy butt but i cant focus with all that in the screen
Jan 14 2012 10:07PM
this game makes me horny
Dec 17 2011 10:54AM
This chick is pretty freaking hot.
Nov 13 2011 3:21PM
nooooo idk y im sayin no
Oct 14 2011 7:21PM
heres all the cheats!!!SEXY WALL AMMO YIAH YES!!!!thats all of em good luck
Oct 5 2011 6:42PM
nice chest
Feb 7 2011 8:07AM
love the boobs! also friend me if u like futurama
Feb 7 2011 8:06AM
love the boobs!
Jan 29 2011 1:45PM
o it makes sense it's like sift heads since it's made by pyrozen.
Jan 29 2011 12:21PM
Pretty good game, they just need to add some variety
Jan 29 2011 8:38AM
love da boobs
Jan 28 2011 5:40PM
LOVE the boobs
Jan 28 2011 3:24PM
4/5 kind of like sift heads hope they make another one. i threw a knife in one of the guards balls!lol. but i dont really need some big asss boobs in a computer game. i mean they nice but still, really?