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Aug 14 2011 10:40PM
i like this game it is kool:)
May 30 2011 5:14PM
That little female went boom
Mar 8 2011 8:28AM
If you ask me were all losers. Who in the hell plays on game websites any way......I got one word......LOSERS.
Jan 17 2011 10:25PM
This game is funny. I completely beat it and got all the metals. YAY!!! XD I used all # cards on all 3 chapters. Cool. 3/5
Nov 15 2010 3:54PM
Let them be stupid and don't bother them as they act the way they we have no control over them so just let them be.
Nov 15 2010 3:53PM
Cool game, too short though. And iMush I totally agree with you people need to stop with comment calling and others need to stop insulting the people who call. The way I see it let stupid people be stupid.
Nov 14 2010 1:17PM
Oh, and copy and paste this to another wall if you agree with me.
Nov 14 2010 1:16PM
if you are currently reading this, think about this:
On like every comment wall, there is going to be a person who calls a comment. So, just to stop it now, no one cares if you get first comment! This applies for second, third, forth, ect.!
Also, you shouldnt care if they call it either! The game is meant to be played, not to have a bunch of people who just post comments either flicking eachother off, or cusing. And now, I just spent about 30 seconds typing this, just to get you all to stop fighting over a bunch of crap! Its like the people who posted their comments below me dont know the difference between night and day!
Nov 12 2010 3:28PM
Nov 12 2010 3:23PM
First comment......