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Jun 20 2013 9:01PM
No Kazema aww
Mar 29 2013 8:24PM
Nov 14 2011 6:51PM
i like using naruta i love cheasing with her unlimited clones
Aug 23 2011 2:10PM
so Yugioh pokemon or dragon ball z!!???:(:(

well **** this **** then

y only naruto. naruto sucks anyway. if u wanna see real anime watch yugioh pokemon or dragon ball z
whoever put this game on is not a anime fan
May 24 2010 8:11PM
Apr 16 2010 12:16PM
No Inuyasha or Sesshomaru! **** this game! I'm done!
Jan 30 2010 4:49PM
i see naruto bleach sailor moon shugo chara inuyasha and more anime:)
Jan 9 2010 10:04PM
i always use naruta and shes really strong ^_^
Jan 3 2010 10:19PM
i think would be better wit all the characters but it is still a kick ass game
Jan 2 2010 7:04PM
this is the best game ever!!!
Jan 1 2010 3:20PM
this game is halarious
Dec 30 2009 11:49AM
this game is ok but they need to put them in their boy form but it's still a kick ass game
Dec 29 2009 1:27PM
lol i kicked major ass with sauske and be did the log crap move at the same time and dead at same time
Dec 29 2009 11:03AM
this game is pretty cool.
Dec 29 2009 12:53AM
Hey, its Naruto's sexy jutsu!
Dec 28 2009 4:52PM
this game is like naruto
Naruto is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dec 28 2009 4:15PM
Dec 27 2009 4:36PM
aomduck ur not first comment becouse ctmeras is the first comment and ur not and stop calling friken first coment
Dec 27 2009 4:06PM
first comment!!!! THIS Game rocks. 4/5
Dec 27 2009 3:23PM
omg its naruto lol
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