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May 26 2011 11:35AM
ehhh is not best but ok i call FIRST COMMENT ( just to for you omega)
Oct 3 2010 4:10PM
awesome game i rly like it its fun once you figure it out 5/5
Oct 2 2010 2:54AM
Fun Game 4.5/5
Oct 1 2010 7:04PM
go Red Omega u rock bad game 2/5 but good setup 4/5
Sep 30 2010 10:01PM
simple but fun kinda hard
Sep 30 2010 6:35PM
Hey red i like the pic and im kinda stuck. So does anyone have a walkthrough?
Sep 30 2010 9:14AM
ugh...worst than the first game... AND IM CALLING 1ST COMMENT SO NO ONE CAN SAY first comment red omega didnt call it