by Louissi

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Jan 16 2012 12:44PM
game sucks who else always just does a backflip? and my keyboards fine.
Nov 14 2011 5:29PM
i know
Jan 30 2011 8:42PM
reminds me of tron
Sep 27 2010 6:52PM
good game
Sep 26 2010 12:09PM
What is the music when you are in a level?
Sep 25 2010 6:41PM
first comment no one called it and 4/5 good game!
Sep 25 2010 2:13PM
It does backflips too easily
Sep 24 2010 2:54PM
Fun... too bad I can't be a member of A.G.
Sep 24 2010 7:40AM
pretty fun game 4/5