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Aug 20 2013 3:50AM
this is more addicting than i would like to admit
Aug 19 2013 4:00AM
77melbourne77 chickenburger
Dec 23 2012 6:49AM
Douches be like

Nov 22 2012 12:09AM
Nov 22 2012 12:08AM
this game is amzing love it
Jun 1 2012 9:22PM
i like this game but i cant upgrade anything except the abs
May 27 2012 2:52AM
I actually gained muscle on my right arm by this o.o
May 2 2012 5:20PM
i think its boring
Apr 24 2012 9:37PM
this game is pretty cool
Dec 22 2011 7:42PM
this game sucs ;]]
Dec 19 2011 11:02PM
This game is AMAZING!! It is pretty addicting!
Dec 16 2011 2:19PM
it doesnt save for me
Oct 15 2011 9:58PM
I got a sweet new ride and a hot Gf. >:D
Oct 13 2011 8:51PM
hi how do u do the neck and legs uh so hard yet boring too
Oct 9 2011 9:28PM
This game is soooooo boring!!!!!!say "chicken burger" if you like this game
Sep 11 2011 12:26PM
i finished it in one day i love this game ;]
Aug 13 2011 11:33AM
yall douches. work out like this douche xD
Jul 8 2011 5:11PM
you do not have enough money
Jul 7 2011 12:58AM
Jun 7 2011 1:33PM
i beat this in 1 hour the photos are cool and the vids are funny
May 24 2011 8:01PM
happyfacekiller you r a big asswipe peace of s**t
May 24 2011 7:58PM
ehhhhhhhhhhhhh its ok
Apr 30 2011 3:32PM
Apr 21 2011 9:37PM
Fun Game!
Mar 14 2011 9:33PM
played for 5 hors and beat it =)
Mar 10 2011 7:44PM
to all yall peaple and imma say it straight to aall yall gay ass yal the ones dats gay because yall is even thinking about it wrong the boy was getting disgarded by girls and stuff yall the b****es.
Mar 6 2011 5:09PM
Is there a way to save the progress you made?
Feb 6 2011 3:15AM
the video's are great....hilairous sh''t
Feb 6 2011 12:11AM
I like it. lol.
Jan 29 2011 11:17PM
Hmm.. pretty intresting game,but I don't see what the point is.To get the guy a body builder? :/
Jan 22 2011 12:27PM
i got to level 7 with about 4670 of that sh**it that u have to to level up plus he mad ocky ok game though
Jan 20 2011 11:49PM
this is a booty ass game lol
Jan 9 2011 3:35PM
games sucks big time
Dec 28 2010 7:15PM
once more i remind people,get a life and stop playing this game,its totaly gay ass ****t
Dec 27 2010 3:47PM
this game sucks
Dec 26 2010 5:29PM
This game is awesome. But sad at the same time...because some people really act like that. I only got his abs and like half his body because I don't want to spend all day playing xD;
Dec 26 2010 12:49PM
i already beat this game it is cool!
Dec 23 2010 7:04PM
tis game suks egss. ps some people say that justin bieber is ded and he is I kild him
Dec 22 2010 8:26PM
stop playing this gay ass game and get a life!
Dec 20 2010 5:49PM
i want the same thing as jkfire
Dec 20 2010 5:48PM
Dec 12 2010 4:21AM
How do you put in the cheats?
Nov 28 2010 11:07AM
I beat it... was a little dissappoited that it just quits when you get maxed... 5/10 or 2.5/10 or 5/10 or 2/5 *idk if it works with decimals or not)
Nov 20 2010 2:31PM
Nov 7 2010 4:05PM
This game sucks. 0/5
Nov 6 2010 6:03PM
srry that wasnt mee that was my gay ass brother and i hate this game its so gay
Nov 6 2010 6:02PM
i love this game. lol. haha!!!!!!! do you??????
Nov 2 2010 7:22PM
game sucks so do all of u
Oct 27 2010 4:05AM
this game sucks sooo bad
Oct 25 2010 10:53PM
This game sucks sooo bad,
Oct 20 2010 8:33PM
this game is ****ing rertarted
Oct 16 2010 12:56AM
hey im second comment he didnt comment on the game its fun in real life its better
Oct 14 2010 9:13PM
THis games O.k 2/5
Oct 9 2010 3:14AM
The ads are making it impossible for the game to load.
Sep 25 2010 4:40PM
lvl 6 in 30 min
Sep 25 2010 4:13PM
im done in 1day
Sep 25 2010 1:37PM
0/5 this game sucks
Sep 24 2010 9:57PM
if u beat the whole game u need to get a life seriously!!!:D
Sep 23 2010 6:01PM
i beet the whole game!!!
Sep 22 2010 9:46PM
This game is retarded 0/5
Sep 22 2010 9:26PM
good game
Sep 22 2010 9:26PM
i hate haters...i dont call first comment but who cares if those who let them be....dam....nd i hate justin bieber
Sep 22 2010 7:20PM
hahaha for all the ppl who playu u all douchbags
Sep 22 2010 3:52PM
Second commet
Sep 22 2010 10:04AM
ok but boring 3/5 first comment