by bean

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Oct 10 2010 5:14PM
Oh crap i found out what the last one is! (top) get eaten by the monster. you'll appear in the belly. wait awhile and a heart will appper. it'll look like a 2-bit heart. break out and that's the last heart!5/5
Sep 21 2010 8:58PM
hi reflex
Sep 15 2010 8:33PM
anyone know what the highest one is?(heaven?)
Sep 15 2010 5:51PM
Best... time... waster.
Sep 15 2010 5:01PM
cool game
Sep 15 2010 3:38PM
i agree with melonhead,but not really scary more like exciting
Sep 15 2010 6:51AM
when its about to bite its kinda scary
Sep 14 2010 5:53PM
Shut up with comments, OK? It's annoying, and it's crazy. Not too bad of a game, 3/5.
Sep 14 2010 5:53PM
awsome,kinda like "ef"5/5
Sep 14 2010 4:38PM
2nd comment
Sep 14 2010 2:47PM
1st comment