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Aug 13 2010 10:06PM
good game but gets boring mega fast
Aug 10 2010 12:09PM
nice lvl39 beat that but really boring
Aug 10 2010 5:11AM
I got to lvl 21 but then i got boring so i stopped
Aug 9 2010 10:18PM
Aug 9 2010 6:03PM
lol u guys r dum i spend most of my days running or working out or workin at my job y is it a big deal that people call first comment it just a stupid comment
Aug 9 2010 3:17PM
lilgian shut glossman up whith out any insults our bad words....pretty cool
Aug 9 2010 12:51PM
ok stunner94 you need to stop screaming at glossman for just calling first comment....glossman just wants attention becauseeither he does not get te attention from his friends or family so he calls first commet knowing that someone will make a big deal about it and wil give him some attention and this will provde glossman with something to do with his boring life he stays on the internet and picks online fight because saying stuff to someones face is two scary for him!
Aug 9 2010 8:20AM
stunner u dont stun anyone so shut up its just a game so get over it i did for jokes lol
Aug 9 2010 5:04AM
You are so stupid your not the first comment and neither am i this is not the first sit this game has been on grow up Glossman !!
Aug 9 2010 2:41AM
its ok first comment haha i had to do it o and if anyone of u say u will kick my butt i like to see u try
Aug 9 2010 1:47AM
sorta stupid ok i guess