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Aug 6 2010 8:10AM
awesome game kinda hard
Aug 5 2010 10:32PM
hey i thoink the game is hard so like 2/5
Aug 5 2010 7:47PM
MireyaBieber, frankly, I think you already have a bullet embedded in your brain if your that stupid.
Aug 5 2010 3:49PM
Okay Game. 4/5. I called THIRD comment. :)
Aug 5 2010 12:41PM
Great game. 5/5. I'm calling second comment to avoid retards, you know, the usual reason. (So no one says I didn't call it.) You don't need to call for the comment. I'm warning all of you, calling comments shows you have no life.
Aug 5 2010 10:44AM
1st comment