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Dec 31 2010 7:02PM
First comment!!!LoL,..just kiddin,well the game is boring and has a ****ing gay ass song :D
Sep 5 2010 3:35PM
It's okay. Graphics are good but it's to hard. The hay just goes flying to easily. 3/5
Jul 29 2010 8:53PM
To ****ing hard 2/5
Jul 28 2010 10:09AM
u did sk8dude 186 just sayin
Jul 28 2010 6:50AM
finally someone doesnt say 1st comment
Jul 27 2010 9:19PM
game sucks and people who forward stuff are gay fags
Jul 27 2010 7:59PM
game sucks btw forwards are fake and gay so kids dont post them
Jul 27 2010 7:37PM
worst g@me ever never playing it again
Jul 27 2010 7:31PM
p.s. killa20 **** YOU!!!
Jul 27 2010 2:12PM
hey killa20 those arent true what the F!@# are you posting it for
Jul 27 2010 1:44PM
hate it i could'nt go to the 2nd level
Jul 27 2010 11:07AM
this game does suck
Jul 27 2010 10:00AM
game suks its a waste of time >.<