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Mar 19 2011 9:50AM
10min and 21 seconds on my 1st try ;D
Feb 14 2011 5:40PM
I beat it in 2 minutes and 5 seconds
Jan 23 2011 1:28PM
add me !!!!!!!!!!!!im new here on most fun games!
Jan 23 2011 1:26PM
to justinbaz and da reaper 113: I feel sorry for you two because lying just to look cool ,fast,or any other **** means youre spoiled children, i have the fastest finger in my house and i did it in 1:30. every dog has his day, but lying like that you two will never have yours.
Sep 30 2010 9:01AM
HAHAHAHA I did it in 1 minute and 2 seconds Try and Beat That .

Jul 16 2010 5:20PM
hey bubblebath you idiot that goes in the cheats box
Jul 5 2010 7:34PM
sweet, 1min 7sec 2nd try
Jul 5 2010 7:30PM
WOOO! idk if its good or not, but got out in 10 minutes 1st try!
Jul 5 2010 6:57PM
-Note the paper on the wall that describes Hypothermic conditions
-Look down at the panel on the floor
-Collect the brass and silver keys
-Look up and turn right to the area with the boxes
-Collect the blue rag, as well as the blue jumper on the floor in between the two largest boxes
-Examine the keypad on the box
-The clue indicates to 'add the mild to the extreme' and 'convert to farenheit.' As listed on the Hypothermia paper from the first view, mild is 35 degrees and extreme is 20. Add these together to get 55. Converting to farenheit equals 131
-Enter 131 into the keypad and click enter
-Collect the screwdriver. back up. Turn right to the view with the bags and rack
-Collect the ethanol and beaker from the rack
-Collect the jumper on the corner of the lower-left bag
-Examine the grate behind the rack
-Use the screwdriver to open the grate. Collect the U97 report inside
-Back up and turn right to the view with the fans
-Collect the jumper on the floor near the large ice block
-Examine the panel under the fan on the right. Use the screwdriver to remove it.
-To get the fan working you need to place the three jumpers you've collected on the board.
The solution simply requires that you start on the right and trace the circuit paths backwards from where the gray lines are. One place along each of these lines will require a jumper to complete it
-Click the on switch on the top left of the panel to turn the fan on. Back up
-Collect the wire that is now blowing out of the fan. Turn right to the original view
-Click the switch on the wall to turn the lights off. Look up
-Use the screwdriver to remove the light cover
-Use the electrical wire on the exposed wires to connect them
-Look down and turn the lights back on
-Look left to return to the view with the fans
_Combine the ethanol and rag in your inventory to get the flammable rag
-Place the flammable rag on the hook on the wall underneath the thermostat
-Click the dangling wire to grab it, and move it so that the spark occurs on top of the flamable rag. This will cause a small fire that melts the ice on the thermostat
-Examine the thermostat. Set the temperature to chilled. Click 'apply change'
-Once the temperature has changed, back up and collect the keycard from the now-melted ice block
-Turn right and use the keycard on the main door in front of you
-Collect the thermal suit inside (it is automatically equipped)
-Combine the ethanol and beaker in your inventory to get a beaker of ethanol
-Combine the beaker of ethanol with the brass key to form compound U97
-Return to the thermostat and change the temperature to subzero (this couldn't be done until you acquired the thermal suit)
-Once the temperature has changed you'll see that the U97 in your inventory is green and now labeled as (acidic). The information for this process was included in the U97 report
-Return to the panel on the floor where you originally found the brass and silver keys
-Use the beaker of U97 to melt each latch on the cover
-Put away the beaker and click the cover to escape!
- The silver key is useless
- The welded panel can never be accessed
- You can create the flammable rag by combining it with ethanol items in your inventory, or putting it on the wall and then using the items on it
- The wire, jumpers, and rag can be placed and removed as desired
- Your body temperature will increase when you wear the thermal suit in freezing temperature, and even more when in chilled temperature. In any other situation, including subzero, your temperature will always decrease by some amount.
Jul 3 2010 2:59PM
Jul 2 2010 5:11PM
P.S. I submitted the a cheat
Jul 2 2010 5:10PM
1 minute 10 seconds!
Jul 2 2010 12:53PM
Jul 1 2010 9:24PM
this game is dumb
NOT jk
Jul 1 2010 9:19PM
i beated in 1min39secs.
Jul 1 2010 8:35PM
escaped in 1min and 45 sec. its not rly that hard if you took chemistry/ any science
Jul 1 2010 2:19PM
good game beat in 2 min and 13 sec
Jul 1 2010 1:21PM
good/fun game but i had to use the walkthrough
Jul 1 2010 9:54AM
first comment and this game is ok