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Mar 14 2011 9:46PM
I like this game alot ;DD
I wanna play Lil' Red O;
P.S Drop Iht Wiff Teh First Comment >_>
Aug 21 2010 5:08PM
We're not here to call first comment. . . even though if you wanted to. The comments are here to comment on the game not to call first comment. Nice game though, I likes the ending if you pick "No, the bears should catch up to her"
Jun 25 2010 10:16AM
I care that they first commented ok. The game is ok.
Jun 23 2010 4:57PM
i dont normally do this but none of you actually commented on the game so i think i will have first comment thank you
ok game but a bit boring after about 3 pages
Jun 23 2010 4:51PM
seriously!! Woww you're so freaking cool because you got first comment on a game! Who gives a flying F***!! People like you need to get a life.
Jun 23 2010 11:30AM
wtf? why the heck does the first comment matter anyways???
Jun 23 2010 11:28AM
first comment he mispelled it so its mine
Jun 23 2010 3:48AM
frist comment