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Dec 31 2011 6:12PM
I love it! 5/5! Problem is that when your just standing on your ATV you die. Out of all the bike and ATV games, this one has to be the best one yet.
Dec 30 2010 1:05PM
great game 5/5
Nov 27 2010 10:07AM
Who cares for Frist ect itz stupid but 5/5 awsome game
Nov 21 2010 1:23PM
yea funnyman u tell him hahah :]
Nov 21 2010 11:58AM
your just mad because i got first comment. stop b****ing stupid fag
Nov 20 2010 6:03AM
Shut up u gay noob. People who call 1st 2nd ect are gay . Good game but its kinda to easy
Nov 19 2010 9:55PM
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