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Jun 22 2017 9:54AM
Jul 23 2011 12:39AM
A very addictive, but at times difficult, game. One of the best flash games I've ever played. Totally recommend giving it a try. :)
Jun 29 2011 2:28PM
Not nice!
Dec 1 2010 8:44PM
halibaby do you suck **** for money
Nov 1 2010 6:01PM
Hard game but fun
Jun 26 2010 1:26AM
game was super hard
Jun 4 2010 6:50PM
i agree wet crocadog u r a ****n phagget nd get a ****n life jasmine11111nd u 2 halibaby uugghh u guys r da mentaly retarted b****z nd italydude9 is right
Jun 1 2010 1:18PM
go f*ck your self Jasmine11111
this game is great its just like sas zombie assault
and italdude9 isnt mentally retarded
May 31 2010 10:04PM
italdude9 you have to be mentally retarded to see calling ruler of the earth is different from calling first coment and this game sucks
May 31 2010 12:54PM
amazing game, very addicting
May 30 2010 12:25AM
u cant CALL first comment u retard...u just get it...if i CALL ruler of the earth...that doesnt mean i AM ruler of the earth...geez. blazin got first comment, and u got second... so stfu
May 29 2010 1:47PM
i call first comment! haha
May 29 2010 12:08PM
Fun game 5/5