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May 26 2010 4:18PM
hey, awilkerson22 I have a idea...

May 20 2010 7:34PM
Sheesh. Anyone can screw a nut even in a game and man I wish I had a girlfriend. A sexy one to.
May 20 2010 5:08PM
it's true miranda
May 19 2010 1:04PM
@miranda15 , People can do what they want. So don't yell at them for it. =/
May 18 2010 9:06AM
awilkerson22, we get it. What gives you the right to insult peoplr this way?
May 17 2010 9:15PM
haha screw the nut. i bet none of you losers get it. cuz your probly all 47 year old losers that are scared to look at your own penises and shower in swim trunks.
May 17 2010 8:12PM
whats the point of saying"first coment"! or wtv its dumn...and i love the game
May 17 2010 5:38PM
2nd commet. yennin01 didn't call it. good hame
May 17 2010 3:21PM
the best game ever =D.
May 17 2010 10:59AM
I'm the best screwer (wo)man!

I think if someone wants to call their comment number, they should. If not, then don't. It doesn't matter, but it might make someone happy, so 1st comment!