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Mar 14 2011 5:07PM
ok game
add me plz
Jul 31 2010 6:09AM
Not Bad,
May 3 2010 5:52PM
it's an alright game i gues
May 1 2010 9:48AM
if you call a comment your just gay because you don't have a life and who the **** cares what comment you are we can tell that your first comment idiot
Apr 30 2010 5:33PM
this is so fun and u have to time all ur actions
Apr 30 2010 4:25PM
@JOKER305, So, ur saying that u hate urself and ur gay? because ure calling first comment :P
Apr 30 2010 12:12PM
will somebody tell me how to beat level 2
Apr 29 2010 8:29PM
second commet fags