by Box10

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Nov 17 2011 7:12PM
If you reading this you only have 20 mintues to repost this to 150 games or you will see a dead girl in you house and she will walk up to you and try to bite you you have exactly 30 mintues to kill her or she will hunt you forever to kill her you have to take a shower and piss in the tub then walk to the kicthen naked and wet then get a spoon or fork or knife in throw it in the shower
Jul 21 2011 11:06PM
Feb 7 2011 5:00PM
ya bamboy you are saying that to us and you have a picture of the cookie monster wow
Dec 2 2010 3:49AM
this **** wack
Jul 30 2010 9:46AM
i hate it its stupid
Jul 30 2010 9:45AM
i hate iz stupid
Jun 6 2010 8:53PM
May 28 2010 11:01PM
bamboy is a ****ing faggot!!
May 26 2010 7:38PM
this game way to easy
Apr 20 2010 5:45PM
you suck bamboy
Apr 18 2010 2:01PM
Apr 16 2010 2:18PM
bamboy u dumb f**k u dident even COMMENT on the game first COMMENT means u COMMENTED on the game FIRST u dident get first comment i did and im not collen first comment im just saying i got the first comment . and your only colling first comment so u can have somthing happy to tell yer grand chrildren... o WAIT u wont get a gf by colling FIRST COMMENT YAY IM A GAY FAG WHO GOT FIRST COMMENT :D. god people can be stupid like bamboy
Apr 15 2010 10:25PM
Fist comment and all yall gay fags hate it cuz u got no life and so its a free country!!!! malditos perros jotos hijos de perra! look if ya cant beat the first commenters then join then
i dont give a friggen BLEEP about any hate comments so keep it up
keep on hatin yall making me famous!
Apr 15 2010 8:43PM
Good Game and why are u reading my comment wierdo. get a life
Apr 15 2010 3:32PM
the game is to easy to me and the difficulty settings do nothing. But it looks like it took a lot of time and effort so i will give it a 4.

P.S not moving attacks?!?!
Apr 15 2010 2:52PM
good game i rate 4/5 and i hate noobs who call first comment so fill free to call first comment cause only noobs say OMFG I GOT THE FIRST F**KING COMMENT YAY IM SO PROUD OF MY SELF that means u got no life noobs : and im not saying you cant call it im just makeing a point.