by xdgames

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Dec 27 2011 2:11PM
this gAmE iS aLrIgHt:)
Dec 22 2010 9:01PM
i dont get this game at all!!!! how fustrating! :(
Apr 14 2010 8:58PM
beated whole game mage bunny is easier
Apr 14 2010 10:14AM
Bamboy, you can't call first comment unless you were the first to comment on the game -.-
Apr 13 2010 9:56PM
guess wat alexx 2 bad cuz FIRST COMMENT!! haha
Apr 13 2010 6:02PM
i got an F oh well :(
Apr 13 2010 3:54PM
holy crap this is the best in the series though i still dont like the fact that u cant pause it but good game 5/5
Apr 13 2010 10:21AM
and i don't think this game is very fun because i don't find fighting games fun
Apr 13 2010 10:15AM
i'm not gonna call first coment because people who do that are annoying