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Nov 22 2011 4:49PM
Level 4-6 are freakin hard! But it's not the worse ATV game.
Jun 20 2011 9:26AM
its ok but i could not get over the first hill so i tryed driving like a grandma really slow
Apr 23 2011 12:03PM
it`s ok
Aug 3 2010 7:04PM
Jun 27 2010 3:20PM
this game is ok
Mar 12 2010 4:11PM
this is the best game ever
Mar 3 2010 9:28PM
age shouldnt matter azz long as da boy or gurl aint 10 years younger or older than damn
Feb 21 2010 3:58PM
Feb 20 2010 4:14AM
Ok game, SOOO ANNYING though when you keep dying over and over again :@
Feb 16 2010 11:24AM
OK BUT IT STILL SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Feb 14 2010 7:35PM
this game sucks
Feb 14 2010 1:49PM
Feb 13 2010 11:40AM
gane el huego facil
Feb 12 2010 11:23PM
really gay never **** horses
Feb 12 2010 4:19PM
i really do want ur qestions
Feb 12 2010 2:29PM
first of all this game is gay
and second sugar123
who the f*** r u to judge ppl
Feb 12 2010 12:19PM
because the first person to say it is an idiot, second person to say it is awsome
Feb 12 2010 11:57AM
2nd comment
Feb 12 2010 11:38AM
its ok its not bad but when u go off jumps the atv will flip and crash 1st comment 2/5