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Jan 31 2010 7:55PM
what kind of briefing is that
Jan 31 2010 7:54PM
wtf what is thus ****
Jan 31 2010 6:26PM
kinda got boring at the first minute... no joke......... 2/5 IF you like these kind of games
Jan 30 2010 5:01PM
Deathstar how do you know you were the second person to play it? Maybe other people played and didn't comment dumbass.
Jan 30 2010 3:04PM
nice i completed it to easy though
Jan 30 2010 12:53PM
gay ass game
Jan 30 2010 9:49AM
this game sucks
Jan 29 2010 7:28PM
its ok
Jan 29 2010 5:55PM
this gae is awesome, second person to play it
Jan 29 2010 5:54PM
Not very good. 2/5. First comment