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Dec 22 2010 9:15PM
controls are to sensitive so i agree it sux
Mar 9 2010 10:13PM
**** this game!!!
Jan 24 2010 7:49PM
this game is gay
Jan 23 2010 6:12PM
spiko.miko shut the fu*ck up that sh*it is retarded. the game sucks a*ss 1/5
Jan 21 2010 8:28AM
the only thing bad about this games is the dumb@$$ fu(kErs that keep callng first and second comment! its g@y to call first comment so dont do it. u little ****ing pieces of ****
Jan 20 2010 6:33PM
this game is dumb add me
Jan 20 2010 5:22PM
Jan 20 2010 12:04PM
Quite gay i guess
Jan 20 2010 10:04AM
awesome first comment