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Jul 20 2010 7:28PM
just let him talk like he wants he can talk like that ifhe wants just leave him olne
Jul 16 2010 5:26PM
chesslover shouldnt be on the internet he should be with his nerdherd playing chess
Jun 28 2010 11:08AM
im with eveybody else shut up chesslover
Jan 26 2010 6:47PM
im whith motor mouth shut up
Jan 25 2010 9:00PM
Chesslover....You are too nice. Just stop commenting! It's so disturbing!
OMG... Every game I play you always say it astounding or brilliant. SHUT F*cking Up!
Jan 24 2010 5:37PM
ok chesslover shut up trucks are asome chess are chust good for target practice
Jan 24 2010 11:36AM
Oh, I don't know! There are an abundance of these monster wheel truck games it seems. I suppose that I am growing a bit tired of them! Friends, what are your opinions of this game?
Jan 23 2010 2:27PM
it okk
Jan 22 2010 6:35PM
2 coment i love this game its soo ausome
Jan 22 2010 3:58PM
FIRST COMMENT!! this is a good game. 9/10